Notes on 4-12-13

One Note from Spirit on April 12th.

So the riddle I woke up to was a small spoon being hit against the corner of a table over and over again like some bratty child. I am open to your thoughts on what this could mean. The way I see it they are demanding a sense of urgency towards the flooding in Hawaii, as if to say pay attention. More likely they are implying that the missile launch will happen today or tomorrow at the latest. As if Kim Jung Un is that bratty child acting out. Thoughts?? Spoons are used to describe a type of prediction, if its something they gave me they use it as a spoon vs the old school way of me asking about subjects. Not only that but the size of the spoon determines how big of a deal it is. This one was very small which implies North Korea again. Just a couple of odd facts, Knives are used to describe a prediction they don’t want posted (yes that does happen) as if to say “cut it out” and a fork actually means they are done with a prediction whether it has details or not and want it posted “Put a fork in it.”


23 thoughts on “Notes on 4-12-13

  1. Oh dear it just occurred to me they are related (Hawaii and Korea) since Hawaii is in range of Korean missiles. I will pray for peace and safety of Hawaii.

    • Hi guys yeah it is interesting, they have a lot of wild symbols they use. I always that it was cool how they talk about bloggers “The hands with large speakers” because of typing. As for Hawaii I don’t think and North Korea are related.

  2. I like the thought they are referring to Kim Jung Un; I like him to a spoiled child needing attention. The scary part is he has big “toys” that can cause massive destruction. If the two predictions are related as ‘Seeker’ suggests, perhaps a detonation of Korea’s missles in the ocean could create a tidal wave strong enough to affect Hawaii. I’m not real knowledgeable about ocean currents and what causes changes, but it sounds logical. 🙂

  3. Do you think that the spoon could also represent punishment to other country’s as this is how the whole North Korean thing is being seen by Kim Jung Un?

    • Thanks for the feedback. They have used the spoons before, they use it to describe a prediction so though I it might fit, I have learned that one symbol they present never changes.

  4. so many countries have stated that they will take down a missile if one is launched. I don’t know much about missiles but what is the impact if it does have nuclear capabilities, and it hits the ocean? Is it powerful enough to cause a tsunami? Will it detonate it the air or when it lands? Just curious on anyones feed back on that. The spoon hitting the table sounds like the young North Korea leader.

    • Hi Goosher, Yeah I think its the North Korea guy too. No I don’t think the North Korea missile and the Tsunami are related. Around the same time though. Remember they talked about an earthquake at the very beginning.

  5. Even though my original thought of the Hawaiian tsunami possibly being linked to a missile launch (I really hope not!), other possible causes of a tsunami would be a submarine earthquake, submarine volcano, or submarine landslide. No matter how this may happen, I hope there’s enough time in warning the people of the event.

  6. Also, a CME is expected to hit earth today (60% probability) and there is scientific evidence that powerful CME’s can disrupt land masses that are primed for earthquakes. So all is pointing more and more to Eric’s prediction being likely. I’m thinking the window is the entire month of April.

    The Geomagnetic Field is currently at quiet levels. Things should change drastically heading into the weekend. A Geomagnetic Storm watch has been issued by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center for early on April 13th as a Coronal Mass Ejection generated by a M6 solar flare event on Thursday morning is expected to sweep past Earth. Moderate G2 Level with a chance for Strong G3 Level Storming will be possible at high latitudes. Sky Watchers should be alert for visible aurora once the cloud arrives.

  7. I Amy, thanks for the feedback. I don’t think the Tsunami (and it could just be one massive storm but unlikely) is related to North Korea, Two separate predictions, that do seem to be unfolding at the same time.

  8. Hi, I actually had a dream last night about missle launched. It was a symbolic dream and I remember most of it clearly. That’s why I came to check your website today to see if u have any information about N. Korea. In the dream the enemy who wanted to attack was described almost as a cartoon character – robot soldiers dressed in black with red light eyes. Let me know if u want more details. I don’t talk to spirits, but sometimes I have vivid dreams before big events or disasters.

    • Hi Vero, nice to hear from you. I would love to hear about your dream you can email it or show it to all of us. There are three major events coming that we are working on, the Tsunami, that affects Hawaii but overall is moderate, we are not expecting absolute horror, the fall of Kim Jong Un which is good news but their is a message of a missile launch and the launch is very soon! But again we are not talking about mass destruction from what I am told. Then there is the bridge attack, or a bridge explosion in the U.S. that one is giving me nightmares and in the coming posts we plan to revisit those old predictions.

      • I agree about the missile launch; its definitely not a mass destruction. In my dream, I was scared first, but it all turned out into a game or joke. The missles the enemy launched looked like a toy or fireworks. Absolutely not harmful; like it was some kind of game they were playing. Like they wanted to see the reaction or to provoke something and wait for our reaction. When we laughed and remained calm, they didn’t harm.

  9. Funny… I just read this comment made by our president regarding Kum Jon Un that posted today on “Since I came into office, the one thing I was clear about was, we’re not going to reward this kind of provocative behavior. You don’t get to bang your spoon on the table and somehow you get your way,” he said. Just like you said in your notes on 4-12-13

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