China / US Willing to Work Together on North Korea

This prediction is starting to unfold.

Predictions 3-7-17   I had a visual of the United States Flag and the Chinese Flag coming together side by side. “Both nations have grown tired of Kim Jong Un, his removal is imminent, the regime is ending.. it’s over”    “North Korea will become a part of China giving them a strategic edge in Asia.. all will unfold soon”  I had a visual of Kim Jong Un being led away, he had a look of fear on his face.

The facts: “Today on a phone call with President Trump Xi said “He is willing to work with Washington to end North Korea’s Nuclear weapon program but wants a peaceful solution to escalating conflict.”

In other news we are now expecting a large earthquake but we need to narrow down which of the 4 predictions they are talking about. We are also expecting the basketball prediction to unfold soon too. Predictions 3-25-17  Earthquakes: Predictions 2-21-17 Predictions 3-7-17  Predictions 12-27-16 Predictions 10-30-16

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North Korea Nuclear Test

With all the talk about North Korea’s new nuclear testing threat I am reminded of this prediction. Nothing has happened yet, but the spirits seem to imply something is coming. I remember it clearly because Spirit was blatant with their opinion of the situation.

Notes on 5-1-13
I had a vision of a nuclear bomb going off followed by them saying: “We already know what happens but can we make the explosion much, much larger.. idiot humans” It sounds like someone is testing a much larger version of a nuclear bomb.

Quoted News: North Korea has stepped up activity at its main nuclear test site, possibly preparing to carry out a fourth underground blast, South Korea said Tuesday.

The report comes just days before U.S. President Barack Obama is due to arrive in South Korea as part of a visit to several Asian countries. Quoted by:

Another North Korea Prediction: Notes on 4-9-13

“It will be China that takes over North Korea”. Wow they really are predicting the fall of Kim Jung-on. With that everything changes, I don’t know if China is there for a transition state or literally taking over. They have also implied that much of the bluster is the product of internal issues, they showed a general or military man taking over.