Boston Train Derailment

This prediction has happened. Please stay safe Boston.

This is the first 0 of their set. It is unfortunately incomplete. I was hoping for a clearer location. On a separate note the next Truth is coming out soon, please be open minded to its content as it is a contradiction to what many of us have grown up to believe.


“Train Derailment to the east.. very soon”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-8-19 I had a visual of 00

Then I had a visual of 000

Multiple predictions are about to happen in the next few days. I asked which and they replied ‘3’. Either a post that was made on the third or a prediction in which the prediction was expected to happen on the third and did not.

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Train Derailment in New York

This prediction has happened.

Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane  I had a visual of two trains racing down the tracks. I had a visual of a train stopping and then going. I had a visual of multiple train cars laying across the tracks, some of them smashed.

Train Derails in North Dakota

This prediction has happened. We failed to get the details in a timely manner.

Notes on 2-15-15   I had a visual of a train rolling down the tracks, another tragic incident.

The Facts on 2-16-15: “BECKLEY, W.Va. (Reuters) – A CSX Corp train hauling North Dakota crude derailed in West Virginia on Monday, setting a number of cars ablaze, destroying a house and forcing the evacuation of two towns in the second significant oil-train incident in three days.” Quoted by:–finance.html