Train Derailment in New York

This prediction has happened.

Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane  I had a visual of two trains racing down the tracks. I had a visual of a train stopping and then going. I had a visual of multiple train cars laying across the tracks, some of them smashed.


418 thoughts on “Train Derailment in New York

    • Yes ya! You are too funny Star48. Did either of you notice that dutchsinse is calling for
      a 5+ EQ in North CA? I did notice the EQs are hitting in the Volcanic areas. According to him that’s one of those things that happens beforehand. I really think it’s going to be soon since Eric is saying the same thing.

  1. Star 48 jules 104
    first official update for this thread
    Western Turkey
    10 quakes in last hour ranging from 4.8 to 2.oo mag depth ranging 6km to 16 km

    • I noticed all of those Western Turkey EQs. I was almost wondering is this a timeline for the N CA one? Let me know if you get more flags for CA Rhona.

  2. haha Jules I get no prizes for second official post
    yes I heard him say that and I got a CA flag this morn but would prefer 3 i asked so we know its iminent
    will let you know you two. rest up
    recharge looks like we are going to be busy soon …
    blessings 😴

    • Rhona, yes I know.
      …the intensity…I could not sleep Thursday…
      Reading frivolous ( funny )books to keep me..distracted,…meditation..
      Just my relief valves..getting my biorhythms organized,again…
      Laughter, and a change of concentration..helps me.,

  3. 🍵☕ g morning Jules 104 yep caught the black sea one too its above Papua one ..
    Good question Jules maybe it could have an effect especially being so deep ..the energy trasfer is quite in the cards as Dutchsinse has educated🎓 us on …
    Thank you for bringing it up …
    im still up watching our Telethon that has already raised $10000000 in last 4 hrs …👏😊

    • Rhona, I got the page..unfortunately, my browser does not properly connect to the live event.
      That is Safari for you…( Apple)

    • Rhona I tried and it said it’s unavailable or not supported on this browser, is what it tells me. Maybe I can try on the main computer later. What are you raising money for? That’s a lot of money already. Yahoo!
      Also, I just relistened to one of the Dutch youtubes from Oct 14. He did say if we get a deep 6. EQ somewhere, we could be looking at a higher magnitude for elsewhere. Hm. I wonder about it being up in the 7s. I vaguely recall Eric mentioning maybe a 7.2 once. Do you recall anything like that?

  4. Hi Jules yes I do remember Eric saying 7’s ..thats what i feel too..
    re Telethon – mostly its for the childrens Hospital and research for them but over the years it supports mant facilities for ill and handicaped children and families such as Ronald Mc Donald House ..which houses families so they can live together close to the hospital when their children are recieving treatment especially for cancer ..
    we just opened a new one and its state of the art ..all meals and sleeping quarters for family to stay together even has a gym …
    so the so the money is put to great use…i will add a link so you can see next post

      • Star48 Yes it is …im very proud of it …especially when you witness compassion in action from the conception …it was such a himble beginning …its an example to the children coming through how to facilitate compassion in a pro active way … there is hope for the future …and the new childrens hospital will be great when it gets off the ground ..
        re quake link …thats it thanks for finding …its over due by a bit ..
        good more time to send love light and prayers ..😆
        hope the weathers not too wet…
        enjoy your day ..
        im turning in …or i will be rats if i watch t.v. all night …
        leaving the world in yours and SWC ‘S compassionate capable hearts

  5. Jules 104 thanks for your interest
    It is a 24milliin dallar facility built next to the hospital..years ago when my children were very ill it was hust a small house ..bless the donations .new ronald mcdonald house perthnew ronald mcdonald house perth

    new ronald mcdonald house perth
    i hope that works …

  6. new ronald mcdonald house perth
    sorry jules sometimes the clipboard just does what it wants
    again your very sweet for your interest ..💜💖

    • Rhona that is soooo amazing! So it went from an 18 room facility to that. Wow! Yes, like Star48 said, what a noble cause. I’ve been in a Ronald McDonald House only once. They had one in Fort Smith, Arkansas when I lived there. I was amazed at how nice it was. I think these facilities are such a great service to families and children in need. What a difference and blessing they are during such a difficult time right? Kudos for all of those who donated during the marathon. They will be blessed in abundance for sure. Thank You for sharing that with us Rhona.

      • thanks Jules yes there really is god in this beautiful world …
        sugar plumb fairies to me 🕝🌕😴

  7. Jules104,
    got to be off line for a few issue..right now sitting at side of road road waiting for a truck…ugggh..😬

    • Oh my. Sorry to hear that Star48. Ugh I really dislike having car issues. I hope help shows up soon for you. Praying it’s something small and inexpensive. 🙏🏻 Take care, be safe. 😇

  8. Hi Star 48 Take care sorry to about your car …let us know what the issue was …and when your home safe and sound …stay warm …🎶🎶🎶….whisle a happy tune …

  9. Jules 104 Star 48 greece having swarm
    8 quakes probably aftershocks from 5.3 depth 21km most range from 4.4to4.8 depths 8km to 21km
    hope they are nor pre shocks
    Dutch mentioned Greece last week
    I cant post link for some reason web not co operating ..prob provider related…😕

    • Rhona just wanted to add. I checked out latest I found from Dutch. He mentioned that the European site was down so he couldn’t pull some EQs up on his graphics but he was warning Italy for a 5.+ , and said that can take down the old homes buildings there. You could tell he was worried for them there after what happened last time. He had warned still waiting for the N CA EQ prior. Hope it’s not too big. 🙏🏻

    • Rhona, Jules104
      13 EQ so far today– in Greece mid swarm…
      Also Turkey area…small swarm..

      Also side note.
      .White Raven. Sighted..on Vancouver Island…..
      Indian legend…end of world…and bringer of light!

      • Star 48 wow i love it ….bringing light back into the world ..yes please ….they are so beautiful how auspices how lucky they are to see them ….thank you for sharing the news …

    • Rhona, Thank You. Believe it or not so far we haven’t had to much wind here on the South Coast where I’m at. So I’m very thankful for that. I hope it lasts. I know others have not been so lucky up north. 🙏🏻 Praying for the PNW.

    • Star 48 wow thats heavey ..thank you ..i just forwarded it to my family …they do know something ..
      that wasnt issued lightly …
      could they be saying space weather and it may be asteroid ?
      just wondering …nah its solar ….yeah

  10. Star 48 if you marry Defcon warning and the Event warning issue really probably being a little conspiritous but it odd rally odd …
    is your goverment warning about solar weather a code of preparedness for possible Russian attack
    Im probably way off hope im just being silly …😨
    thoughts please Star im concerned …

    • Good question Rhona, Star48. A bit concerning. Glad they are preparing but it does make one wonder what’s going on. Yes that meteorite comes to mind and the Cuban Missile Crisis issue too. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. I really think the worlds gone mad sometimes. 🙄 Oh the link added by you Star48 on the UK and the Russian ships. I’m adding link here before I forget…again. Could this prediction have to do with that? The Whitehouse part reminded me of the traitor in the Whitehouse prediction recently also. Here’s that post.

  11. Jules 104 good catch …lets see it unfold …oh my a traitor thats woeful. ..and dangerous …
    there is alot that fits in the prediction Jules …
    yes lets pray cool heads prevail .
    sleep well you two😙
    hope you car issues are sorted star
    sugar plumb fairies

  12. Star 48 Jules 104 g .afternoon.. from me
    Im just sitting having my morning cu of tea and i just recieved unusual flag but a flag non the less
    I asked in heartfelt sincerity about Clinton …Trump election a few days ago ..
    i lifted a piece of paper off the table and there was a Gold piece of cardbord fell out and i have no idea where it came from ..
    its about 1 1/2″ long by 1 “wide
    and it has “The Clintons Collection “stamped on it … 😆😆😆
    it must gave come in from a magazine or one of grandchildren’s pockets ..but it found its way to my table …how spirit works is always awesome …
    so it looks like my guides agree with Eric and spirit ..confirmation …i admit A Trump win is not where any Ausi would like to see America go …thats just our obsevational opinion …not a very charismatic man and he doesnt seem serious enough its like everything is flippant and airy -head …
    lifes a game to him for his pleasure
    gain thats just how he comes across …
    isnt that a neat way to answer my question ..look for the signs they are all around us …

    • Hi Rhona. That’s funny your flag showed up so quickly. I totally agree, there are signs all around us…and agree with you on Trump too. He is not my choice for numerous reasons. Though I know there are those who really believe he is wonderful. 😳 Hm, I don’t understand it. I guess we will see what happens in November. 🙏🏻

      • thanks Jules Its not easy to comment on another county’s choices …though international relations are soooo important ..
        how can any leader trust him around wives and daughters
        I realise some stories may be fabricated but its the tone of his own words that have revealed the inner man …even if half the women are truthful thats enough to say uh uh no …
        Im only commenting because we are all stunned over here and Ausi’s are not prudes …
        how did this happen ? at least its a road open for fresh blood to know what to do in the future ..integrity is a must ..but where is it like you I dont kmow what this world is cing to . Flushing out the dross making way for better people would hope …😉😄rr

  13. Star 48 Jules 104
    got it The Clintons Collection is a gift cards brand ..especially xmas
    still not sure how it came to my table …😏

    • Replying here since no reply on other one. 😊 It must have been those fairey friends Rhona who brought the gold paper in. That is pretty strange huh.
      As for Trump…I think there are a lot of bewildered Americans also. I’ve decided that I have to trust he is serving some higher purpose here. Maybe if nothing else, to show just how ridiculous the political systems become. Truely does amaze one doesn’t it? I may have to move to Australia soon if things go South come November. 😮 Just kidding but…
      Did you notice…PNG 6.9, China 6.4

      • Jules104,
        The big EQ on the way…PNG, and China just the beginning…of the wave.,

      • Thought I’d check what Dutch is saying just now. I must be learning something since it sounds like he’s confirming what I just said. Going to be soon. Got a bad feeling tomorrow or next day. Maybe sooner. Yikes

      • Jules104, Rhona,
        Do not forget Hunter Moon…Rare…and super moon..on the 16 th..,

      • Star48, I am thinking the 16th, so funny you should mention that date. Argh. Praying for CA (and my little S Oregon hidey hole). 🙏🏻📢🏄🏻‍♀️
        Oh my calling the Winner already? You mean there is one? 😉 lol. I personally still want Bernie. At least he seemed to genuinely care. Blessings

  14. Rhona,Jules104,
    I will not comment about either candidate…
    It is al most like a religion/cult..
    There is no Thought, remembrance ..just emotion,judgement..I refuse to show preference..
    By Te way why worry…the NYT jut announced the Hillary has won already..
    Who needs to vote.?

    • Star48, I feel like politicians have forgotten why they are elected/there. I wish they would get all of the money out of politics. What in the world are they thinking? And, it seems to have turned into an us against them mentality. Then I think, how is that ever going to work? I sometimes feel like I’m part of a big dysfunctional family called America during the election time. 🌰🙄😏.

      • oh Jules You are funny 😆😊 ..its not funny but your take on being part of a dysfunctional family is a lovely way to put it ….
        blessings spirit would live that…

      • Rhona I always feel like if Spirit had a body…they’d be shaking or banging their heads up against the wall just watching us all act like fruitcakes down here on planet earth. I hope they are getting a laugh. That’s about all you can do sometimes.🌰🌰 😐😮😇🙏🏻

  15. Jules104,
    Lead for Monday…

    The American people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media,”Pence said. “That’s where the sense of a rigged election goes here.”

    Even as some polls have shown Clinton with only a modest lead nationally — one published Sunday by The Washington Post had her up four points over Trump — her advantage on the electoral map appears sizable.


  16. Fair enough Star 48 …thats why i havent said anything till now ..but my spirit is wanting what is best for U.S. and i felt a prompt to say something i did mych to my own surprise ..I never comment on politics this is unprecedented for me …hope I didnt offend with having an outsider opinion ..
    I do understand your position and reasons and thanks for stateing
    them …
    blessings 😊

    • No problem,
      You see my mother worked for a Republican Congressman for years that used to be a friend of the Kennedy’s …he was a cleanup friend..for them..
      Also my aunt was a operative for Democrats in CA…
      She said she left after years..
      the stories she told me…so both insiders opened my eyes…years ago…

      • Understandable Star thanks for sharing that …it would be a influencial experience on you for sure
        sugar plum fairies 💖

    • Star 48 how great is solar walkways. .ingenious …yay and electric care on the plan too …incredible. come from Sanpoint now and your an asset to them too ..👌

    • Star48, That’s amazing, and you get to be there. It charges electric vehicles even as they drive. Really interesting stuff. What a difference that would make. Thanks for the link.

  17. Star 48 Jules 104 that PNG quake will trigger N.Z too I believe
    and China maybe ine of Stans
    we will c ..
    take care

    • Rhona just watched Oct 17 Dutch. He says exactly that. Pressure transfers to China around the bend in the plate. I am wondering about one of the Stans also. Though he doesn’t mention. He is worried about Italy again. And states there will always be compensation movement to the East from PNG across the Pacific. Let’s see if it hits NZ first. Hope not.

      • Jules 104 thank you for dutch update ….it is interesting to see how many days the transfer takes ..
        not that damaging is interesting ..
        If it does go NZ way it usually hits north …
        CA is still having minor quakes naybe as we have said it spread out and easing into it but if energy from west trasfers and its strong enogh and hits the right spot that will change ..
        happy you only got rain + ….rain with the storm in your corner of the world Jules 😆
        Just as i was going to sign off im sensing change ..and was prompted to say so ..
        stateing the obvious earth changes
        ..thats all im getting …😇
        prayers love and light to mother earth with that message ..🌈🌿

    • Star 48
      drones were always a bug bear to me .they have praticle applications but in the wrong hands they are bs .I really detest them …strong emotion from me 😲😔
      there is the british airspace mentioned not BA i know but brings to mind the hijacking hasnt happened yet …
      Its a shame they can’t be ban from public sale .it would stop the die hards but it would cull some silly incidents from happening …downright dangerous in wrong hands

      • Rhona,
        it is not the drones themselves I am only worried about..
        There are reports of ISIS fitting them with explosives…
        Thinking about Man landing on top of the building. Water bug too..

      • I agree with both of you. Ginormous techno spiders flying all over the air spaces. What could possibly go wrong right? Besides all of the privacy issues involved with that nonsense. Ugh.

  18. hahaha im laughing so much at me sorry guys have no idea why i put the Carlberg ridge with canary Islands what the 😱😲 hec Rhona …

    • Yes that’s the one that missed us here. I don’t think we got much of anything. I’m not complaint by though. A lot of the PNW got lucky I think. Some places had damaging winds, a tornado. But it could have been much worse if there had been the really high wind speeds they were expecting.

    • star 48 they really have a job thats based on probabilities …preparedness as we know is the key …glad it wasnt as widely damaging as expected…
      I hope the ensuing season isnt too destructive ..sigh of relief from many this one wasnt so bad

  19. Rhona, jules104,(with rare moon..)
    King tide in Boston… ( perfect EQ window for us in US)
    Photo: Flooding from a ‘King tide’ event, caused by a certain alignment of the Earth, moon and sun, at Boston’s Long Wharf – Universal Hub

    • Those pics are pretty amazing Star48. I hadn’t even heard of a king tide before until I moved over here to the west coast. Two extra feet that’s a lot. Thanks for the link.

    • Star 48 Jules 104 Kings tides in north west Aus in Derby are the highest in Australia ..Queensland gets quite a few
      you would hope they are going to move and reconstruct shore lines before 2050 its less of burden to do it now ..but will they prepare fore future inundation
      thanks for link star
      here is some info on king tides aus

    • Rhona. Had to go look that up. Meckering Scarp? Pretty impressive fault/crack in the land there. You are probably right about it being on the move. I will keep an ear out on Dutchsinse for any mentions. Hope nothing big comes your way. Blessings

    • Rhona, wanted to send this 10:00pm, Oct 17,2016 update from dutch. He does talk about forecast for a bigger EQ in Japan, NZ got hit after the 6.9 PNG, and Australia. How it transfers down into central Australia and fans out in both directions. There is a lot of good stuff on this one. He talks about the Volcanos also. Looking at Italy, N CA, Japan, may have been some other areas but I can’t recall exactly. Those are the areas I know for sure.

    • Star 48 great info there i see you two are in green area …oh dear Minnesota looks dire …
      hope its not too dirupting for you ..with all your communication probs of past months ..who needs this ..but there is nout we can do but be prepared for it …

      • Star48, Rhona. I saw that. Woohoo! Though I’m not sure that if the rest of the country went out it would matter much where we are. That is pretty amazing how they can map that.
        Also, yes all that volcanic activity going on is crazy. I was watching the live webcam on the bottom. Love how it changes so you can see them live. Everything is just really active right now. Thanks for the link Star48.

  20. Rhona, Jules104, we have to be careful of future threads and pick ones completed..
    There is a typhoon headed for the Philippines and there are 475 comments on that thread..,
    I still posted..I hope it does not get lost..
    He is info..just in case.
    Map: Forecast track of Typhoon Haima shows direction toward Luzon Island, Philippines – @EarthUncutTV

      • Star 48 I had a look and its also going to hit north Manila and then onto south east China around zhang. then inland to Nanchang
        exit Wenling ..
        so lots of flooding for China …
        prayers love and light to areas in its path …and a weakening of intensity ….

    • Star 48 very weird a meteostumai
      makes me wonder what next mum used to say
      the older you get the more the world surprises you ..she still has some tricks up her sleeve
      that is so devistating for them ..goodness 90% of houses roofs gone …woah …the forces of nature …

  21. Star 48 Jules 104 hi….wow that is mega deep …..for Indonesia. .this could go either way …phillipines or
    Papua new Guinea again …
    Fiji will I agree Star more likely will transfer down to north NZ

    • Rhona, Star48. You should watch the dutchsinse from 10:00 pm on the 18th. It mentioned Japan being under a lot of pressure. Italy, Europe, he thinks USGS did not report something off the Coast of Oregon based on what’s going on now. It was a pretty good one. I can add the link if you want.

      • Jules 104 Star 48. ..
        Just had a listen to dutchsinse ..
        wow as he said ..thats a big deal ..the whole session is loaded ..
        The Indonesian volcanoes
        Sumatra is always a worry ..hope its not high 8 …
        i hope the volcanos release the pressure .
        I noticed the european site went
        off …and their doing it again not reporting Oregon etc …frustratingly irresponsible. .
        then south America …sth Colorado
        fracking zone …
        hold on to your hats its all happening …
        stay safe

      • Oh gosh completely forgot about Sumatra the far tip. Sheesh it was loaded since there is so much going on. I agree about the USGS being so irresponsible. Oh my golly. Really? It’s like something a child would do. I personally believe that person in charge is looking at some really bad karma if they don’t start changing their ways real soon. May already be too late. Sounds like they’ve been doing this for years just to prop themselves up and confuse others. Yes hold onto our hats is right. lol. Praying for all In harms way. Praying for the Philippines which is getting hit with a Typhoon right now. Poor people are swamped already. Blessings and Light Rhona.

  22. Star 48 Jules 104
    China will threaten but i dont believe it will be all out war not on the scale it could be …Im thinking it was a defensive statement hopefully not agressive …praying Russia and China pull their heads in …they too have alot to loose …
    maybe i have my head in the clouds but i want to visualise positive outcomes …love light and
    prayers to both these countries ..

    • I always think to myself, why don’t others see we are all one big village. I don’t think anyone’s going to do well or survive a war between the super powers. I sure hope cooler heads prevail. Blessings. Sending hugs their (Russia and China) way. 😉😊

  23. Rhona, Jules104,
    looking at the latest EQ listed on USGS…over 2.5 mag I noticed they seem to be following the “Tropic of Cancer”
    What do you think?

  24. Star 48 Jules 104
    thats an interesting point star 48
    Im thinking maybe solar influences on magnetic pole ..a push pull type occurance coupled with Hunter moon … and all the volcanos is a sure sign magnetics are being affected by something
    side note Fiji 4.9m over 600km deep all the deep ones theres a pull down there..

  25. Star48, Rhona. Concerning the Hotel and 160. I found a lot of fancy hotels with a 160 address. Here’s one in Greece. 160 Thea Hotel.
    Here’s some with 160 addresses.

    Just FYI. I added to prediction post. Says awaiting moderation. There are actually a lot with that address. Do you think it’s some well known thing among hotel owners? Just found it odd.

    • Jules104, I stayed in Oia for a month! On Santorini…in 2013…
      Great city…looking out you can see Crete in the long distance…view..
      Oia is pronounced Eeya..

      • Wow, yes looks beautiful there! I was escaping reality for a minute there while I looked up the hotel info. lol. Thanks for the correct pronouniation. I would have never guessed.

      • Star48, do you remember a post where a world leader was just pretending to be our ally but then they turn on us? I can’t find it. I can’t figure out which words to put in Eric’s search engine either. None of mine come up with anything. It was fairly recent though. Anyway, what happened with the Philippine President and the Chinese leader at their meeting made me think of it.

      • Jules104,
        I seem to remember vaguely I wil start the hunt tomorrow.. Opps .later today.
        Sugar plum fairies!

      • Oh my golly. Sorry for delay. Was up all night with a beeping smoke alarm which is attached to a security system. Took the whole thing off the wall still beeped in the ceiling wires! Sheesh. Finally got it to stop but now need the alarm looked at. Waiting, waiting. Oh well hopefully it will be taken care of soon. Will try and catch up in a bit. Sorry. 😵💤

  26. Star48 Jules 104
    Shikotan 4.8m 38km depth
    its only 700 odd miles from Kazahstan and Ubekistan ..Kyrgystan are not far too
    coukd be a watch for bigger stan quake or Russia quake prediction ..

    • Wow they said 7 on the intensity scale and looking at another one of 6 on the intensity scale possible. I think the east Pacific may be soon.

    • Rhona thank you for all those updates. Will need to catch up. Was up most of the night with beeping smoke alarm that is hard wired to home alarm system. Got it to be quiet finally but need the alarm looked at now. Sorry for delay. 😵💤

      • Jules 104 pesky alarms the cheek of it keeping you awake …high energy in your house lol.😆😆😆
        sorry to hear you didnt get your rest ..sending lots of energy your way …of the regenerative kind ..😇
        hope it sorts quickly …
        blessings for this night to come 😴😴😴

      • Thank You Rhona! I feel like I have beep, beep, beep, stuck in my head. And then the carbon monoxide alarm started beeping also, and that’s on a totally different system. Weird. Replaced batteries in that and it was fine. At some point I was thinking, okay is somebody trying to tell me something? Hahaha. Like, get ready to rock and roll soon. lol. Hope not. I have two sisters and my mother who I could totally see doing that from the other side. Mischievious. Well I think it’s fixed now. Thank Golly. Sugar Plum Fairies tonight? Blessings.

      • oh Jules its so funny you just never know …your mother and sisters came to mind for you…I was thinking maybe someone who Jules knows is messaging ..its just a passing thought that came to me …reading your account of alarms beep ..beep …😆😇 ….Im sure they are very close and walk with you closely Jules …Have you picked up a feather yet 🐥

      • Hi Rhona. I did pick up a bunch of feathers yesterday, but that was only because I was cleaning my daughter’s window ceil who’s at University. lol. So I don’t think that counts. 🤔 I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

      • Jules 104. .noo that doesnt count im afraid ..hmm still lacking in the fallen feather find …eyes down Jules 😔….😊
        having a wonderful happy weekend ..thanks for the good wishes …hope your daughter is enjoying so far her new dorm and environment…

    • star 48 what a buzz its a work of art ..
      paricularly loving Imgur user Fejetlenfej the colors are amazing ..Brooklyns are great too ..I would love to enlarge them as a wall art ..
      so much water
      thanks really enjoyed sharing the pics with family

    • Star48, Rhona. How wonderful! Rhona you can get a poster of the art works from grasshopper geography on Etsy. I like the first ones by Andrew Hill. How brilliant. Thanks Star48.

    • Star48, Rhona. I’ve heard about this total solar eclipse crossing America in 2017. I read about it in a John Hogue book last year. I need to see if I can find the article. It basically was talking about how when we have the solar eclipse to expect EQs and natural disasters in the path. So an EQ on the west coast and followed up with an EQ on the east coast and whatever happens in between. I have no clue how much truth there is to this. Maybe I should ask Eric sometime. Do you feel it makes any sense scientifically? He talked about there being a history of this happening in the areas that experience such an eclipse. And if I remember correctly, it can be a matter of days before and after it occurs.

  27. Star 48 something definately to plan for ..Its celebratory really ..very special indeed. ..
    thanks for the article I enjoy getting up with all the info

  28. Star48 Jules 104
    just thought i would share
    Im having an angiogram tomorrow to see if anurism has shrunk after stent was inserted last march 22nd this year ..

    its exciting but im not looking forward to the bruise always travels down half my thigh my knee ..
    talk to you guys soon

    • Rhona,
      I will pray for a great outcome..and small bruises…
      Your will be in my thoughts.sending energy your way. Yay w🚀🚣🏻

    • Rhona yes covering you with light and healing energy during your angiogram. Sending heaps of prayers your way for a wonderful outcome and minimum to no bruising. Will be keeping you and your family in my heart and mind. Please let us know the outcome when you are up to it. May Pixie dust and Fairies and Angels all surround You! 🙏🏻😇🦄💫🌟🌠🎆🌈☀️😇

      • Jules 104 Thanks so much 😆😙
        I will let you know for sure i said to Star it means alot to me ..your prayers and wnergy
        ..on my way now have to be there 6-45 am my time….

  29. star 48 Love your choice of emoticons .
    Thanks you for you prayers and thoughts …It means alot .
    finding it hard to catch a sugar plumb fairy tonight.
    side note
    as i did shut my eyes i had a drop in snap shot .6.9 mag
    looked like Indonesia or Philippines but thats just a guess it was just the top tip of an island

    • Rhona just an FYI. I watched Dutch lastnight and I believe that’s exactly where he was saying needs watching. Had me thinking of Eric’s older Philippines Indonesia EQ. Now based on what you’ve seen I am wondering, is that still on the table now? Yikes. Praying for those areas. 🙏🏻🌟

  30. Rhona, Jules104,
    SINUSOIDAL GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: Last night in the Lofoten Islands of Norway, electrical currents began to flow through the ground, back and forth with a sinusoidal period of 74 seconds. Rob Stammes recorded the phenomenon at his geomagnetic observatory:
    “Just after midnight UTC and around 02.36 local time, my ground current instruments picked up these very stable pulsations,” says Stammes.

    Currents in the ground are connected to events high overhead. Earth’s magnetic field above the Lofoten Island was also swinging back and forth, inducing amperage in the soil beneath Stamme’s observatory.
    Full report on…

    • Wow that’s pretty amazing. I liked that it was unusually monochromatic during that time period in Norway. Ringing like a bell. That would be neat to hear. Does make one wonder what’s going on right now though.
      Also did you read the next article on the research in CA having to do with stratospheric radiation? They’ve seen an uptic in cardio arythmia, & cardiac arrests during that time period. Interesting. Thanks Star48.

      • hi Jules ..thought oh wow Tonga …
        looks like when I accidently said Tonga instead of Tahiti recently I wasnt far off the mark..accurate blooper …lol😆
        thanks for update
        yes all is going well ..
        the hospital phoned today ..have to stay on meds for another 4 months but every second day …
        and the will do an MRI next Feb 2017
        to check instead of angiogram as I have had 3 angiograms in same spot in 12 months ..time to give that artery a break …😡😆that should be a cruise ..right ..worst is behind me

      • Rhona, it sounds like you were right on the mark back then whiling blooping Tonga. Teehee. And after three angiograms in the same spot, yes an MRI sounds like a breeze. Praying for your February visit to be given an all clear and well. Have you heard from Star48? Not like him to go silent. Hope he’s just chilaxing. ⛱🛁🏌🏂😴💤😉 Blessings.

  31. Star48 Jules
    Im home and the doctor during the procedure said
    quote ” oh my god thats fantastic ..I couldnt wish for a better result..”
    It has shrunk quite a bit though there is some to go ..its fantastic its working …all is well …😆😆👍
    thank you for your prayers and energy i know they helped ..😙
    blessings with light and love

    • Rhona what wonderful news! Happy to hear it. Yes absolutely…Oh my God. Happy, happy, joy, joy! 😇🤗. I hope there was minimal to no bruising after also. Thanks for keeping us updated. Blessings. 🙏🏻🌈

  32. Star48 Jules 104
    me too 🎶🎶🎶🎶and yes prayers answered no bruising thus far so very happy… and looks like it will be minimal
    which is unbeleivable as the least two times angiogram bruises were massive …

    • Rhona that is great news! I can’t imagine so much bruising. That must have been horribly painful. Really glad for you that there hasn’t been much of anything. Hope and pray it stays that way. Yahoo on your test results. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗😇

  33. Star 48 Jules 104huge silent zone around ring of fire especially from Indonesia to Papua to Venuatu .
    watch zone i woukd say ..

  34. Rhona, Jules104,
    2nd EQ in Italy..
    second EQ in 2 hrs..6.4mag
    This is bigger than 5.6
    USGS: Earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 6.4 strikes central Italy about 2 hours after 5.5 quake – Reuters

    • Star48, Rhona. I just saw that. Wow. So yesterday I believe it was the European site, while Dutch was in the middle of a live stream took off the deep EQ. It disappeared before our eyes. They took it off their feed. So he’s now been catching the Europeansite doing fishy things such as the USGS site. Dutch still warned them to be prepared. They did that recently up off of Northern CA. There was a 5.1 the USGS did not show. His viewers are alerting him to such. As he can’t be all eyes. I find it just disgraceful behavior on the part of the scientific community. He is wondering who’s getting paid or what are they trying to hide. Hm. Gives one pause. Praying for Italy.

      • jules im at a complete loss as to why these quakes drop off ..what do the gain by being paid off to do it..It just doesnt make sense …
        this is confusing …😕
        yes prayers for Italy they are still getting aftershocks ..

      • Rhona me too. It doesn’t make any sense. I was watching when they took off the deep EQ in Italy though. Which are always followed by bigger shallower ones with damage. The USGS is doing the same thing. What is going on? At first when I started watching his videos I thought well he’s just imagining this stuff is happening, but it occurs so often, and he’s documenting it all, after a while I had to agree that yes there is something not very ethical going on here. I’m definetly not a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it’s just as simple as they don’t want to have people panic? Dutch compared it to, if there was a big tornado heading towards a city and the weather man just decided to delete the warning. I think he was feeling yesterday after the two big quakes, reading about the building collapses which occurred, how Eric feels when he can’t stop a tragedy from happening. Really frustrated and sad. I sure hope the scientist get with the big picture real soon. Blessings and I hope you are feeling well.

      • Jules you definately are not a conspiracy theorist and you and dutch saw it happening and so have I ..seem it just disappear …
        maybe a miracle will happen and tgey will explain themselves …
        poor Dutch ..he would feel it at all levels ..
        feeling great ..very positive..

  35. Star 48 Jules 104
    just thought i would add this unusual Arora in Tasmania Aust..
    seems the solar wind is affecting things already you think…

  36. Star 48 Jules 104 there is some really nice ones from iceland just scroll down on previous Tasmania link ..

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      Funny I had the same thoughts yesterday!
      Noticed Te increased activity…I can remember my concern …match yours…

      • Star48, yes on the 7. I have been all over the place with my replies. No reply box for the other comment on 7. But either way, you me and Rhona are synching. Is that a word? 🤔

      • Oh funny Star48, Rhona. Hey I sent the dutchsinse from 10:00 pm called censored or something. I’ve never heard his theory on this. Starts at 15:30 about. Keep watching. It’s the second link. Wow. I would not doubt it though. So you and me literally putting our feet to the fire, uh magma! I thought it interesting anyway. Hm.

  37. Star 48 Jules 104 hey you two you wont believe this ..but got a loud flag for Japan ..
    we will see ..
    same page waiting for the 7.1 …
    synching Jules 👍

    • Rhona, Star48… I feel like something’s about to snap real soon. And I wouldn’t doubt if it is Japan Rhona. Maybe North Cali and Japan both.

    • Star48, Rhona. Just watching the 10:00pm Dutch update. Watch areas are Italy, N Ca, Japan, Indonesia (Krakatoa area), think it was Ecuador and Mexico Coty area but may be letting off pressure through Volcanos.

    • Star 48 this does sound great ..its just fantastic …wishing it well the idea …its what we have been waiting for ..😆

    • That is so cool Star48. And the home battery packs. I am so glad that they are going forward and not backwards with fossil fuels. I would think it will only spur competition. The more the merrier I say.

  38. Star 48 Jules 104
    5.3m 100 depth
    then clisely with a 5.1m 39.9 depth
    also noticed
    Edward Isle 5.5m 10 depth
    and Sandwich Isle not too far from there 5.7m 29 depth twee

    puts these between
    off swest coast S Africa..and SEast Argentina

    • Rhona, Star48. Thought this was interesting. Just the visual is neat. Talking about something going on in the West Pacific above Australia area. Watch about starting st 30:30 and then 41:00 minutes for that info. It looks like it will affect Indonesia area over next seven days. Maybe Eric’s old prediction coming?

      • Jules 104 hi no I missed that one for South Aust….thanks ..yeah that figures ..they sometimes dint count ours 😕wow what a minfield for poor Italy ..well that broadcast was a wealth of info to take in ..poor Darwin hope it doesnt cop it ..thanks for dutches link Jules

      • I agree Rhona, poor Italy. I try to add the times on dutches videos so you don’t need to watch the whole thing if you don’t want to. They can get longish. Blessings and I hope you are having a great weekend.

      • jules jumping reply boxes again so its out of sequence .
        I did notice the times on dutch you posted so very thoughtful of you …appreciate your gesture…😄
        Im having a lovely happy sunny weekend ..even though hubby away for another week yet ..miss him at these times that little bit more 😟…He is a good man and a very hard worker and has been an exemplary provider for his family …wish i saw him more than one week out of every three ..but thats the sacrifice for the work he does ..
        The Children make sure Im never lonely ..xxxx👪👪👪 bless them ..
        thanks for your well wishes ..I too hope you have an enjoyable weekend Jules 💖

      • Rhona, I am sure your husband is a fantastic provider and wonderful person. You deserve no less. And it sounds like you have been blessed with a loving family to keep you company while he’s gone, though I’m sure you miss him bunches during those times. So glad the sun is out shining on you and yours this weekend. ☀️ For me as well, which is always welcome up here in the PNW. 💨☔️ Blessings.

      • Rhona,
        You are so fortunate! To be able to see and be with your loved one….
        To share..notes,texts,phone calls..than to actually be in his arms…❤️💋

        Enjoy and wring every is too short…
        It is much harder when they are in spirit..
        The mind replays what the heart cannot delete…✨

      • Jules104,
        I wanted to share as this tickled that terror reference…
        about anniversary/ special date?
        Do you remember that reference.?

      • Oh my gosh Star48. Ha! I had written this then deleted it…. Though it does make me think of “all around the anniversary”. I thought well, Star48 will add if that’s it. SO Synching! 😉👍🏻

    • Star 48 you know when i was writing about my hubby I was thinking the exact same thing …
      He had a heart attack 2 years ago so came close to loosing him he was flown hope by our flying doctor as ge was at work thousands of miles away …
      You are right star I know how much my mum missed my dad ..
      precious moments but i think thats why i miss him more now time is precious after the heart attack .
      I hope …I just find the medical issues I have had to require extra effort from me at nights when I was concerned the anurism would blow while no one was there or the clot go through my heart ..but angels and god were watching ….. I made it chin up is hard
      sometimes ..just get on with it I tell myself ..
      Thank you for your words born from wisdom 💖😚

    • star 48 oh my gosh oh holy great spirit be praised so overwhelmed ..goose bumps yes and tears of joy …amazing just amazing 💛💛💛😄😄

      • Rhona, jules104,
        Another Avatar event happened yesterday….

        A wild Golden Eagle America came to the area and stayed on a branch -bench high for an hour…so that people could touch him..
        I kid you not..

      • That’s amazing! That’s weird that it let people’s touch it. Like the Buffalo appearing. Hm. Something strange going on. Earths magnetics, solar stream? Have you had any strange dreams? There seems to be a lot of strange dreams being posted on EQs tsunamis. Which reminds me. This past week my grandkids were painting and the 2.5 year old painted what I called a man screaming with wave. I was being funny but…It looked like a brown person lying down, like the famous Van Gough? Scream?…and water began to wash over them. I was joking sending a pic to my family but maybe I should take it seriously at this point. 😦 Ay yi yi.

      • Jules104,

        this particular ongoing solar stream is causing events – dreams. Magnetic anomalies,I believe also EQ’s
        Dreams are not the only issue…I believe it is ( my opinion) it is affecting magma.( inner earth)
        ..I know straight out of weird.

      • Oh I agree on the magma being affected. I would think all of the deep EQs lately would be a part of that too. Not you think so?

    • I saw that also Star48, Rhona. Soooo Amazing. I’ am so disgusted with the abuse of our lands and of the planet in general. I read that the people in Eastern, OR were acquitted. Ugh and yet the Native Americans are arrested trying to prevent a pipeline. It seems so unfair and unjust. This was amazing to see. Thanks for the link. Blessings.

  39. Star 48 Jules 104
    was reading Eric and spirits latest predictions …November is gearing up to be eventful …
    I note for my guides a thank you for Flag on Japan and Eric and Spirit’s warning ..oh dear I was hoping the whisperings of another tsunami for them were just my imagination …
    As always prayers love and light to Japan and may many recieve warning and reach high ground in time ..
    blessings you two 😇

    • Rhona, I really like that Spirit Guide of yours. Saying Thank you to Eric and his Spirits. Pretty awesome. The Japan EQ actually matches a reading Eric gave when he spoke about my son there. I think I mentioned it to you. I relistened to my recording of it. Maybe we can narrow done the area somehow. I wish more people paid attention to what’s going on in the world right now. Blessings

      • Jules104,
        People are listening…maybe not all …just the ones that are awakening..
        We are very fortunate to have Eric and spirit’s guidance during this period…
        I know I do..appreciate it
        And yes let’s try to help determine..where
        .how about let’s see if the three of us can synch on North, South ,East or ,West
        Of Tokyo or which Island? You decide.. Let’s narrow it down…
        P.s. Singer is a treasure…

      • Star48, I agree. Feeling really, really blessed to have Eric and Spirit’s guidance. I can’t even imagine having my head in the sand right now. Yes let’s get our synching going. 😇😉. It would be wonderful to be able to get a direct area to warn people about. If nothing else they could be alert and have a plan. Blessings

      • jules 104 the article on 1700
        wow that sets the old mind ticking
        wonder ..though Eric and spirit didnt mention PNW Cascadia ..
        so it seems they are o.k. for now and the Japan quake will be triggered by local subduction of the clay slip …probably around sendai again that seems where most of the movement in last month or so have been …and maybe some of the Alaska movememt of late is transferring. .you know along Aluesians …
        Im really sad to hear Japan will suffer again …
        yes Jules maybe if you could listen and see if you get any clues from your reading with Eric ..let us know
        Your lucky to be able to easily have a reading with Eric and Spirit …one day I might be able to set up an account to make it easier for me guide waves 👋 and respects Erics work and is excited at what we all do here …😉😊…
        blessings Jules And hugs 💐💖

      • Rhona I think we are already synching. That is the same area I was thinking about. It makes me really sad also. I can’t watch the retakes of their last tsunami. It’s just that inevitable feeling of death and you can’t change any of it. It’s just horrible. I wish there were better warning systems for EQs and tsunamis. One of these days there will be. I will be paying close attention. Also, did you notice South America has been getting hit with numerous 5s today. Thanks for the extra hugs. Ditto. 🤗🙏🏻

  40. Jules 104 me too I cant watch …sanme as achet sumatra …
    Stars idea of the 3 of us seeing if we can hone in on nth est or wst is a great thought ..i have asked singer to give a song relating to the direction hope he finds one I pick up on ..I will put my aerial up

    Its so imperitive and he never fails me would be me missing it …

    yes I did notice sth America getting hit with those 5s .Dutch himted at that too ..yes?
    Well Jules all we can do now is pray send love light and compassion …maybe Mother earth wont be so violent in the cleansing if we do ..and we can negate some of that dross .
    loving thoughts 😙💖 to you and yours

    • Rhona yes, Star48s idea of directional is wonderful. I think that would be great if a Singer gave you a song also. I know it’s coming. 🎼. 👀👂🏼 And if Eric gets more clarity from Spirit we can get the word out. Also just and FYI, not sure if you saw it but there was a woman from the village in Italy on BBC last night who gave mention to dutch’s forecasting and how the Mayor and the town had a meeting on what to do etc before the EQ, based on that. I really feel the Spirit world and the sciences should work together. Like it’s just a normal every day thing and not such a taboo as viewed by some. Imagine the accomplishments with making the world a better place. Someday maybe right? Will be sending prayers of love light and compassion for a calm shifting from Mother Earth. Blessings

  41. Star 48 no reply box
    as I said to Jules ..yes great thought you had of directional flag
    Singer is a treasure and 🎶🎸gives you melodic music …
    sleep well 😴

  42. Star 48 i have also noted the swarm around Niland CA 30 odd miles from Salton sea ..theres been several last 3 hrs or so ..keeping watch ..

    • Star 48
      Im totally excited about all these products …the new world will be so much more energy friendly …loving it …

    • Star 48 got goose bumps …when i read your marriage date …hapy you stayed friends thats how little elvis ‘s mum and her ex are its so much more comforting for all ..even her new partner are friends with him ..but they are great guys natures gentlemen ..its her new partner that teaches him guitar even though my sons play too …

  43. Star 48 Technology is a two edged sword ..😆😯…It can have its draw backs ..frustrations and not so user friendly at times ..but im sure solar panels are glitch free ..😂

  44. Jules 104 Star 48
    wyalcatchem again just outside of perth …2m depth 10km
    hmm that two in two days ..nothing to write home about but interesting …

      • Jules 104 thanks for early birthday wish ..i did answer last trick or treat one but disappeared it seems .yep we had a great trick or treat last night too …happy Halloween you two 🎃🎃🎃

  45. Star 48 Jules 104 …Japan this quake has occured in an area south of sendai by 300 odd km …its an area i noticed most of the quakes have been happening there over last month …
    so it could be a watch zone for december …its several miles in Japan trench and several miles oceanic of Tokyo ….
    blessings ..enjoy your day im off to bed …😴😴

    • Hi Rhona. I agree. There was even a mention by Dutch a week or so back on that area. I would think that could create a tsunami going into the Tokyo area. I wonder…

      • Rhona this is what I looked up this am. It was the Boso triple trench junction. The only example of a triple trench in the world. That’s kind of weird we came upon the same thing today. But I guess not if googling tsunami in Tokyo right? Hope and pray not. That would be really devastating for Japan.

  46. Star 48 Jules 104
    Argentina has had 2 one at 246 deeeep 4.5 m
    one at 208 deeep 4.6m
    they are very close to Chilli boarder and we know how interconected these quakes can be between these two countries …
    probably as dutch would say a m2 higher and shallower in next couple days

    • I’ve been watching those also Rhona. It’s almost been so busy today can’t keep up. The magnitudes are increasing I think. Not sure where the next bigger one will be. I feel N CA is coming soon. I’m worried there’s going to be a lot more countries getting hit with bigger EQs though.

    • star 48 oh that is not a surprise to us is it 😯Finally we get them warning hundreds of thousands ..
      remember Dino Martin from singer
      Little Ole Wine drinker Me
      He was adament Rome and Italy for big quake and He mentioned Central heaps ..I thought it was Central CA but I think he meant Italy ..
      I will post any new Italian Flags
      Thanks for link it helps alot in confirmations ..for my own development as well as a warning aid …😐wish it was a smile but you know difficult when you feel it coming but trying ..😊

  47. Jules104,Rhona
    I have Been off and on monitoring this site I wanted to share with you this piece..
    They are legitimate..
    This is rather an eye opener.
    When you hear military jargon…dumb… It stands for ( underground miitary bases)

    Some satellite observances…have patience with Pattie B.
    Ex CIA…and other ops background..
    They are on skype recording with 3 people on.the thee are witnessing as well as contributing.
    I would be interested in what nuggets you catch..I know my mouth dropped a couple of times..

    • Star48, what in the world? I haven’t finished but explain to me who these two guys are and who do they work for? And do they understand that they are being recorded? Say what? Are you kidding me? Blasted the granite dome off Yellowstone? And underground river of magma, and then some! Explain in simple terms Star48 what’s going on here please. Are you sure they are legitimate? And I thought it couldn’t get worse. Ugh. We need to move to Australia! Argh. What a mess.

      • Jules 104 come on over mate no worries here at present 😆😆😄your always welcome ..
        Little bit of Australian lingo for you there Jules ..

      • Thanks Rhona! Oh I know that lingo. My 21 year olds favorite show when she was little was no other than, “The Crocodile Hunter”. I’d take her out and she’d be talking in your lingo until I got her home. People thought she was really from Australia! And I mean she was young. I couldn’t get her to stop. Oh well why bother. Maybe in another life right? After a while I just got use to it. Just horrible what happened to Steve Irwin though. I felt so bad for his wife and daughter.
        On another note, my daughter pointed out there was an we of the Oregon Coast up by Astoria. The further most western tip of Oregon. Haven’t seen any up there ever. Here’s the link.

    • I’m at 40:06 on the video Star48. Holy molten Mississippi River of magma! I got to go to bed but will be inquiring tomorrow. This is bad if it’s legitimate. And it does look that way the more you watch. Who has this prediction, Edgar Cayce? This US split in half?

    • Star 48 what the hec is going on in your beautiful country …
      They need Dutch …of corse is there was a blast at yellowstone we know it can affect hundreds even thousands of miles awat …
      the water being sucked out of lake ..
      the fissure and Mississippi river
      Delta flag …
      my mind is racing ..holy molly this was like a bomb in itself ..
      I dont doubt the magma or the fissure …
      Its just all so hard to cognise …Kansas ..major crustle seperation
      Cedar Rapids souix Falls these are all places we have bantered …
      the tunnel map is off the planet for goodness sake …
      even Cedar Rapids Iowa….
      I like the take the guy said its not going to blow I sort of agree with release of pressure goung on ..
      Here is hoping mother earth knows how to deal with all this ..
      seriously im gobsmacked …
      Deep Underground Military Base does not surprise me ..
      Oddly neither does Teletransportation …a few mysteries could be solved like lakes draining .
      The moaning and groaning thats been reported ..myserious sounds ..bangs etc ….
      Im actually hoping they are full of
      Yeah well what else can you say to all of that but God help us ..God help America if its a real deal piece .thanks for the info !😕😊

      • Rhonda I was thinking the same thing. That would explain a lot of things. But like you, I hope they are full of it. Ugh.

    • Here’s dutches 11/01, 10:00 pm link. The whole thing is informative. First Italy moved 70cm. Now possible blockage. Then he gets into CA and looking for the EQs off the N CA coast still. I think it’s going to just keep increasing into Eric’s prediction happening. I sure wish the scientific community and people like Eric and his Spirits worked together and it was just normal. 😏 Maybe someday.

      • Jules104. Dutch… Just got a big boost…
        A man went on major radio and talked about Dutch.. It is even mentioned that fewer people were hurt because of some awareness..
        The man was also interviewed by BBC (about Dutch)

        I was thinking we should try to do that for Eric!
        No one has thought of major radio (eg coast to coast)or TV..?

      • Star48, Rhona. I was the nicest by the same thing. My daughter asked why isn’t he on a major cable tv news channel. I don’t know how you’d do that though. Great thoughts Star48. Now to make it happen! Blessings.

    • Star 48 bless his heart and there is an Italian song playing Alalouya
      as I type …😆😆😆😆
      thanking singer …for that song …
      I think I spelled it wrong ..That is great news for Dutch and Italian audiences ..well recieved ..
      have a comfy night 😴

    • Thanks Star48, I love that he’s getting recognized for all his hard work and dedication here. He got a mention from a British lady on BBC the other night also.

  48. Star 48 jules 104
    Thanks for Dutch link Jules ..
    I feel like I have just had an amazing siesmic geology lesson .
    You will never guess ..When Dutch was doing the Plate boundary movement section for Italy Singer piped in at that exact moment with
    Dean Martin …amazing ….when he was talking about mountains moving …so I would say confirming
    as absolute dutch’s advise for that area ….just going to listen to link you provided now Star …

    side note noticed deep earthquakes off NZ north east coast maybe that change in higher mag for around there as he noted will change the forecast
    slightly …

    Also feel must mention Antofogasta
    Chilli as a intuitive thought given Apennine fault
    El Aguilar Argentina 4.6m 208deep
    and San Pedro Chilli 5.1m 119depth
    358ml distance between these two and 237ml from Antofogasta ..
    thinking higher shallower one given past history of connection between these two areas …
    we will c ..just a hunch …

    • Hi Rhona. That’s funny that Singer piped in with Dean Martin. I’d say Dutch is correct also. There is so much going on right now it’s amazing. I always feel like I learn so much when I watch the videos also. It’s hard sometimes to keep up with it all… but I try. 😉
      Well I know to listen when you get a hunch Rhona so will be watching for the Antofagasta, Chile area. I was wondering earlier about Japan and whether or not a big eq over there could set off a tsunami towards South America. Now that you are bringing up Chile I will take a look. I’m thinking it’s happened before. Pretty sure. Hmm it’s ringing bells. 🛎🛎🛎

      • Star48, Rhona. I agree that is wonderful for dutch! He has come a long way. I hope other scientist will take a look at his work and learn from it. The text books will need to be rewritten one of these days and I have a feeling he may be in a few. Blessings You Two. Yes Hallelujah! 🌟💫

    • Rhona. They have been doing that type of thing a lot lately. Right what’s going on? It sounds really immature but they do seem to coincide a lot of times with an area where Dutch is forecasting for an EQ. And he can’t make accurate forecasts without all of the info. And it’s happening over here off the coast of PNW a bunch. That’s pretty crazy. What? They don’t want to save lives? It seems they are having a really hard time letting go of their egos and old science. 😏

    • Thanks for the heads up Rhona. There’s a lot going on down there. I need to watch the 10pm update. Fell asleep. Ha! I’m imagining news channels with daily updates from people like Eric and Dutch. Now for the real important news right? Too much politics. I’d say I’ll be happy when this election is over but I have a feeling it’s not going to be over even after the 8th. Ugh. Really though, we need news that’s going to make a difference in a real way for most every day people.

      • Jules104, with all the action going on ugh..
        1 the count of EQ today is low 17 over 2,5
        Which means ….bigger ones REAL soon..
        2. The solar stream. Still going on…not Good to have that long of impact on shield..
        3. The restlessness is back..for me .( terror attack)
        4. Election…too much violence on both sides..
        I have never in my almost 50 years of voting..since the like…NEVER..
        It is like the veil has been ripped off of the political process…as well as its interactions have been exposed in its truth…I shudder…
        I am so thankful my instincts not to run..when I was vetted..was the correct one….
        I had earlier– had my refusal, refused..haha..
        I know my jaw dropped ..when they would not accept it..
        (I actually pretended to be the antithesis of what they were “looking for”)
        Whew close call.

      • Star48, Wow I’d say you made the perfect decision. I agree, maybe have not been around as long as you but this election year has been just…disgusting? Not sure what the corrrect word is. Probably needs many words. lol. I have been getting that feeling of there being a big EQ somewhere real soon like. And been watching for the whole Nazi movement to get much worse here in America. It’s going to be an us against all of those people who don’t look or think just like us. Which includes many. The 8th should be interesting. I feel like this is the Hunger Games in a way. I want our process system overhauled so it actually works for the people. May be a while I suppose. Anyway, glad you didn’t sell out to the dark side. Teehee. Blessings Star48

    • Yes that seems quite odd Star48. Did they not put this info out last year? It’s almost as if they know something is about to occur so need to cover their bases now. Hm.

    • Star48, Rhona. This starts out pretty quick right after camera fix. I personally feel like this is getting a bit scarey with agencies not reporting big EQs now. And I guess they could say well we don’t want people to panic (in Italy?). But give me a break. Are they not interested in saving lives? That I guess is obvious. God forbid, people may not show up for work because they don’t want to be caught in a big EQs?? I am so tired of how messed up our society’s priorities have become. I know it’s not going to stay this way. But it doesn’t make it any less frustrating right now. Here’s the link showing once again big EQs not being reported.

      • Star 48 Jules 104
        Not reporting earthquakes constitutes unconscionable act …
        Tourist may decide not to travel to an area that has been struck by reasonable size quakes if it seems risky ..they need to be able to make an informed decision ..
        If there is no info no headsup..
        yes local feeds report but international travelers need to know
        In my view when International seizmic teporting Agencies became public they took on a resposibility. .Its a matter of time before they are held responsible
        for not warning travellers …
        thats just my take on it ..
        I mean a 6.oo m in China not reported …
        Hope dutch does get that book out ..
        would love it if he added followers stories of his warnings they headed …would give an interesting personal slant to his service to humanity …
        side note
        Indonesia Philippines deep quakes
        as dutch would point out may travel west …
        hold on Italy its on its way ..
        Chile too …
        One day as you say Jules they may work together ..
        Star thanks for magnetic shield link ..
        hoping its a natural phenominum that nature knows how to deal with …raises many concerns though …
        Star 48 I too Am glad as Jules said gkad you didnt sell out to dark side 😆hehe ..
        we wouldnt have met here as SWC
        no Star no coined group name
        your exactly where your meant to be ..😊
        have a peaceful night you two

      • Rhonda, Star48. Dutch did mention that maybe he should just try and get a computer tech involved and do it himself. I think that’s a wonderful idea. Yes a book should be interesting. Eric needs a book also. I wonder if he’s thought of that before. I dont know when he even has time to sleep though let alone write a book. 😳
        Exactly right Rhona. So glad you decided to stay far away from the circus tent of politics Star48. So glad you are here on Eric’s site and part of the SWC! Blessings You Two

  49. Rhona,Jules104,
    The 5’s are here…Indonesia,NZ,Philipines,China,Chile..
    Watch for the “big ones” coming soon to areas on your and Dutch watchlist.

    • Thanks for the link Star48. I wouldn’t doubt if they have planned attacks during that time frame. The counterterrorism units must have their hands full right now. I sure hope they can be foiled if so.

    • star48 Texas…New York and Virginia as possible targets … Here is hoping they are extra vigilant and can thwart attacks but depends on type of attack. ….prayers love and light to these States …start of Erics predictions maybe …

    • Rhona, I saw the Antofagasta area got hit. Thought of what you said. You got that right! The plates are definetly getting a lot of movement, pressure coming up. There’s a lot to keep watch for. It just seems the whole globe is shifting now. 😧

    • Rhona,jules104
      Your picking up the new stage ….so many deep EQ’s are teeing up bigger shallower damaging EQ…

      Side note…
      Mexican Ministry of the Interior issues yellow alert issued for the Popocatépetl volcano for activity over last 24 hours – @LUISFELIPE_P

    • Rhona thanks. I’ve been gone to see my daughter at University all day. Feel so out of the loop now. lol. But had a great time visiting with her. Shwoooee! Think I like my quiet life. Definetly not young anymore. 😳😵😴. Saw Oklahoma had a 5.3 then up in NJ/NY a 2.0 I think. Got to catch up I guess. Oh and Western Australia got hit with a fairly large EQ. Hope that’s all. Blessings.

    • Rhona got it. Mine did that also once. Thanks for those updates. Well Dutch is worried about Japan getting a bigger one right now also, so I sure hope it’s not that big. That would be bad if a tsunami went into Tokyo Bay. A tsunami anywhere would be bad actually. Hope your day is sunny.

  50. Star 48 Jules 104
    third attempt to post
    Sumatra 5.4m depth 90km

    looks like west Aust coast one did resound off coast of Sumatra ..

    • oh sorry didnt post it didnt post first one till after last one
      excuse multiple posts if they turn up 😊

      • Rhona,
        No problem…maybe we should start shopping for another thread.? If you are having problems?

      • Rhona,
        whew..every post I checked is getting a lot more traffic..( which is good!)
        The only one I found with only 1 comment is 9-1-16

        I do not want to bombard multiple persons So!🙄 If you can find another one let me know.

      • Jules 104 yes they say on this link though the report is April …with recent quakes documented …
        ” unusal but not alarming
        ..😐…so They would probably say same now …Its still magna movement though …worth noting …

    • Rhona,Jules104,
      I think that is the only thread I could find that had only one comment…
      It fits into the model of not overwhelming someone in box! Hehehe..
      So you have had the problems of posting…I will let you pull the trigger. When you need to switch over..
      (Funny some threads we have had over 400.coments.)

  51. sorry Star 48 I thought Jules posted suggestion for thead …yeah meet you two there ..
    Jules we are going to
    9-1-16 switching over …😆😆😆


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