Kim Jong-Un’s Spoon

This Prediction has unfolded in a cool way. Thanks Goosher!  Some nice news for a change. The Prediction Reads:

Here are the Notes on 4-12-13: “So the riddle I woke up to was a small spoon being hit against the corner of a table over and over again like some bratty child. I am open to your thoughts on what this could mean. The way I see it they are demanding a sense of urgency towards the flooding in Hawaii, as if to say pay attention. More likely they are implying that the missile launch will happen today or tomorrow at the latest. As if Kim Jung Un is that bratty child acting out. Thoughts?? …” To see the full Prediction: Notes on 4-12-13

On April 17th on NBC Today; Savannah Guthrie interviews President Obama. The President is quoted as saying in regards to North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un: “Were not going to reward this kind of Provocative  behavior. You don’t get to bang your spoon on the table and somehow get your way.”

Take a look at the full video below, the part that is quoted is about 2.40 minutes into it.

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