World Prediction: The Fate of Yevgeny Prigozhin

World Prediction: The Fall of Lukashenko November 27th 2020. First was concerns over Lukashenko’s health. I had a visual of someone who had a horrible flu or Covid. Then the larger message: I had a visual that Belarus begin to unravel. Protest led to rage and then rioting. Heavy violent hands from the authorities.
Lukas… an agreement.. rapid.. your out!
I had a visual of so many people protesting with rage. Then it faded to black.. then I had a visual of those same people celebrating, excited and happy.
In the place of protest, the government like a thief in the night prowls against the people. Suddenly individuals opposed to the authorities disappear, never to be heard of again. Belarus there is fraud, fraud, fraud at the head of your table. Lukas will fall for it.
I had a visual of hands on the clock.
One slid to 4, the other sat at the end of the hour around the 10, or 11. That spells April.
“Detained.. jailed.. its over.”
I had a visual of chickens clucking along, being chased by a man. Then someone caught the chicken. The chicken was held up by the throat, then another man quickly cut the chickens throat. Blood sprayed. I had a visual of the oval room of the White House. The Presidents house. Hands were raiding the vault taking so much money. Stacks of it. ( I question this prediction are we talking about Belarus or the United States?)

Is this November 2020 prediction talking about Yevgeny Prigozhin? Lukashenko just made an agreement with Vladimir Putin to throw Prigozhin out, rapidly. The people celebrated as he left. Now I said April. Wrong! But as it reads the “hour” is Nigh. and it reads October or November. So if I am correct:

In October or November of 2023
Like a thief in the night. Prigozhin will be jailed for fraud. Fraud for spending money that was not his. He raided the governments vault. Then the chickens head will be cut off. Leading to everything unraveling. Walls falling. The walls of Russia and Belarus Collapsing

We have our timeline when this nightmare ends and it mirrors another message, the cold brisk day of fall Whats Coming in 2022 You are still a Joke Putin, just like the Spiritual Realm predicted before you ever went to war!

Whats Coming in 2022
…Then a band of Rawhide Thugs got on the racetrack, dressed in old-style cowboy outfits for the outlaws. The first face I could make out was a familiar one; it was Death himself, I crossed his image before, and I am familiar with his horse. The second racer had a joker’s face; painted with makeup that was smeared as if trying to remove it,, he was dressed more like Barnum and Bailey. He had a twisted grin and filthy dirty hands. The third racer eludes me, his face was horribly scarred with cuts and burns. He also had smeared makeup to cover his scars, he also had an old gold Roman face mask, that was broken. All three raced ragefully towards the finish line.Mud flung from all sides, swinging across the tracks. How many rounds are there? Soon all three would pass the finish line. An announcer of the race came over the loudspeaker. “Thank God, the race is ending now. It’s coming to its ending.” in this old WW1 voice. I felt relief as the finish line flag wagged in the brisk air; this was ending.

Ma Ra was there.

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  1. Maybe collaborating with an astrologer would help pin down timing? Isn’t the cosmos a map on potentials and timing in perpetual motion? Denise Siegel is a psychic and astrologer and I’ve often felt that you both overlap in predictions. She’s trying to pin down her prediction’s timing with astrology.

    1. Does Ms Siegel get the timing down? I am always open to collaborations. I have to say it is the one flaw of my work. That one pin left after getting all the pins down and its always timing, it infuriates me that we can never get that 100%. Thanks

    1. If thats the case putin really is cooked. Ive still got a (morthern) fall timeframe for his demise

        1. I wonder if ukraine will seek foreign workers to help rebuild the country postwar being from the building trades myself id be one of those to put up my hand

  2. unrelated:

    I’m starting to notice the shake ups from the Aquarius age coming in, there is protests brewing in various industries across the United States like hotels, UPS (largest in US history with those industries), etc, certain internet groups like Google being shaken up for violating their own services.

    Also The housing crisis being exposed that is caused by Private Equity Firms that is purposely fanning the flames to extract more profit.

    People are getting tired of being treated like slaves.

    1. Not sure what happened to my reply to you Tirin, but here it is again:

      Hi Tirin. Yes, the up rising is slow but definitely on the incline.

      And to add, this week onwards sees more hostility as the opposing ideologies grow. Like never before, we must turn to Truth, Honesty and a belief that has meaning. Meditation and immersing into Nature and Peace is a must at this time. Pete

  3. Eric, my heart and spirit is at its lowest. The Supreme Court has made two decisions that are destructive: student loan decision (I know, money expenditures MUST go through Congress); and the destruction of rights of the homosexual citizen (for reasons of free speech and religious accommodation). Now, anyone can say that they will discriminate for religious and free speech reasons. What is happening? Is there any hope for people like me who will be discriminated against because of who I am by God’s creation.. I feel abandoned by my country that I have sacrificed for as a military veteran. What does Spirit say? Anything to give me hope?

    1. My bit: Are we citizens of the country of our birth or of the Creator?
      If we had as much pride, allegiance and flag waving to the Instigation of All that exists, rather than the man made divisions that are now pulling us down, would the world be in as big a mess as it is now? Pete

    2. Oh yes, poor you for not being able to force other people to accept behavior that is not in line with how your body is built because you think you’re some kind of protected class?! Give me a break.

      1. The Creator didn’t make ‘men’ and ‘women’ stereo types, we humans did. The Creator made variations that allow expression of all that is Creation. When nations start to accept Creation as being non national, and that we are all equal is the point I was making.
        Individuals didn’t make themselves ‘gay’, the Creator’s process did, so like the Creator, I embrace the Rainbow Peoples of the world. Pete

        1. Are you serious, Pete? So your answer is “God’s process” makes people choose to make immoral sexually immoral acts? You really need to check your Bible, particularly the section concerning Abraham’s three visitors. Be sure to follow their adventures into Sodom. See what God thinks of these types of sexually immoral acts. The rainbow flag is nothing more than a neo-fascist version of the Nazi flag. So, you go ahead and embrace it. You’re killing the very people you think you’re trying to support. If you truly loved them, you’d be honest with them and tell them that these lifestyles and choices are very unhealthy for their bodies and their souls as I am doing right now.

          1. Some Common Sense, please don’t impose your beliefs on me, or others for that matter. I do NOT believe in the ‘God’ you refer to. Again it’s not hard to get to my site and read my many Blogs on the matter.
            The ‘God’ you refer to creates external to Itself. All of Creation is the Creator I believe in. Pete

            1. Well Pete, I’m not imposing anything on anyone. You don’t have to do anything, some things are simply true whether you believe them or not. I’ll pray for you, man!

          2. How is a consensual, loving relationship between two gays or two lesbians immoral? They’re feeling and experiencing love, not hate. We should be focusing on stopping real problems, like antisemitism or pollution, not fretting about what someone else does in bed at night.

            As for the story of Sodom, yes, the men who wanted to rape the visitors were sinners, but that doesn’t mean all gays are like that. It’s wrong to take the story and apply it to all gays.

            Besides, there was another crime committed in the story of Sodom, one just as bad as what was almost done to the visitors: Lot gave his daughters up to be raped in the visitors’ places. “Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them.” Lot was a straight man, but his crime was just as bad as the other would-be rapists.
            Would it be fair to judge all straights based on Lot’s disgusting actions, any more than it’s fair to judge all gays because of one story?

  4. I think adopting any legislation infringing on LGB people’s rights is synonymous with racism, just in a ‘revamped’ form, as opposed to its original form, based on differences in skin colour. It’s basically about a feeling of superiority with regard to a fellow human being, who is different from you in some respect.

    1. Agreed, it’s like saying prejudice and discrimination is okay if there’s a religious excuse behind it. There’s some Christian nationalism behind it too, because I think if the tables were turned, and it was a gay person refusing to serve Christians for “religious reasons”, the court would never have voted that way. Or if it’d been a Muslim refusing to serve non-Muslims, the court wouldn’t have let that stand.

      (I’m not trying to attack Christianity, but no one can deny that the supreme court would have voted differently is it was any other religion refusing to serve any other group.)

    2. I think a minority population ramming its values and rainbow flags down the throats of the larger population under threat of tyranny is fascist and satanic. It’s not about skin color or hate, but it IS about understanding how our bodies work and what they are made for, and respecting our creator by maybe not mistreating the precious gifts that we are given. It’s like being forced to accept and promote people putting sugar in the gas tanks of their car, and if you don’t accept it, then you’re out! You’re cancelled! You’re hateful!

      I don’t hate the guy putting sugar in his gas tank, I just think he’s an idiot.

      Do you want to talk about all the ways in which sexual immorality is harmful to human beings? Because you don’t need me to tell you, you can just wander over to the CDC website and look up statistics for the risks associated with these lifestyles that no one wants to talk about.

      1. The sexual immorality is your judgement. From a great book that has another rule. Don’t Judge others. Your very argument, is shoving other people’s opinions and beliefs down throats is satanic. But aren’t you shoving your opinion and beliefs down our throat? You may say I am in disagreement with you I am not. But what’s your goal here. Because if your trying to help us respectfully make your argument, it needs some touch up work. But if your here to throw stones go for it, just know according to the great book your the one with the morality issue.

      2. Some Common Sense,
        Gays wanting to be treated equally is not at all like putting sugar in their car’s gas tank, and it’s not ramming their beliefs down others’ throats, and it’s certainly not Satanic. If anything, the Satanic stuff comes in when we have leaders preaching that it’s okay to hate gays and treat them meanly.

        It was wrong of the Supreme Court to say a business can discriminate against customers based on religious beliefs–would you be okay with it if it’d been a Muslim who refused to serve non-Muslims?

      3. Bob Dylan probably said it best in his verses of his The Times They Are A Changin’
        I didn’t put them all to be fair to Eric, but you can find them at Google:

        “Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
        And don’t criticise what you can’t understand
        Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command
        Your old road is rapidly agin’
        Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
        For the times they are a-changin'”

        All of my Blogs, more than two hundred of them so far that started as early as the 1990’s, have been warning of the massive changes we are going through as we slip from the very conservative Pisces Age, the Age that killed Aquarian minded Jesus, into this extremely liberal Aquarian Age.

        The Ages are part of Creation, and Presidents, Prime Ministers and leaders of nations now ‘will be drenched to the bone’ if they try holding onto the old.

        This we are going through is not the action of a group of ‘wacko lefties’ trying to make you taste ‘sugar,’ it is a far larger change of a size that even if you were to convince every American to resist, would be as useful as building a house of straw to protect you from a hurricane. Pete

        1. You people are insane. Eric, the great book – The Bible – to which you’re referring tells us not to judge others, but as rational people we are ALL expected to judge the actions of others by their fruits. As I said before, I hate no one, and judgement on individuals is for God alone to make, but I have every right to use my rational mind to judge the actions of individuals and groups as they affect me, my family, my children, and the world around me. To say otherwise is ridiculous. The immorality of these sexual acts is not a judgement call on my part, it is an objective truth: our bodies are not built to be used in this way. You don’t have to like that, and you can call it love or whatever you wish, but if you do, you’re wrong.

          The statistics for homosexuals in this country and across the world are staggeringly bad. Again, I will direct you the the CDC website to do your own research as I know that you and your cohorts here will dismiss any statistical data I throw at you myself. But from suicide rates to HIV (20+% and growing) to additional risks of cancers and things like “anal fissures,” not to mention the overall mortality rate of the homosexual lifestyle (most men do not live past the age of 60) – the numbers show that this is NOT a healthy lifestyle.

          IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY ENCOURAGE THEM TOWARDS THIS KIND OF LIFESTYLE? The truth is that you can’t. You can lie to yourself and everyone else around you and tell them that it’s alright, or if you’re involved in these sorts of activities you can lie to yourself and tell yourself that it’s a personal decision, etc. BUT YOU ARE ACTIVELY HARMING OTHER PEOPLE WHEN YOU ENGAGE IN THIS BEHAVIOR.

          So my goal? Is to explain right from wrong to you. I don’t hate these people, I love them, and I love you, man. My argument may need some touch up work, but I assure you that my intentions are true. I would like to see you in Heaven one day, Eric, but you should also start reading your Bible and stop talking to demons.

          Sara, the Supreme court cannot compel anyone to use their God-given gifts to support harmful causes that they don’t believe in (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all). You need some civics lessons, because most people call that kind of governing tyranny.

          1. You didn’t answer my question, though…would it be okay for a Muslim to deny services to non-Muslims because he disagreed with their religion? If that’s not okay, then how is it okay for Christians to treat people cruelly based on what they read in the Bible? How do you think gays would feel to go up to a business–a bakery, a web designer, whatever–and have someone coldly turn them away and treat them like sinners? That doesn’t help, and it’s hardly Christ-like behavior.

            Being gay or lesbian is not a lifestyle. It’s not a choice any more than being straight is a choice. It’s a different kind of love than the one you know, but no less good. As for AIDS and cancers and suicide rates, that is not confined to gays–straight people face those same issues. I’ve had relatives die from cancer and some of them have known what it’s like to consider suicide, and none of them were gay. To say these issues are caused by being gay is unhelpful and inaccurate.

            You asked, “IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY ENCOURAGE THEM TOWARDS THIS KIND OF LIFESTYLE?” Again, it’s not a lifestyle, being gay is just a part of someone and cannot be changed any more than a straight person chooses to be straight. Second, no one’s encouraging gays to do anything bad–we’re encouraging them to be who they are. They should be able to fall in love, marry, and live in peace just like straight couples. They shouldn’t be refused services–that’s no different than racists back in the 60s refusing to serve people of color at lunch counters. Serving gay people isn’t “supporting a harmful cause”, it’s treating people equally.

            God MADE gays the way they are, just as he made you the way you are. You may not understand why, you may read in the Bible that being gay is a sin, but it’s not. God created them the way they are. I don’t know why, and neither do you. No one knows.

            Remember, the Bible was written down by humans–much of what these writers believed would have influenced their writings. Everything the Bible says has been copied and translated countless times over thousands of years–by humans. And humans tend to screw things up. There’s no doubt in my mind that some of what’s in the Bible wasn’t spoken by God, but written by people who THOUGHT they knew what God wanted. Parts of the Bible have been used over the years to justify slavery, to oppress women, and to condemn homosexuals, but I find it hard to believe God spoke those words.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling the whole Bible fake, but you have to look at reality, and that’s that every word in it was transcribed by humans, who sometimes lie, or make mistakes, or simply mistranslate something. Parts have no doubt been changed or even omitted, and different religious groups will interpret the same sentence in many different ways.

            I believe you have good intentions and are genuinely trying to help. But condemning people for falling in love, for being the way God made them, isn’t helping. Telling gays that something is wrong with them, that loving another person is wrong, that they have to stifle that part of themselves and be ashamed of it isn’t helping. They can’t choose to be gay, and they shouldn’t be punished for being the way God made them. All this energy people spend on trying to change gays or deny them equality could be put to better use to heal world hunger or something.

            I’m sorry for the long speech, so I’ll just close with this: you don’t have to be so afraid of gays. Or for them. If they’re allowed to be who they are, without prejudice and hatred, there’d be a lot more peace and harmony in this country.

            1. I don’t wish to offend anyone, please take this in the manner it is intended. I consider myself a religious person. A spiritual person. All the religions I have studied come down to the same truth, treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Pure love and respect for all. My studies have shown me the current Bible as it is written, has changed due to translation issues, and deliberate changes by the people in charge. Please read up on this for yourselves before judging me. Instead of tearing people apart due to wording of the Bible, we need to revert to the universal word of all religions. Unconditional love

  5. Regarding Prigozhin, according to this recent news he would not be in Belarus:
    That “Belarus captivity” may just have been a propaganda stunt, and of extremely short duration. Some days ago, I read in another source that a Wagner plane was detected flying from Belarus to Saint Petersburg. The interesting thing about this is that, officially, nobody in Russia has been aware of Prigozhin’s whereabouts. Interesting to see if this revelation by Lukashenko will provoke any reaction in Russia; at least, Putin certainly doesn’t like this disclosure.

  6. Update on the above topic: I would not be surprised if Prigozhin soon returns to his old position and the mutiny is forgiven and forgotten. Also remember that Prigozhin already succeeded in ousting Gerasimov from his post as commander of the Russian troops in Ukraine. The next few days will show what his fate is likely to be. On the other hand, you predicted that he, too, will fall together with Russia.

  7. Might “Belarus there is fraud, fraud, fraud at the head of your table” refer to Lukashenka bringing in the Wagner soldiers – probably for the purpose of protecting himself and keeping in power if/when Putin falls? He might assume the Wagner soldiers to remain more loyal to him. Yes, I, too, interpret the prediction to be about two different fates: one person goes to jail, another is decapitated. The imprisonment of Prigozhin in Belarus would sound most improbable.

    1. When this is all over, we will find a den of thieves. All of them, Putin, Al Assad, Lukashenko, all of them pillaged the banks of their nations. Made it theirs.

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