World Predictions 4-10-20

I heard the word “Earthquake” then Spirit highlighted the shoreline of South America.

Is that a Tsunami? Or just a far reaching quake?
Later in the night they marked 23 and 10.

I had a visual I was in the desert. A new game of tag was beginning. The two players had mechanical devices attached to their body like an an exoskeleton. This allowed them to leap very high in the sky as if flying and give them abnormal strength.
We discussed this in previous predictions, a technology is invented used initially to allow handicapped individuals to walk, will spread globally and be used for construction and now recreational use.

I had a visual of a white plane moving towards the runway. On the front of the plane it said ‘World’

In regards to the Coronavirus post earlier today I wanted to share my opinion on its meaning, some of it was a bit cryptic.:

As Corvid19 continues bloodshed and violence take hold. This seems to happen at the tail end of the pandemic. That is very upsetting that we allow emotions to take control, specifically rage. In late May some of the lockdowns end or loosen up. The visual showed the doors open slightly. “In 6 hours” could be June. This is when the Sun comes out. The tide changes for the better. Finally a leader is coming that’s focus is on unity during a time of crisis.

Ther is a small possibility that “In 6” could be from now (April) , putting it in October. That however contradicts their 66 day mark of when life shifts back to better days written in a separate post.

The Predictions:

“Oh Eric this ends in bloodshed” 

What does that mean Spirit? 
I had a visual of an individual screaming. You could see the rage in his angry face. So much rage. 

Now Good News! 

I had a visual of multiple doors locked, then they became unlocked, I opened one but it would only open slightly. Then a voice said “May.. 22.. 15”

I had a visual I was standing in my house looking out a window. Outside was a massive storm, the sky black, the rain pouring. Then Spirit said. 
“From the beginning.. in 6 hours (months)” Then I opened the front door. The ground was wet but now the sun was beaming through the clouds that was now breaking up. Their were trees parts in the streets. I looked up and the sun shined down. It felt good. I felt a breath of fresh air. 

I had a visual of the letter A then Spirit shifted to show #1. A voice will come and say “We have to come together.. we must unite.. circle around one another” A refreshed voice of leadership is coming. 

It will counter the divide that ran supreme prior to Corona. 

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  1. Panos chronoloulos Avatar

    Eric I have a new message from God well one piece of it and he said the next Saturday a very big earthquake will strike idk if he means my country Greece or another country most likely the 2nd btw it would be so catastrophic that the zionists and new world plans will be delayed or crushed

    1. Panos chronoloulos Avatar

      And it will happen while we are saying happy easter

    2. Trav Avatar

      See thats my underlining concerns is the global elites and there sinister plans at a one world.

  2. zenyatta1 Avatar

    Praying that this rage is not about the political climate in our country!


    Thank you so much Eric…

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  4. LM Avatar

    Interesting about the quake. Chile or anywhere along the coast of South America would not be a surprise for a big one. However, the Caribbean (Jamaica?) quake was to be right around now, if we interpreted correctly.

  5. Sara Avatar

    What does the white plane symbolize?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly have no idea. However it sounds like they are starting a new message, we just don’t have all the pieces yet.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is a small possibility that it’s this. The world predictions. That we are on the cusp of “taking off” that would explain the white, white normally symbolic to truth or heavens.

  6. Sara Avatar

    These might be some reasons for why the public rages during this virus (still wrong of course):

    — 16 million Americans applying for unemployment over the last 3 weeks

    — JPMorgan Chase predicting unemployment rate by the end of June will hit 20%, which is close to the historic peak of the Great Depression.

    — the corruption from the stimulus package, e.g. the robbing and cheating that Spirit mentioned.

    1. R2D2 Avatar

      Agree Sara. [Sigh] 😣

  7. Donna B Avatar

    Eric, Could people be raging over food shortages? Or I read an article that somehow COVID can change our brains in some way. That we can have lingering effects. I read it somewhere. Did anybody else read it? So, that being said it may or may NOT be credible. Like I said, people are really edgy when you do go out for some reason. Not at the point of rage yet, just hyper and nervous.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The spirits are weighing whether to continue with the details of that message. They are concerned that too much dark information will affect me.

      1. Donna B Avatar

        They really are your family! And I see they care deeply..

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They do!

  8. star48 Avatar

    Ref::The Predictions:

    “Oh Eric this ends in bloodshed”

    What does that mean Spirit?
    I had a visual of an individual screaming. You could see the rage in his angry face. So much rage.

    Prisoners Riot as Coronavirus Tensions Rise

    The spreading of Covid-19 in correctional facilities is leading to standoffs between incarcerated people and guards

  9. Raymond Avatar

    Is it possible that May 22nd (Friday ) will be the day that the CV crisis is declared over? Or it could be the 15th and something significant occurs on the 22nd, like a week spent returning to work and economic recovery. But I think the locked doors represent the lock down and people staying at home. And the unlocked doors represent freedom and a return to normalcy. The door that only opened partially might symbolize a slow return because many jobs were lost and will not return.

    I think the dark skies and the downed trees might be a hurricane because, it occurs in October.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  10. star48 Avatar


    🇲🇽 Mexico
    Blockaded roads

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — In Mexico, beach towns have begun blocking off roads — in some cases, constructing barricades of rubble across roadways — to seal themselves off from the outside world in a bid to stop the new coronavirus from entering.

    The Gulf of California beach town of Puerto Peñasco announced Friday that two of three highways leading into the town would be closed, and anyone entering would be subject to an enforced 12-day quarantine. The only people who can enter are residents of the seaside town also known as Rocky Point.

    “Nobody who is not a resident of Peñasco will be allowed to enter; relatives, friends, tourists and people from outside will be prohibited from entering, in order to avoid possible contagion,” said Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro.

  11. star48 Avatar


    Cheap beef and wasted milk: US agriculture struggles with virus

    New York (AFP) – Milk dumped in fields and cattle prices plunging even as steaks stay expensive: the coronavirus pandemic is hitting American farmers hard.

    With industries from restaurants to department stores forced to close, farmers haven’t stopped working, but are finding demand unpredictable and supply chains are struggling to adapt to the new conditions.

  12. star48 Avatar

    Alert 🚨
    New finding..✔️

    Coronavirus found in air samples up to 13 feet from patients

  13. Samanthas Avatar

    Maybe… just throwing out ideas but maybe we are helped by intergalactic intelligence? Idk just a thought, I dismiss no ideas I can’t disprove.
    I do feel like something odd is happening. I’ve had dejavu twice in the last week for the first time in many years. It felt super creepy to have it in the times we are living in now! I wonder if it’s not just me?

  14. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::What does that mean Spirit?
    I had a visual of an individual screaming. You could see the rage in his angry face. So much rage.

    Nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis at a New York hospital were the victims of a vandal who slashed their car tires while they were working.

  15. star48 Avatar


    Ref:::What does that mean Spirit?
    I had a visual of an individual screaming. You could see the rage in his angry face. So much rage.

    Germany 🇩🇪
    Police in Germany were attacked with stones and iron bars while attempting to disperse a large group that had gathered outside in in Frankfurt late Friday in violation of lockdown orders meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus, authorities said.

  16. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::What does that mean Spirit?
    I had a visual of an individual screaming. You could see the rage in his angry face. So much rage.


    BOSTON —
    Two nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital were shocked to find that their vehicles had been broken into while they were working at the hospital.

    The nurses, who work in the emergency room, found their windows smashed and several items stolen from their cars — including a wallet, AirPods, sunglasses and clothes — after they each put in a 12-hour shift at the hospital.

  17. Cody Avatar

    Then a voice said “May.. 22.. 15”

    “Cuomo: extending shutdown of nonessential businesses until May 15”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      yes the 15 is now explained. I was wondering why they had two numbers

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