New Zealand Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Stay safe everyone. The number 3 is most likely March. They seem to be predicting two major earthquakes.

World Predictions: Earthquake Coming Soon.
“Around me.”
In 5..

I had a visual of the middle of the ocean.  
Then a visual of a large 3.  
Spirit pointed to a book I write predictions in implying this is an old prediction. Spirit kept grabbing their wrist, time is short.
They ended by showing a large crack move across the west coastline but in the visual it was North California, San Jose? I have to conclude that we are talking about multiple earthquakes back to back. An Ocean quake seems to be also coming. I kept having visuals of the Ocean during this connection. 
I am sorry but we are expecting destruction and damage. 

PREDICTIONS ON 11-8-15 SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE Those numbers in the prediction mirror what’s above. We expected this prediction around Thanksgiving. It’s in an old book. This one points to New Zealand as well. “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice


I had a visual of one large scroll, what you see at the bottom of the news report It read: 7.3 .. New Guinea.. Australia .  

8 thoughts on “New Zealand Earthquake

  1. There were 3 large earthquakes in the Ocean this morning off New Zealand, maybe this will start something in California also? No damage or casualties, thankfully.

  2. Eric, do you see a huge tsunami hitting multiple countries this year or in 2022? I keep feeling this will happen soon.

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