Notes on 9-23-13

I had two visuals. The first was a big red ‘O’ –that doesn’t sound good. The second showed another ‘O’ with 4 marks above it? As I have mentioned ‘O’ represents a cycle is complete which means one of their predictions is about to happen.

“In North Korea, the power plant is a mess, so poorly operated.. mismanaged.. if?.. its continued operation will set off alarms across the globe.. it could become a massive disaster, unspeakable.. Chernobyl?” – Spirits Voice

5 thoughts on “Notes on 9-23-13

    1. It would be a guess but I would say its a prediction mentioned 4 different times. For instance the Tsunami is mentioned several times I think close to 7 different predictions. Which has 4? Florida Hurricane, US Bridge attack, the threat to trains/subways by terrorist. I plan to read through the notes to try and figure it out.

      1. Seeing the picture Tom posted, I have a bad feeling it is the train/subway prediction.

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