World Predictions Journal 1

Oh welcome to the new way! Our World Predictions, presented very differently, in its most rawest form. Today we begin a new path. Presented to you by Eric Leigh-Pink himself. We plan to run this Journal until the next Lunar year, the Year of the Dragon. But get ready to hear it all. We plan to share the ultimate “Truths” . We plan to show you heaven from the eyes of the man that predicted Covid, and January 6th. Because thats the source of all these predictions,.. heaven. Then we aim to give you solutions to the world we live in.

The Blitz has started. The rules. You have one day, to send your request to Bea for a one hour reading, at half off. Please include your full name, DOB, Time of Birth, Location of Birth, time zone, phone number, and the Venmo, or paypal payment. Talk to you soon! Blitz ends as of July 19th. Here is the link to get started:

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