North Korea Nuclear Test

With all the talk about North Korea’s new nuclear testing threat I am reminded of this prediction. Nothing has happened yet, but the spirits seem to imply something is coming. I remember it clearly because Spirit was blatant with their opinion of the situation.

Notes on 5-1-13
I had a vision of a nuclear bomb going off followed by them saying: “We already know what happens but can we make the explosion much, much larger.. idiot humans” It sounds like someone is testing a much larger version of a nuclear bomb.

Quoted News: North Korea has stepped up activity at its main nuclear test site, possibly preparing to carry out a fourth underground blast, South Korea said Tuesday.

The report comes just days before U.S. President Barack Obama is due to arrive in South Korea as part of a visit to several Asian countries. Quoted by:

Another North Korea Prediction: Notes on 4-9-13

“It will be China that takes over North Korea”. Wow they really are predicting the fall of Kim Jung-on. With that everything changes, I don’t know if China is there for a transition state or literally taking over. They have also implied that much of the bluster is the product of internal issues, they showed a general or military man taking over.

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  1. Robert Larson Avatar

    Dear Eric Leigh-Park:
    You know that the divine mind is manifold….Right? Why do you frustrate al, with you short sighted rants? You will never understand the divine/cosmic mind’s actions. I’m sorry, but i have dealt with this for over five decades now., You seem to dwell in a justification for your actions/existance? Does it really matter? All odds have been calculated. What you see, is what you get. Time is constant and never relents.


    1. RJ Avatar

      If you dont like what he writes dont read it, then you wont post silly little rants yourself

      1. Christine Avatar

        Rants and justification for actions/existence ??!! It is interesting how differently we all interpret what Eric writes. The predictions, I don’t see as rants but messages to be forewarned and therefore forearmed to keep safe and hopefully make a difference.

    2. Jess Avatar

      It’s amazing how we were given free will and with that have the ability to rant about things we like and dislike. When you don’t like something or someone you should have enough respect to at least spell their name properly. I am confused as to why you would put so much energy into your rant complaining about another’s “rant” if you didn’t agree with it. Maybe, just maybe, you should move along and keep your comments to yourself.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      “Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy.”

  2. mary Avatar

    Had to share this from Brian Ladd’s drawing he drew in January….interesting what you have just posted…..

  3. ab Avatar

    never saw that one. that would explain someone elses dream that the earth wobbles and people are thrown into the air as we lose gravity. hope this does not happen

  4. jules104 Avatar

    I’ve also read that China will go into North Korea but under the guise of it being a “humanitarian mission”. That they can’t afford to have the Western allies on their door step if something were to happen to North Korea, and Kim Jung On, in my opinion, is missing some marbles. China more than likely realizes this also and with another nucleur test coming up this may be their chance for an incident of some sort to seemingly go wrong?? Also, did you notice that the sonar equipment they have been using to view the ocean floor is called, Bluefin-21? Number twenty one?? Just a thought.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I did not notice, thanks for the insight. I think they are implying that they might find seatbelts/debris soon.

  5. rhona Avatar

    There is a welcome to port hardy sign post that has a beaver in the sitting position perched ontop in the middle. Vacouver island 6.6 mag. Eric keep the love and caring you and spirit share for all as the shinning torch it is. Thankyou.

    1. midlife krisis Avatar

      Eric could you please ask your guides for more specific information on when they see events unfolding in North Korea? I am currently teaching in South Korea, and while it is generally very safe here, I have felt a little unsettled lately. Thank you all so much!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I wouldn’t worry to much, the prediction seems more about the test then anything else. I don’t think the fall of Kim Jong-on is coming right now.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Looks like NO tsunami watch or warning so far. Will be praying for all of Canada Rhona. Thanks for the insightful message, very observant of you.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  6. jules104 Avatar

    I just read a CNN article which states that they believe North Korea may be using, ” a new form of nucleur testing”, this time around. That they have always used plutonium for their nucleur tests in the past but may use uranium this time. That sounds pretty right on with what the Spirits said about ” can we make the explosion much, much larger…”, and yes I must agree with them… Idiot humans!! Ugh, I will be praying for the common people of North Korea who are not making these dumb choices but must live under their leader Kim Jong Un, who is.

    1. midlife krisis Avatar

      Eric can you please ask your guides when these events may unfold with North Korea? I have been teaching in South Korea for three years, and while it is very safe here, I have felt unsettled lately. Thank you all so very much!

      1. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        midlife krisis…. my advice (for what its worth)…I find when you get an unsettled feeling… you follow it. I believe (from your pic), you are a woman…for that, you are blessed with intuition. I am a gay man raised by all women as my father was absent (working) all my young life. I have that intuition. I find that when I follow it, I am in a safe ‘groove’. I literally moved from Chicago overnight because I began having visions and dreams. Many of them came true. I was told in the dreams that I would face death again (I died–coded–two years ago during a grand mal seizure and went to heaven and came back). Anyway, last week, just outside my old apartment, a woman was attacked and raped in Chicago just below my old bedroom window. I lived in what was a very safe neighborhood. On May 1st, Chicago lifts its ban on guns and EVERYONE is allowed to conceal carry on that date. This summer there will be the most dangerous we have ever seen. 40 people were shot during Easter weekend. That is unimaginable. And with Sears, Radio Shack, Kmart, and many other stores closing up shop and filing bankruptcy protection and laying thousands of people off in Chicago. The minimum wage workers will go on unemployment which is less than minimum wage and way below poverty. When people get desperate, they riot, steal, rob, kill for what others have. I did not know about the new gun law back when I had my dreams and I quickly left that city. I was told to go to San Diego and to stay there until the dreams return. My grandfather and grandmother came to me in three very powerful dreams and visions over the course of a month. There will be a time, so I was told that I MUST leave San Diego…I want to say they gave me an estimate of 8 years here. And that we would battle the Russians and lose. Keep in mind, this was back in September BEFORE any of the Russian stuff happens. Just last week, as the heat of battle is intensifying in the Ukraine, I started research. Others throughout the last few years have seen that both China and Russia come onto our shores as the economy has collapsed and many earthquakes will destroy big cities like San Fran, LA, Chicago, NYC, and St Louis. There is a point in those visions my grandpa specifically told me what to do. The only problem is figuring out how I will accomplish it. I moved to San Diego and moved into my apartment here in the area he told me to move to. There are TONS of places that look exactly like those visions. Its the strangest and most powerful thing. The funny part is that many times I find these places within this city by allowing my dog to literally pull me on his leash. And he walks me right to those places, he then sits down and looks up at me.
        With all this said, please follow your gut. The other time something big happened in my life was when I had a dream to move out of my apartment in another city. The next month, that apartment was underwater during a big flood. I was very lucky. I don’t understand it but the one thing I am doing is foliowing my gut. We WILL go have some major internal conflict within the USA in the next 5 years once the economy goes bust next year. My grandpa told me it was coming. History repeats itself. Putin is just like Hitler. Research the life of Hitler. In 1936 there were only 2000 true Nazi supporters, by 1939, there were 200,000 Nazi supporters. Hitler was broke, damaged and living in a small shack after WW1. Watch the documentary of his life on Netflix. It will make you see many things going on in the news now are exactly the same. Just like Putin making Jews register in Russia and Ukraine.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Well lets hope it doesn’t happen.

  7. rhona Avatar

    Hello jules im new to this site and feel it leads in us all redicovering and honing our collective insight and ability to hold change and work with the energies of our earth . We have thousands of spiritual years experience not just 50 linear ones ..i have been feeling earthquakes in my
    Feet and body for many years now i have been able to direct my love and energy with like minds more specificly. Yes somethings will still occur but we can lesson the impact and make gradual changes.

    feet and body now for many many years .now with Eric spirit

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank you for sharing that message Rhona. I hope that we all can make a difference for the betterment of our world, as you are.

  8. Zaza Avatar

    Hey, Eric. Just came across this article regarding NK moving tanks near the Chinese border. It has not been officially confirmed, but it looks like your prediction may be continuing to unfold if the tank report is true.

    1. Jules104 Avatar

      Hi Zaza. That also matches up with what John Hogue said would happen. The Chinese realize how unstable the NK leader has become. The only reason they support NK is to have that buffer zone in place between them and the Western Alliances. He predicted that China would end up taking over NK but go in under the guise of a humanitarian mission. I guess if they cut off their oil/gas supply they actually will be in a crisis more so than usual. Let’s hope there aren’t any nucleur weapons launched.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Zaza that’s really interesting, It wasn’t so long ago China was there only true friend.

  9. jules104 Avatar

    Eric regarding North Korea and the 5-1-13 post for Spirits message of “idiot humans” and making the explosion much, much bigger. According to this article a hydrogen bomb gives off much more energy per unit of mass…or some such. This is what they are saying he tested under ground on 6/1/16. Which is 911 when turned around. Here is the link. Could this be what Spirit was referring to?

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