Predictions 9-3-16

A plane event is coming..

I had a visual of people wearing ski mask likes planning sinister acts.

Violence arrives in France… the young.

As we discuss many things the one focus we need is ‘disease’ as that will become a major issue for humanity in the not so distant future.

One massive earthquake is coming, they implied the US and they marked September. The expected size is 7.5 and the timeframe marked is 9:29. We need to narrow down the location to a city or region.

I had a visual of a blue train rolling down the tracks, suddenly I felt a panic as it moved away.

“In 1 minute.. In 8  minutes” We are expecting a prediction Sunday the 4th or Monday the 5th

We plan to ask Spirit for more detail here. We need more specific locations. Is the plane situation new or are they referring to the old prediction? Many of you are asking about the old predictions, specifically the terror attack and the third storm to strike the US. I want you to know they are still a major focus of ours. The plan is to focus on what’s coming ‘next’ and I am asking the Spirits to focus on next week with a maximum time frame of one month. So as we draw closer to the events that we already warned you about we will ramp up our determination to alter those events. So expect a bit of repetition here. There is also a dialogue of how exactly we plan to alter the future, what is your role? What is my role? Now more than ever they are planning to push hard on altering the future through awareness and we will be asking all of you to join us in conquering that future and altering tomorrows tragedy.

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  1. Eric You receive all these disaster predictions. Gloom and doom. To be sure, prayers to avert are needed. Can you also ask for “Positive” things that are “in the works” that could use a “prayerful push” to assist in manifestation?

    1. Eventually they do have plans to share their knowledge that should help humanity or keep them informed, but I am not expecting it right now, I believe we might have to wait for that a bit.

    1. I was asking about the threat to ISIS and they said that the real threat of the future in the coming years won’t be terrorist but ‘Diseases.’ Something for the most part we have pushed away from in the 21st century.

      1. Then it seems that they literally mean disease as in sickness. This makes sense to some degree as the characteristics of the Grand Solar Minimum is a climate change that will induce more natural disasters globally. Haiti, after the earthquake was awash in cholera.

      2. Happy end of summer!
        Te disease. :
        A friend off mine visiting from spain
        told me there is an outbreak of
        something called CCHF that is spreading
        It is some type of hemhorragic fever which
        causes flu like symptoms with internal
        bleeding. Not sure if this is something related
        to disease reference…

  2. G20 Summitt. It would be great if russia gives islands back to japan which might start a trend. Japan russia never signed peace treaty for world war 2. Falkland islands returned to Argentina. China walks away from stupid island dispute as other countries also own the waters. Might start a trend. Words and actions. Two different things. Might give middle east a push. Look at us. You have to lead by example. Walk the walk.

    1. Please stop with the sarcasm. You’re not even use that verse in the right context. I highly doubt you have even read a single chapter of Mark.

      1. Okay, let’s all please take a breath here…we’re all on the same side; we all want these bad things to stop happening. We’re all looking for answers however we can, whether it’s bible verses or predictions or whatever.

      2. just for you. Your passing thru water it seems.”everything that can stand the fire, you shall pass through the fire, and it shall be clean, but it shall be purified with water for impurity. But whatever cannot stand the fire you shall pass through the water.
        And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by hell.

    2. You’re right, Sara. Anthony isn’t for that though. 99% of his comments are either trolling of meant to incite malice.

  3. As I said in another prediction, We had an earthquake at Pawnee, Oklahoma at 7 AM central. It was 5.6 and was 6 k down. I actually felt it, and I live just southeast of Tulsa.

  4. hope you and yours are OK Elaine. With regards to the US earthquake prediction – Since 9/29 refers to the time (are we sure?) is there any chance of a date?

    1. A 5.6 wow! They are lucky nothing bad happened. Not a whole lot of coverage though as this is quite a rare occurrence.

  5. The earthquake. Can you ask Spirit if the earthquake will be near Seattle Washington?
    Thank you.

  6. Dear Eric,
    You have written about similar September 11 attacks in one of your post, this would mean multiple planes. You stayed again the use of planes. Lock down in airport etc.
    San Diego has a air show coming. What are you thinking about New York City? I have a question that has bothered me for a long time ,
    The Malaysian airliner that disappeared . Who some have said they found pieces but could never be verified. They thought it was and then the media dropped it as quick as they claimed they thought they found pieces. I never felt this in the ocean. What are your thoughts!? I felt this could have been a planned disappearance . Possibly planned and the plane used for a future attack. It just never made sense to me. I would be interested on your thoughts about this., And if you feel New York is a target still ?

    1. There are predictions that talk about an explosion in NY/NJ and a gun attack, but not much about a plane, however we still have not located where the hijacked plane will unfold at.

  7. Eric, do you have any idea which prediction you’re expecting the 4th or 5th?

  8. “In 1 minute.. In 8 minutes”, Could the 8 represent in 8 days which would make it 9/11. Could this be a possible connection? From your Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack
    Posted on April 28, 2012 by Eric Leigh-Pink
    “In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed. All around the anniversary. –25–. ”
    At the time the “anniversary” was thought to have possibly related to the Golden Gate anniversary, but could it be related to the 9/11 anniversary? Also, Isis did recently release that video with Golden Gate Bridge as one of its target.

    FyI, Videos/Photos released by Iran recently,
    11:16am September 2, 2016

    Iran has released a propaganda film in which its citizens destroy a fleet of US naval ships with a tsunami conjured up from song and battle cries.

    The video entitled ‘Steadfastness 2’ was backed by an office linked to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to the Middle East Media Research Centre.

    It begins with a scene of innocence with a girl kissing her doll as she sits patiently aboard a passenger plane as it prepares to take off.
    As children play soccer on a beach the plane flies overhead and is suddenly and dramatically shot down, its shattered ruins plunging into the ocean. . .
    The video was released in the same week tensions between the US and Tehran intensified over a series of close-calls in the Persian Gulf. . .

    Speedboats owned by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were said to have harassed US ships patrolling the Gulf forcing one ship to fire off warning shots. . .

    1. CMT,
      I think you’re onto something. The 9/11 anniversary fits the timeframe and description. In Eric’s predictions minutes normally mean days. It’s obviously one of the most tragic dates in our country’s history and terrorists have threatened to carry out attacks on the anniversary before. I’m very worried about New York and Cali. Hope we can narrow this down.

      1. Just a thought: this year’s Islamic feast of sacrifice (Eid al Adha) falls on September 12th. I’m not saying that there’d be an attack for certain, but since it’s so close to the 9/11 anniversary, maybe some terrorists might be more inclined to do something.

  9. Once the public in the usa understands fracking and that their drilling thru the water aquifers which is life, a major prediction will be diverted.

  10. Hi Eric,
    So many predictions.. I’m a little confused. I believe you said multiple attacks in the U.S. in September, if I remember correctly. Are these seperate or part of the plane predictions?

    1. I believe the plane is separate and not necessarily in the US. The attack on the US is expected between the 20th and 30th of September with the 22/23 marked.

  11. This one is coming up?

    Notes on 11-19-14
    Posted on November 19, 2014
    by Eric Leigh-Pink
    Tell me Spirit one of the biggest events coming up. (I did not expect it to be so far away.)
    “In 24 hours” that would be 2 years
    I had a visual of a great epidemic sweeping across the entire world. It had the makings similar to swine flu; fever, aches, cold symptoms etc, but overly aggressive that there was an unfortunate death toll.  Oddly, homosexuals seem to be more prone to getting the epidemic. Part of me believes that was more about location/city. In the visual towns were shut down, hospitals were full and hysteria ran rampant. Religious fanatics where chanting their usual madness, while charlatans peddled false promises for financial gains. It moved so quickly, from one city to the next. Finally they ended the vision by showing ground zero, a man from Argentina.

    1. Bob,
      I don’t think that’s likely. There was all the hysteria over H1N1 or even Ebola evolving into this huge pandemic, but it never happened. It’s conceivable that there could be another minor outbreak but that prediction is describing an apocalyptic scenario. Parts of the world like Europe come close with the Bubonic Plague in the Middle ages, but that was centuries ago. The best thing people can do is to be cautious when traveling, or to avoid places altogether when there is any reports of outbreaks. I have to admit that the Zika virus has scared me, but they’ve been able to keep it pretty contained, and scientists are working around the clock researching, trying to develop a vaccine.
      Prayers to those who have suffered through it.

      1. Hey Em and Bob,
        A year before Eric predicted this, I had a very similar dream to Eric’s vision of a mass plague. I am a gay guy (as most know on here. lol). I told my closest friends about it back then because the dream kinda shook me up. New England Journal of Medicine just posted there may be a link between Zika and Guillain-Barr’e (a paralyzing virus that can leave adults paralyzed from the waist down…reading about those who have gotten it is horrific). There is an 887% increase in that virus around the time Zika took the stage. So don’t rule out Zika. It takes several years for a vaccine to clear the FDA once it has gone through several years of clinical trials. Cures aren’t just found and immediately distributed. If you start experiencing neck pain and it increases over 10 hours, get to the ER fast if you are in a place prone to Zika.
        Though, I will admit, I think it is something else that will come. A different, more deadly virus. Every century there has been a virus or bacteria that has swept through the world and caused mass death. We, in the medical field are very much aware this this as it is taught in University that mother nature culls populations in all species when a species gets to much for a planet.
        Gonorrhea is getting to the point per WHO, that the antibiotics are no longer working in some countries over this last year. That article was also out this week in the news. Once that becomes a super-bug, husbands and wives won’t wanna cheat anymore, that’s for sure because it can spread very easily via the mouth where HIV cannot as easily. Just something to think about.
        Thanks for always posting your thoughts. We will find a way to curb some of these events together 🙂

      2. That was my thought, Jon blue. The disease could be zika and Gullies Barron’s Sydrome. About 2 or 3 years ago, Eric ‘so predicted of the insect with long legs that may carry wide spread diseases. It was thought to be Ebola but it didn’t make sense with the insect and later it was meant for zika. It’s already invading US and around the world. The funding for Zika are running dry to find a cure. So sad….

    2. Sounds like an airborne pandemic but not sure why homosexuals would be more prone. Could be that a virus hits a heavily homosexually populated area and in reality there is no viable connection. A vector transmission would take more time like the Zika Virus is doing. Cooler weather would help thwart this virus here on the mainland but it remains to be seen if the U.S. will see cooler weather earlier this year. We should start seeing the real results in Puerto Rico very soon, perhaps by November. It would have been about 9 months since the virus took root there. If a lot of babies are born with microcephaly then it’s almost a surety that this virus is a primary contender.

  12. Eric, there was something about some goings on in San Diego or Coronado Island in your prediction. Could the incident today (not sure what it was) out next to Coronado have anything to do about a distraction to something else that could happen?

  13. Eric,
    This is interesting. Today a ton of people have been protesting the refugee camps in France. Seems like no violence, but drivers are threatening to blockade ports which has caused travel disruptions (chaos).

    1. Hey again Em,
      BBC reported a 16 min piece live. They were saying that 90% of that specific refugee camp are men between 16-30. That the refugees were getting somewhat violent with the lorry (truck) drivers over the last month because they were that desperate to cross into Britain. The truck drivers have had enough and that is why the truck drivers and french citizens are protesting. It seems REALLY strange to be that the camp is mostly all men. It does beg the question, are some of these men terrorists hiding among the refugees. It has happened with the recent terrorists in Europe that they were from the refugee pool of people. Just a thought. My concern is finding a way to really make certain each individual seeking asylum has good intentions. I do not, however, know how to make sure that is the case.

      1. Hey Jon,
        Yeah, it’s a really difficult situation. It’s horrible that millions of have been displaced, and most of them are good people. They’ve suffered at the hands of ISIS too. Thousands of women and children are being used in sexual slavery by those monsters. It also does make me angry that there are so many men coming alone. It makes you think about their families they probably left behind.
        And yes, it’s probable that some of those men could be a part of terror cells, like we’ve seen in the horrific attacks in France and Belgium.
        Unfortunately, European countries are going to be hit with more and more attacks because of their reckless open door policies. Terrorists are coming in unchecked like crazy. I’m praying that Hilary Clinton doesn’t become president. She is essentially inviting ISIS into our country with her immigration plans.
        I really do hope and pray that our country can help the right people, especially all the families. However, if our leadership doesn’t change or improve, the wrong people will come in and there will be more attacks on our country.

  14. Eric, SWC,
    British Airways…
    Also Mexico…US..( monitoring..still unfolding)
    System outage…
    Photo: Customers wait in line at British Airways check-in counter at San Francisco airport as officials deal with system outage – @akintsy

  15. Eric,
    Train accident 190 people on board..Metrolink.

    Authorities: Nearly 190 passengers on board Metrolink train that struck box truck in Sun Valley, Los Angeles; authorities assessing injuries – Los Angeles Times

    1. Hi star48
      Hi mary
      Star48 you are always right on it!!
      I had headaches last week and week before
      that were unbearable. Thursday to saturday/dunday
      both times. Sweatung. Fever. Chills but no
      flu. Exhausted but couldnt sleep. Dropping
      things all over the place. I think your
      reference explains it
      Hey mary. What about u?

    2. And also. A friend of mine, Psychic reader for many years Older from
      totally different geographic region told me yesterday
      same symptoms. Feels like flu but isnt
      She had had for nearly two weeks

  16. Eric,
    Update #4 Spain…190-220 people being monitored.

    For Crimea- Congo Hemorragic Fever

    Excerpt.”.The 2 cases under investigation are [a woman] who visited a town in Avila, in the vicinity of Solosancho [Castile and Leon], along with her husband, and who said they had been exposed to contact with ticks. This is a different region of Avila from that visited by the only fatal case. The other case, also a woman, is a health professional at the Central Clinical Laboratory of the Community of Madrid, located in the Infanta Sofia Hospital of San Sebastian de los Reyes, who has “symptoms consistent with the disease” and “had contact with the affected patients.” Both remain in “stable” condition. The 2 women were taken to hospitals in mobile ICU units of Summa 112 [Madrid Medical Emergency Service] “keeping the isolation protocols and measures in place in these cases,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement, which is awaiting the results of the samples from both patients which have been sent to national center for microbiology to determine the pathology. A “strictly preventive” regime of the Ministry of Health in Madrid has been put in place for people who were in contact with the deceased and the nurse who was infected has been expanded from 190 to 282 people. In Catalonia, 2 technicians who handled the blood samples from the deceased person and forwarded them to different laboratories when trying to determine what illness the patient was suffering from, are also under surveillance.”

    1. Ok. This is creepy.. In 1880 a blind
      visionary was given images of a viral
      plague that would spread quickly that would
      elude modern science Sounds a little hinky but she was
      given a cure….
      “My children, here is the ONLY remedy which could save you. You are familiar with the Hawthorn which grows practically in all hedges. The leaves of the Hawthorn, not the wood, can arrest the progress of this disease. You will gather the leaves, not the wood. Even dry, they will keep their efficacy. You will put them into boiling water and leave them there for 14 minutes, covering the receptacle so that the steam remains therein. At the onset of this disease, one must use this remedy three times a day.”
      What is odd to me (i work in a lab) is that some
      not all symptoms are similar to hemhorragic fever..

  17. A police helicopter in Mexico was downed by criminals killing all on board. Plane prediction perhaps?

      1. Tot, thx,
        For information..this is one if numerous airports..
        LAX, SFO, PHX, LHR, …this past 2 weeks…

    1. Star,
      The ones at LAX and JFK a while ago were false alarms. People thought there were active shooters both times. I’m glad they are taking security so seriously thought. I’m taking multiple flights and going out of the country at the end of the year, which is scary enough since I hate flying. Praying no attacks happen.

  18. Eric, over a hundred…
    A ‘technical hitch’ has been blamed for leaving passengers stuck on British Airways’ i360 observation tower in Brighton, England – BBC

  19. Eric, SWC,

    15:15– update from Israeli Times..
    London police foil ‘significant’ Islamic State attack
    The London Metropolitan police foiled a “significant” suspected Islamic State attack in the UK and arrested two suspects, the Standard reports.

    The two men, aged 19 and 20, from London allegedly planned terror attacks, funded terrorism and failure to disclose information concerning a terror attack.

    1. Thanks Star. It makes sense that a stronger gravitational pull on the water could possibly push on the earth and set areas of plates off balance resulting in a large EQ instead of just releasing pressure resulting in a smaller quake. The next full moon is Friday the 16th and it is a lunar eclipse (the less dramatic Penumbra eclipse). That crazy moon! I know I’m “off” balance during a spring tide.

  20. The plane event has me bugged today for some reason. I found 2 flights today, one for British Air flight 69 a 777-200 from London to Philidelphia (Penn?) and for a UPS (brown?) flight 777 Kansas City to Chicago 2 years ago tomorrow this prediction was posted

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