World Predictions 11-22-22 and Indonesia Earthquake

I had a vision of one large black spider. The spider had a very large backside, fat, and overweight. His feet looked razor like. Then Spirit focused on the background. A massive large web. A web built intricately

Spirit are more quakes coming? “Refocus” Then they answered. I had a visual of the ocean floor deep under the sea.

Sounds like Indonesia and the Solomon Islands are not completely over. Another Quake is coming but off the coast. Please Indonesia be safe. Talk about shifting all gears into a totally different direction. Spider means terrorism. An act of pure unwavering evil. The web? Your on it right now. Its a race now, our pack of lions shift from trying to solve, where the next earthquake would be to this evil spider. Yesterday we blew it a bit, we knew an earthquake was coming, but I showed you the most likely location was California? But reality would show in a few hours it was Indonesia. One I was worried might be a possibility because its attached to another prediction. Unfortunately that too has become reality as of today. I saw that and whaled in tears. To see what you saw before unfold with so much death, is too much. I remember watching what is written below and feeling so much pain. Prayers please for all those in Indonesia.

“The really old prediction is about to happen.”
I heard a crackling in the sky, then I heard one massive boom.
“The town.. shattered..”“30.. Earthquake.. 7 8.. horrible damage.. when dinner is served”
Then I had a visual I was standing by a bay, the water was in front of me with a large city in the background.
I had a visual of one massive eruption.
“Indonesia.. Malaysia.. all affected

“20.. earthquake.. so massive”
“Around 800”
I asked several times for a location, they kept talking about the ‘rolling’ event. Is 20 a date or countdown? They aren’t letting go of this large earthquake.., it’s still coming. The visual showed one large quake

Lets start with what I can feel right now. I feel an earthquake coming soon. But where? I feel the ground under my feet vibrate? But where? I will do my best to gather the details as quickly as possible. I did hear: “Earthquake.. the old message returns.”

11 thoughts on “World Predictions 11-22-22 and Indonesia Earthquake

    1. Oh Sara, I just guessed yesterday and that did not go well. But if I am to guess, Putin. Putin plans to unleash poison. The second large possibility is the “Red Coats” Hopefully we can clarify in the next few days.

      1. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to make you guess, I just wondered if there were any other visuals.

  1. There has also been earthquakes on the cascadian subduction zone in the ocean. Maybe that’s precursor to your earthquake in the ocean. The plates are being squeezed on all sides.

  2. Eric, I’m feeling another massive earthquake coming as well before the year ends. Do you know the location of the next big earthquake coming? Also getting another huge volcanic eruption before Feb 2023 too. I’m still feeling lots of shaking coming soon, we aren’t done yet is what im feeling.

  3. The spider.

    I think this may be in part the old Dublin prediction. SF Sinn Fein, problems in Ireland regarding mass African/Islamic immigration.

    I see a green laser light connecting New York to Ireland. maybe 2 incidents that affect both sides of the Atlantic.?

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