Prediction: Destructive Earthquake Coming

“30.. Earthquake.. 7  8.. horrible damage.. when dinner is served” Then I had a visual I was standing by a bay, the water was in front of me with a large city in the background.

Even though I was asking about New Zealand, this seems to be shifting towards a city by the bay, sounds like the California earthquake prediction.  

I had a visual of one massive eruption. “Indonesia.. Malaysia.. all affected”

It’s possible they are talking about the Volcano Krakatau in Indonesia that is already erupting. The implication was that it would erupt far more violently, one massive eruption. 

“The really old prediction is about to happen.”

I heard a crackling in the sky, then I heard one massive boom. “The town.. shattered..”

Its unclear if the two messages are related, but if they are then we are talking about a meteor striking a town, creating a shockwave that would shatter glass throughout the city, creating extensive damage.  




132 thoughts on “Prediction: Destructive Earthquake Coming

  1. “30.. Earthquake.. 7 8..”

    30 days from when you received this prediction or August 30th?
    7 to 8 scale earthquake?

  2. Eric/SWC… I found it interesting that this old prediction has the California earthquake and the meteor strike together. It also mentions Spain. This says “Earthquake…wed…one left…” Wednesday is the 1st of August. Could “7 8” be moving from July, 7th month into August, the 8th month? I remember mention of a “gathering of Americans”, marathons, protests, etc in San Francisco area? Does anyone in San Francisco know of any upcoming “gatherings” in July or August?

  3. Let’s hope the land of the Portuguese does not mean the Iberian Peninsula. Would this tie in with the fire prediction for Spain? A heatwave is on its way, 40° and above predicted for Wednesday/Thursday of this week. With the country so tinderbox dry, a tiny spark could put us up in flames. Again, I ask you please to focus on rainclouds being sent over Southern Europe to dampen any flames. Many thanks friends. Xx

      1. Thank you Jules. bless your good heart its looking a bit choppy for us here for the next few days xx.

  4. Here is a link for events happening in San Francisco in August 2018. There’s quiet a few marathons to include the Golden Gate Marathon. If you scroll through it shows numerous events for San Francisco.

  5. Hi Eric in your prediction 7-9-18 (about an NZ earthquake where the land sticks out) your comment says ‘They showed an image and it really looked like that area by lake Ellesmere. I was actually a bit shocked over the similarity.’ Just wondering if you feel this is still going to happen?

  6. Hi Eric, remember spirit slammed the fist and then said New Zealand and I feel it’s about that meteor, there is a peninsula and bays close to lake ellesmere in christchurch

    1. It’s 8.25am here now and I live by lake ellesmere, in Christchurch. I have been fixated on the night sky lately too

  7. Eric/SWC… there was a previous prediction about the California earthquake where someone yelled something like “diners ready!”,which is very similar to this prediction. But I can’t find it. Does anyone remember which one that was? Thanks.

    1. Jules104 – Here’s the previous dinner earthquake prediction from 12/13/17
      “Dinner is done! (I heard someone scream out to a family).. then Spirit said ‘Earthquake’ Are they talking about the California earthquake? Today?”

  8. hay unas predicciones anteriores en las que insistia mucho en una reunion GAY junto al puente y que era destruido.
    Mañana es 30
    ha yhabido enhjambres de sismos en la region de la cascadia y hoyhubo un 5.5 y pREviniEron A la GENTE DE EsTAR ALERTAS.




    Rojo: mayor riesgo sísmico, (12% anillo de fuego, 8% fallas globales). Amarillo: Esperando Ecos de Blot. Negro: esperando la celda de baja presión.

    * ALASKA
    * CHIAPAS.
    * OAXACA
    * JALISCO.
    * CUBA
    * ITALIA
    * INDIA
    * ARGENT
    * PANAM8
    * CHILE.
    * BOLIVIA.
    * PANAMÁ
    * JAPÓN
    * PERÚ
    * LIBY
    * MALI.
    * SUDAN
    * CHINA

      1. Translation: From the previous prediction, consisting of gay meeting close to a bridge when the bridge is destroyed. Tomorrow is 30. They had a hive of earthquakes in the Cascadia region. Is an announcement To Be Alert. Under the map is prepare your emergency kits, for global seismic events. The Seismic alert for the following days of July 29 and 30. The map reference following al the countries on alert.

      2. here are previous predictions in which he insisted a lot on a GAY meeting near the bridge and that was destroyed.
        Tomorrow is 30
        It has and has been hostile to earthquakes in the region of Cascadia and today it was 5.5 and prompted PEOPLE TO BE ALERT.




        Red: higher seismic risk, (12% ring of fire, 8% global failures). Yellow: Waiting for Echoes of Blot. Black: waiting for the low pressure cell.

        * VERACRUZ
        * TABASCO
        * DURANGO
        * ALASKA
        * CHIAPAS.
        * OAXACA
        * WARRIOR.
        * MICHOACAN
        * JALISCO.
        * THE ANGELS.
        * SAN DIEGO
        * IRELAND
        * CUBA
        * PUERTO RICO
        * ITALY
        * ROMANIA
        * INDIA
        * PAKISTAN
        * AUSTRALIA
        * ARGENT
        * PANAM8
        * CHILE.
        * BOLIVIA
        * PANAMA
        * COSTA RICA
        * VENEZUELA
        * NICARAGUA
        * COLOMBIA
        * JAPAN
        * PERU
        * PAPUA GUINEA
        * LIBY
        * MALI
        * NIGERIA
        * SUDAN
        * MALAYSIA
        * INDONESIA
        * PAKISTAN
        * THE ANTILLES
        * CHINA
        * CALIFORNIA

  9. If I may, can I ask you to ask the Spirit a question: how far we are from the first prediction?

  10. an older post yours talked about a Portuguese city u thought maybe brazil hit by a meteor. lots of glass shattered and people hurt in the city from the shockwave.

    1. Notes on 10-14-14
      is about the old post about meteor hitting portuguese city u thought was brazil.
      spirit said about an older prediction coming.
      think relates to this one eric.

      1. correct. same time u talk about san franciso california and meteor.

        my thoughts.
        multiple events coming eric.

        quake new zealand
        quake san francisco
        meteor inpact
        volcano eruption

  11. Hi Eric and everyone,
    I thought that you might find this interesting it seems to confirm a lot of your current predictions I am not good with pasting these links but the name of this lady is Julie Mackenzie on YouTube


  12. eric i think second half 2018 is gonna be a busy time. lots going on mate and maybe into 2019.

  13. Just looking back at some old premonition notes. In September I was having a bunch of earthquake premonitions and most of them specifically seemed to say or point to California / San Francisco. Two specifically seemed to point to dinner time (one plates and drinks falling off a set table in a home, and another of a busy nice restaurant shaking). Many of the predictions said had the numbers 7 & 9 (in that order). I am wondering if the 7…8 could be a magnitude between 7 & 8? (7.9?). Or perhaps what was once 7 9 is now 7 8? It’s so close… just one tiny digit. I had both San Francisco and New Zealand quakes pop back up for me close timing to popping back up for you, too, the last couple of weeks. Really odd we’re both getting both locations (I had my premonitions about both before reading yours, so wasn’t just making up in my head off reading). I had a really intense nightmare a few weeks back about a horrific earthquake that seems like it was about San Francisco also. I don’t get a lot of premonitions it dreams but every now and then I do

    1. i think new zealand and san fran california quake are back to back. happening around same time frame. they could be connected.
      one big one on one side world causes another on the opposite side.

  14. There’s a meteor shower happening from July 28- August 3rd, I was reading that most meteors are small & harmless, but the shower could also mask a larger meteor that has the potential to be dangerous.

  15. SF got hit at 5:22PM with a 3.6 earthquake today. Is this it or do you think there is more to come?

  16. Eric SWC
    My guide Singer he is called. .gave a flag last night for San Francisco in form of a song .
    NZ also has Bays so im sending love and light to both areas .
    Not forgetting there is a San Francisco in philippines also..
    Not sure if it’s on a Bay ..will check ..
    Should have done that first but it only came to me as posting this .
    Blessings all stay safe

    1. new zealands capital wellington is tucked within a large bay.
      search wellington new zealand u will see on the map

      1. i do remember the video.
        his msg was cryptic. 38 days wait from end of june is very soon. would be 7th aug if wait 38 days from 1st july after june. no time given also 3.08
        so eric mentioned 30 and 7 and 8.
        could be wellington 7th aug at 3pm. just a thought.
        the maoris msg is cryptic.
        after he spoke not shown on vid john key prime minister said i wouldnt take anything away from that last speaker. he meant u should as it was cryptic.
        now just days ago john key ex prime minister warning new zealand about to have an economy crash. wonder why. big quake on its way….

      2. my advise to any kiwi nz er reading the blog. open a foreign currency account at the bank in australian dollars. switch your nzd to aud into that account. if wellington gets hit hard nz economy will drop hard. nzd is almost on par with the aussie dollar. id jump ship with the nzd to aussie dollar for a while.
        a nz bank will allow u to open a foreign currency account in aussie dollars.
        the aussie dollar will remain stronger and will protect u from when nz is hit hard soon. very likely very soon.

    1. Bohol island phillipines had a deadly 7.2 quake back in 2013. this island is just below san francisco phillippines.
      if its san fran in the ph its the same area.

  17. There is a portuguese community
    in san fran area of San jose.
    Does this tie into any similar
    earthquake prediction!

    1. is called Little Portugal area of san jose.
      maybe quake centred here. unless the portugal meteor is a sep event.

  18. Hi Eric, there is a fellow that posted a video of an earthquake watch for New Zealand for
    August 8 – 14. (Beginning 7th your time). It’s on Utube under New Zealand Earthquake watch by thebarcaroller. It lasts for 5.44 minutes. He talked about the Earth-Sun-Mercury Alignment on
    August 9 followed by a Lunar Perigee (Supermoon) August 10 plus other combinations. He felt this could be the time for the biggest quake for New Zealand this year up to 6.6 mag. He talks about previous earthquakes with this alignment. Was an interesting video and seems to
    coincide with what spirit is telling you.

  19. Also Ken Ring left a Twitter very recently saying there is potential for earthquakes in the South Island of NZ during August

  20. SWC, Eric…This latest dutchsinse update has some warnings on the Kilauea Volcano crater that is collapsing. It starts around minute 13:00. Dutch is warning for a possible very large eruption due to the crater collapse and pressure building below. Anyone living in this area please watch his update. He doesn’t like fear mongering but wants people to be aware of what’s going on there so they can stay safe.
    (This did bring to mind for me the prediction for…an epic eruption prior to the large EQ.)
    Also mentions the San Francisco EQ and how the USGS more than likely downgraded it based on the charts and how many people felt it.
    Here is the link for anyone interested.

  21. I hope that it is not as destructive as the eruption that occurred in 1883.
    The loudness of the blast heard 160 km (100 mi) from the volcano has been calculated to have been 180 dB. Each explosion was accompanied by tsunamis estimated to have been over 30 meters (98 feet) high in places.

    The pressure wave generated by the colossal fourth and final explosion radiated out from Krakatoa at 1,086 km/h (675 mph). The eruption is estimated to have reached 310 dB, loud enough to be heard clearly 5,000 kilometres (3,100 mi) away. It was so powerful that it ruptured the eardrums of sailors 64 km (40 miles) away on ships in the Sunda Strait, and caused a spike of more than 2.5 inches of mercury (8.5 kPa) in pressure gauges 160 km (100 miles) away, attached to gasometers in the Batavia gasworks, sending them off the scale.

    The pressure wave was recorded on barographs all over the world. Several barographs recorded the wave seven times over the course of five days: four times with the wave travelling away from the volcano to its antipodal point, and three times travelling back to the volcano.

    Hence, the wave rounded the globe three and a half times. Ash was propelled to an estimated height of 80 km (50 mi).


    I can’t imagine what 310DB must sound like. It’s not something I want to experience.

    1. also he says

      43. A strong earthquake may hit California and San Francisco, causing casualties;

    2. I follow that guy sporadically, and I like him. I’ve found him to be pretty accurate. Also, in looking at your link of his August predictions, I couldn’t help but notice this one, which ties into what Eric and Spirits said about fires in Spain: “In Portugal, Spain and France large burnings spread in some regions in the country”

  22. I need help with answers. My famiky and I staying at the log cabin in SW of Colorado. Tonight is a beautiful red moon I have never seen. Coincidence we’ve seen the bright red Mars. That makes it two. Weird…so my thought is this could be dust in the air that makes the moon red?

    1. Is it close to the fires north of Durango? I could be the dust and ash from the fires. I live 1 hr. south of there and we are still getting some of the dust and smoke here. Right now, there is a forest fire a couple of hours east of here burning for the past 5 days. It depends on which direction the wind is and what day.

    2. Thanks to our Stars of SWC! It could be the dust or smoke from fire. Didn’t know there is a fire in Colorado or nearby state. I’m staying at Cortez which is close by 4 states.

      Weird, I asked my daughter if there is red moon in Dallas. She replied that it was orange and red huge moon these last few nights. I stayed at Zion campsite and the moon was bright white. But why red moon in Dallas? Is there a fire nearby Texas? ? I have limited wifi at the campsite not able to get all the news.

      It’s 9:44pm and no sight of moon yet..maybe too soon. Just wait a little while, hopefully to see the color of thr moon. It was SO beautiful last night….unforgettable! ♡

    3. Just found out there was a huge fire in Calif. Did not know that…wondering if it was a combination of fire from Calif and Sahara sands from Africa to create beautiful red/orange moon. Wow…that would make sense!

  23. Lossie2020- it could be dust particles from the wildfires in the air causing the colour change

  24. Eric SWC
    Second flag or San Francisco from singer my guide .
    Usually there are 3 when so will keep you posted if another comes things are close for a shake .

  25. Another Psychic has mentioned that the big earthquake will hit American towns starting with C, F, M. There will be a tsunami. Much destruction. Afterwards many congregate in a Stadium, singing songs, all in despair, sad. She also still confirms New Zealand to get a Big Earthquake, Japan and somewhere in China Sea.

    1. The earthquake for C, F, M, will come after the Fires, after the smoke, when the temperature drops.

      1. Jules104,
        Could it be the name of cities?
        C…Cupertino or Concord..F could be Fremont, M, could be Mendocino,Mountain view etc…Monterey…
        What do you think?

      2. This is the link … Psychic L.J. She appears to be focusing on West Coast of USA. Mentions Towns : C.S. F. and also mentions Seattle and Portland. Says there will be warning, that Army will be trying to evacuate people after big earthquake (before Tsunami).

  26. Eric,SWC,

    Meteor strike.—25th of July..

    A meteor hit the earth and exploded with 2.1 kilotons of force last month, but the US Air Force has made no mention of the event.

    NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed an object of unspecified size travelling at 24.4 kilometres per second struck earth in Greenland, just 43 kilometres north of an early missile warning Thule Air Base on the 25th of July, 2018.

    1. Eric, not feeling anything underground at camping in Utah, New Mexico and Colorado this past week.. not just yet….kind of quiet but very active else where like an island thst killed 17 hikers. :/ the hikers described that it was extremely loud when earthquake hit the volcano on an island and continued shaking all day…they were scared of the falling rocks all around them. Very frightening.

  27. 25 fur seals found dead at Te Oka Bay, Canterbury near christchurch new zealand.
    quake coming?

    1. this place in exact area where the land sticks out. near christchurch. news says suspect foul play. i think otherwise.

      1. they think someone killed them. not sure if caused by nature.
        i dont think man killed them.
        seems strange in exact area due for big quake.

  28. A small Meteor crossed our skies in NSW, Australia at tea time last night (AEST 6.36pm 4Aug2018), mentioned on Facebook and Twitter. 2 night prior another Meteor crossed the skies and land near a USA Defence site in Greenland (Nasa only now mentioning on facebook and twitter), Fox News, original story from Nine News. Perhaps a few more of these are coming ?

  29. Eric SWC
    Just recieved 3rd Flag in form of California Dreaming from my guide Singer .
    I’m taking this as San Francisco, but will ask for confirmation.
    Blessings stay safe all .

  30. Hi. Eric… could you please ask for specifics on the potential large earthquake expected next. When, what city, magnitude. Etc. Thank you so much…

  31. Eric,
    Ref::had a visual of one massive eruption. “Indonesia.. Malaysia.. all affected”

    PNG Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬
    A powerful eruption started at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea around 03:00 UTC on December 8, 2018. Heavy ashfall is falling on the island, blocking out sunlight.

    Volcanic ash rose up to 13.7 km (45 000 feet) above sea level, according to the Darwin VAAC, forcing authorities to raise the Aviation Color Code to Red.

    Heavy ashfall is blocking out sunlight on the island, locals report.

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