Caribbean Earthquake Prediction

Here is the prediction that warned us the Caribbean earthquake approached us. Please pray for Haiti.
The 1949 message is it’s own prediction in which we will be riddled with natural disasters in 2021, in the worst way and back to back. We are also expecting one massive hurricane for the US. They had two specific warnings, this one and “Japan..22”.

Historical Earthquake Coming. “Earthquake.. historical.. massive..” Then I had a visual of an ocean. 

The prediction below, made in January, has now been made clear, we are set to have a historical earthquake, it’s what 2021 will be known for. All efforts will be made to gather the details. The old prediction: 

World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual I was floating through a hall towards, a large Philco wooden radio. Then suddenly it turned on, A DJ started talking over the radio as commercials ended. “ Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the year 1949.”

I had a visual of the Ocean? 
Is that a reference to a tsunami? Or perhaps a reference to an older prediction? The number 7 could be July. I plan to ask but that predicted earthquake was historical too. Here is that old prediction:  World Prediction: Caribbean Earthquake

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  1. Eric,
    I know this question is unrelated to the post, but I wanted to ask if the spirits have said anything about potential terrorist attacks in the US. Homeland Security recently released a bulletin about the threat, both because of 9/11’s anniversary approaching, as well as political tensions, and I have a bad feeling about it.

    Hopefully, I’m just being paranoid, but I wanted to ask if you’ve picked up on anything like that.

        1. We are creating it right now. Very dark. There are two now. My hope was not to share something with holes. For instance war is coming to India but with who? I mean we can all guess it’s Pakistan but like ‘Adrian Monk’ I don’t want wrinkles or holes in my work. The second is US. That message basically cemented the rise of extremist in the US. If details don’t come forth I will post it anyway.

          1. Thank you for answering. I don’t mean to put pressure on you with my questions, it just seems like there are a lot of things to worry about in the world right now, Haiti, Afghanistan, wildfires, political tensions, etc. Like I said, I don’t have a good feeling about it, but that could be due to my anxiety problems.

            I understand about the Adrian Monk thing, I like that show, too!

            1. I watch Monk endlessly. He is on now. Yes we are working. No worries. New information is flowing. But for now pieces. First post should be ready by 19th/20th if not earlier.

  2. I am still skeptical of all this. How have you not managed to predict the Afganistan situation, you also predicted the UK would not leave the EU. You make random predictions about someone winning gold and breaking a record which seems pointless and very easy to predict because at least 1 person is bound to do that in an entire olympic.
    Also when you do a personal reading, there is never anything good predicted. It’s always negative things. None of the information ever becomes useful enough to use in reality. The readings are in metaphor and so vague. Just makes you worry about the negative for no reason.

      1. Brexit took seemingly forever to actually happen. Didn’t many leaders resign because of how complicated the exit deal planning was. I would concur with Eric that it just sat there with nothing going on for quite some time.

        That being said eric your ability to zero in on a very specific area for this earthquake was good. I could see how what you saw could be interpreted as Jamaica. Keep up the good work on getting the word out there.

          1. I think you should show your face Eric. Makes people trust you more. The podcast is in audio format and prediction in the letter. People need to see you in the video.

            1. That goes back to my foster children life. Because I watch orphans and abused children the camera is kept at bay for their safety and security. No pictures are allowed at all. For instance one of our foster child’s parents is a full fledge drug lord. He’s a nice guy, but I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of his rage. So rules are kept in place to protect us. However as soon as we complete adoption, my future sons, then I will retire my life of fostering and the camera will be on. I do have a YouTube video that is just OK. But we backed off when delays to adoption began. In the video I Look like Santa’s long lost brother.

    1. I have received many positive predictions during personal readings.

  3. For such a little country, it’s certainly had more than it’s fair share of troubles. I hope they can make everything safe and find more people before the tropical storm hits.

  4. The most powerful earthquake to rock Tacoma and Washington’s South Sound region struck April 13, 1949 with a 7.1 magnitude.

  5. The situation is a heartache in Haiti. How can we help? Prayers, of course. There is also World Central Kitchen. There is Team Rubicon. Perhaps you know of other ways to help..

    1. I agree, we need to help. Please share the links to these organizations to see if we can’t raise money. Or participate in some way. I can then make a post.

  6. This isn’t an historic quake, that is still to come.

    As for gold and record breaking I would say that could easily be the New Zealand rower, three golds in Japan and is now the most successful New Zealand Olympic athelte

    1. The earthquake historical prediction is three major earthquakes in one year. That’s the historical part. This is the first in that prediction, the second which hasn’t happened is by Japan. The third is still being created but will be a tsunami. It’s the litter of events that are historical. The fact that they started with the Caribbean and then it happened cemented their message. With olympics it’s specific to a running track and stadium in backdrop.

      1. Yes. I remember the Olympics prediction.

        As for the Haiti earthquake, some media outlets say it is the worst in human history. Not because of magnitude but because of loss of life and property.

  7. Eric,
    Is everything all right? It’s been a while since you’ve posted. I hope everything’s okay.

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