World Predictions 1-17-20

Puerto Rico.. the land must move.. it is trying to move.. only then will there be silence.. 20

They also added that the Taal Volcano in the Philippines is not done.

The implication was a second eruption or a second round.

I am very sorry this is the opposite of what would want to hear.

The 27th marked.. sadness.. loss.. a great passing.

7:26 – 7 33 ?

51 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-17-20

  1. …something you wouldn’t want to hear and a great passing? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will have her great heart attack on the 27th…

      1. Im guessing that puerto rico is expected to hit by a bigger earthquake?Do you know the Magnitude?

    1. Susan Steffen — Hiding your gleeful hope that someone you despise politically dies is a road you nor anyone else should take. And I know it’s something you would want to hear because you’ve openly expressed your disdain of Pelosi in the comments here before.

      Be a better person please. Thx.

    1. Oh no I don’t believe a large one is the message here, just that the nightmare continues. My hope is for them to clarify the magnitude quakes coming to see if another large quake is coming.

  2. Are the numbers on the bottom of the prediction connected to the passing, or do they mean something else?

  3. Susan is a troll that should be ignored.
    The great passing is perhaps Prince Phillip.
    Also, going back to the previous prediction about a Robert/Bob passing, I thought of Bob Dole.
    Blessings to you Eric, as always.

  4. Thank you Eric for everything you do. Here in Puerto Rico the authorities do not want to cause a bigger panic but a lot of the population know a bigger earthquake is going to happen at any minute now and they don’t trust what the government and media are saying because of the hiding of information after Hurricane Maria. Just this week, the military devised a plan to deal with the eventuality of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. I think authorities are hinting of what’s to come.

  5. Hi Eric,
    Do you think that Spirit is trying to say that Puerto Rico will cease to exist. Will the island go under with a great earthquake?
    I’m just trying to wrap my mind under the silence part of your prediction.
    It saddens me greatly.

    1. I think it more that it might cause the elevation to go up a bit or move the island a bit. Earthquakes are known to not just cause areas to sink, but also cause the elevation of the land to increase. So hopefully it means that Puerto Rico is experiencing some once in a god-knows-what liftetime event, and after that not much earthquakes happen.

    1. thank you pete. hopefully, others on this site, will also share , what they feel and see as well. hopefully, with more knowledge, will come more awareness,

      1. Thank you Allen. However, the source of Good resides within us all. Practising regular meditation to attune to these Highly Evolved Spirit Friends, as Eric, I and other good mediums do, means first hand and pure information is available to us all.

    1. star48
      Thank you for your update of Taal Volcano
      watching and sending prayers love and light
      to people of This region of Philippines ..Manila ..
      blessings ..

  6. Thank you for sharing your predictions with us here Petemedium. I enjoy your site too.

  7. The great passing on the 27th may be connected to the previous mention of a Bob or Robert passing. In which case this could be Bob Dylan.

  8. So if the great passing is a someone like a king or queen then would this tie into the previous prediction which noted the earthquake/tsunami in the Japan or Asian Pacific region? I guess I’m asking if a royal passes away then would that be an indication that we will soon have the eq/tsunami?

    1. star48
      wow that was quite a spectacular entry from meteor over Puerto Rico …
      not sure about omen but understand their way of thinking given all the swarms and expectation of a large quake ..
      bless them and prayers love and light it all moves without destruction then quietens to settle into peacefulness again…

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