Notes on 9-4-14 North Korea’s Collapse

I had a visual of a wall and then a large crack shifted the wall.
I had a visual of a restaurant that did not receive a shipment of food and could not function.
“The North Korea government has cracked, collapse.
The Kim Jong-Un dynasty is ending.
People will be shuffled around to carry the façade of change but it will not work.
China will step in.” Spirits Voice

When? I asked   “It’s already starting.. by 24” Spirit responded

I also had visuals that could or could not be related: I had a visual of someone being forced to take a syringe shot. I had a visual of an old man standing by a podium

Eric’s Comments: I am not sure what the last part represents?  In previous predictions they implied China would take control but they also implied a military control? We are still waiting for a timeframe on previous predictions but Spirit wants all the new messages out first.


41 thoughts on “Notes on 9-4-14 North Korea’s Collapse

  1. Website; World Truth TV. tells about, missing Libyan Jetliners raise fears of suicide airliner attacks, have all a look, I am not so good with linking etc sorry.
    But.. I am worried about this.

  2. Hi, Eric. Regarding the visual of the Sunkist soda can described in your posting about the impending Florida hurricanes, I think this may mean “sun-kissed”, a reference to the contribution of solar flares to severe earth changes. Two days ago, I was awoke from sleep by a loud voice that said “Rochester to South Williamsport” at least four times. When I called a friend, that night, she had a vision of a blue cargo plane with red trim around the windows. It was heading straight towards her. We both fear that it is a message about terrorists. Thank you for your site.

      • Hi Dee. I too was following this tragic event. I had been looking at highways and flight paths. There is no airport in South Williamsport, only Williamsport and I distinctly heard South. Possibly I was supposed to hear South Florida-where Naples is. What my friend saw was distinctly a military type cargo plane. This was the first time I ever posted anywhere in my life because it had upset me so much. I am so grateful to Eric for his site. Thank you for the reply.

  3. Hi 🙂 . I don’t how this would be relevant to N. Korea but the man being injected could have something to do with the Ebola outbreak. I’ve read on the news that Ebola has an 18% chance of reaching the United States by the end of September. The pharmaceutical companies could be developing a cure of some sorts. Sorry, I don’t know how to link the website but I bet it could be found on google.

  4. was there any details about the restaurant not receiving food? does this specifically have to do with north korea? or is it in america? thanks!

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could give us a little more information about the end paragraph. What age was the person receiving the shot? What nationality? And what did the “old man standing by the podium” look like? Was he military? What was his nationality? Did he look like a professional or a layman? Was he standing beside or behind the podium? Thank you 🙂

    • I did not see who received the syringe, I just saw it going into a persons arm, it did seem like two people. The person was struggling, so it wasn’t a good thing. Keep in mind it could be something symbolic. For instance last year when we had the school shooting they showed a door and the lock on the door kept turning left and right, I spent a good time trying to understand the reference, and then when it happened the news begin by saying the school was in ‘lockdown’. The old man did seem like a military person, he had an odd look.

    • The spirits are in some ways contradicting themselves, on one end this old man seems to take over, but then they also say China steps in to take over. I guess it could be progressive, one event overlapping the other??

  6. Thank you. For some reason these two things haunt me. I have the visual that the old man is there reluctantly. Maybe it’s because the person taking the shots is struggling. I wonder if these two things together could be a representation of the US governments hand being forced by China?

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    • No worries. I think you are absolutely right about something could happen in April. I bet we will soon start hearing about more food shortages. Knowing Kim Jong Un’s crazy arrogant behavior…I doubt he’d even listen to the Chinese Government’s “advice”. The same people he and his country depend on for food etc.

  8. Here’s another article on what’s going on in North Korea. It talks about land that was destroyed which normally is used to grow crops. I hadn’t heard anything on this catastrophic flood recently. Maybe it was just me but I don’t recall anything in the news on it. This is horrible. Those poor people. I do hope China actually goes in and helps them. Here’s that article.


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