Turkey Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Turkey my thoughts and prayers stand with you.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-16-20 I had a visual of an ancient emblem sitting by a large round stone. Then it began to crack.

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the Middle East, then another crack. 

I believe they are predicting a destructive earthquake in the Middle East. The emblem reflects a location of ancient artifacts? 
The borders of Iran/Iraq are famous for artifacts, but so does Israel and Turkey.

Turkey Earthquake

Please pray for all those in Turkey.
I should have recognized a different interpretation to this message, I assumed the image of the Turkey was about Thanksgiving, instead they where trying to show a location. The 2..3 is most likely the 23rd, making it off a day. I need to ask about California quake now.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 12-14-19 I had a visual of a list, on it was what is coming next and at the top of the list was “earthquake”

All focus tonight is on the coming quake.. During the actual Thanksgiving our family was sick. I can’t help be reminded of their message that 2-3 days after the Turkey there would be a quake.