The Building Falls

Its possible that this event relates to the prediction below. My assumption that it would be a landslide is incorrect. It was on March 29th that there was a horrible landslide in Tibet and the spirits predicted that tragedies of these kinds weren’t over.  It reads under Notes on 3-30-13 :

“Last night people fell.. they will fall.. more coming..” I am assuming they are talking about the landslide in the news, they seem to predict more is coming or it’s not entirely over.

The Facts: New Delhi (CNN) — “At least 46 people have died — including 17 children — and dozens have been injured after an illegal building still under construction collapsed in western India, police said Friday. The building, in Thane, about 10 kilometers northeast of central Mumbai, caved in on Thursday evening, said Digambar Jangale, a local police official.” Quoted news:

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