World Prediction: Large Earthquake

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    1. I only posted this because I like to go and see how active the area has been before the prediction happens.

  1. Sorry if this ends up being a double post – I accidentally hit something on my last attempt and am not sure if it was send, or if I cancelled it out. Anyway, this activity for the past week in Fiji is actually on the light side. However, a sudden lull in activity can be a warning sign because it means pressure is building, just as a swarm can sometimes be indicative of a larger quake looming as well. Hoping for the best – a tsunami would be devastating due to the various island nations in that region.
    Eric, this is one of the most specific quake predictions I think you’ve had. Hope you’re feeling better and on the mend.

  2. oh my goodness…..yes there tend to be swarms as they call it, of little earthquakes in one area before a big one. I had a vivid dream within the last month of a CNN Reporter showing a map of Italy. There had been a bad earthquake on the lower west side of Italy.

    1. Me too i had a dream of 8.2 in china and 7.7 in albania north macedonia if that 7.7 happens then RIP

  3. I hope not. I dreamt a couple years ago that they had a 9.2. It was a very layered dream and very realistic. Have been concerned ever since.

      1. No. I dreamt of the magnitude and then a map appeared and zoomed in on the location. I woke up and ran to the TV to see if it was real. But then I realized that I still wasn’t awake-I was dreaming that part also. It was very surreal. I had this dream about 2 years ago.

        1. Me too i saw an 8.2 in china and 7.7 in albania or north macedonia and 7.0 in argentina or peru i think i didnt see the date

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