Java Indonesia Earthquake

“The really old prediction is about to happen.”
I heard a crackling in the sky, then I heard one massive boom.
“The town.. shattered..”“30.. Earthquake.. 7 8.. horrible damage.. when dinner is served”
Then I had a visual I was standing by a bay, the water was in front of me with a large city in the background.
I had a visual of one massive eruption.
“Indonesia.. Malaysia.. all affected”

Prediction: Destructive Earthquake Coming

Posted Earlier Today
Lets start with what I can feel right now. I feel an earthquake coming soon. But where? I feel the ground under my feet vibrate? But where? I will do my best to gather the details as quickly as possible. I did hear: “Earthquake.. the old message returns.”

We have Eyes for These World Predictions

Prayers for all those in Indonesia, This prediction has happened. The really ‘old’ prediction is about to happen” thats what the original prediction said. Then last night the ground vibrated and Spirit said: “Earthquake.. the ‘old’ message returns.” Our new way works. We can predict, where and what, and then just before the moment tell you when. We thought this prediction already unfolded, but thats the part were they said it would “Return”

Share this. Share it because I will continue to predict the next earthquake, and the one after that and the one after that. We can alter tragedy, I just need you. If sharing these strange odd world predictions is not your cup of tea consider a donation, because I plan to strike all the tragedies of tomorrow. I have the Spiritual tools, but I still need you.

December 1st a new “Truth” arrives. One that defies the basic principals we believe about our Universe. All I have are these world predictions as proof, that what I share is “Truth”. So consider the possibility. — Dec 1st

7 thoughts on “Java Indonesia Earthquake

    1. I will find out tonight. With that said, I believe the moment has passed. I kept feeling Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, then it happened. In hindsight I should have known there was something to the words they used.

    1. 8,7 are magnitudes. Solomon Islands had a 7.0 at the same time. And I am unfortunately expecting another large aftershock. But to say it rises to 8? That has to be in error.

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