Turkey Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Turkey my thoughts and prayers stand with you.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-16-20 I had a visual of an ancient emblem sitting by a large round stone. Then it began to crack.

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the Middle East, then another crack. 

I believe they are predicting a destructive earthquake in the Middle East. The emblem reflects a location of ancient artifacts? 
The borders of Iran/Iraq are famous for artifacts, but so does Israel and Turkey.

7 thoughts on “Turkey Earthquake

  1. I’m so sorry this happened.

    When I looked at the USGS website I learned that earthquakes happen every day.

    I believe we are living in the “end times.”

  2. I can’t imagine going through something like that. Everything can certainly change in an instant. Those poor people.

  3. Prayers for Turkey, prayers for people still without power after hurricane Zeta, and prayers for your recovery Eric.

  4. Eric, I’m concerned about any election violence and about that train you mentioned that was too horrible…Did Spirit have any more input on this? Also will there be more violence in the major cities soon, anything to beware of there? Thanks love and light and Thank you, Spirit!!!

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