Notes on 9-16-14

I had a visual of a ship in the water then a massive explosion destroyed the ship.

I had a visual of several Europeans looking at a screen of the TV and then they bursted out with cheers.

I asked: Is the terror attack happening soon, we are already wrong on our timing? I had a visual of people screaming while I looked at a mans name tag on a brown uniform. The tag showed 3 crescent moons back to back.

I had a visual of a large downtown city that looked like New York, the ground was completely covered in water, no sidewalks or roads were visible. “The northeast will be hit.”

Eric’s Comments: I actually went outside to look at the moon which was crescent. Are they saying 3 days, or the first 3 crescent moons? Or is this symbolic to a name of some kind? Fire and explosions could be symbolic to destruction or loss, however the explosion was massive and shocked me while it happened. I have to assume with the Europeans we are talking about Scotland’s independence, but it does not say who wins. I will be asking tonight for clarity on whether Scotland wins its independence.


87 thoughts on “Notes on 9-16-14

    1. They never said Hurricane, but it is a massive storm/flooding. Even though it looked like New York they only said the Northeast. But my guess would be a hurricane that reaches the northeast coast causing flooding. But keep in mind their overwhelming concern is the south, Florida area.

  1. Eric, do you think the New York vision is literally water, like in the case of a hurricane?

    Hi Eric. Please check out this link having to due with the “Wolfsangel” symbols. One is a heraldic patch with three crescent moons back to back. If you scroll down you will see the heraldic symbols. They were commonly used by the Nazis. This brings to mind the howling wolf prediction you had recently. Could this recent prediction have anything to do with this symbol?

    1. Here is the meaning. nothing surprises me anymore. The Wolfsangel (“wolf-hook”; German pronunciation: [ˈvɔlfsˌʔaŋəl]) is a German term for certain heraldic charges. It represents a stylized wolf-hook, a German wolf-hunting device. A wolf-hook is used in a similar way as a fishing hook: it is attached on a chain which is anchored to a tree or similar stout object, and a bait is put on the hook. When the wolf eats the bait, it swallows the hook. The chain prevents the wolf from escaping, and it can be killed at will.

    2. I will take a look. What I failed to explain, and I will explain it the next time I post, is that they use to use the moon as a timetable for events but we stopped using it because we thought it would be confusing to the reader. They might just be pointing to another timeline. If that the case it would really fall in the next day or two.

        Here is a good moon phase calendar link. You can put in different months, hemispheres etc, and it shows you all the pics of the moon phases. I was actually trying to figure out if that was associated somehow with their patterns of time periods for predictions when you asked people to see if anyone could figure it out previously. Maybe it is that “simplest answer” you always talk about.

  3. Eric, a brown uniform is worn by United Postal Service. could what was shown to you indicate mail or a delivery of some kind?

      1. My immediate thoughts were a UPS delivery of a package laced with sickness. Like back in the days of terrorists sending Anthrax, only this time maybe Ebola or tainted vials of vaccine? The three crescent moons representing the biohazard symbol when placed back to back. Delivered packages will happen also in three locations or during the all three crescent moons. You mentioned Spirit tries to be obvious. This was as obvious as I could think. Does that maybe make sense?

        1. That could be, I will add that before there odd riddles of minutes and hours to describe time they used the cycles of the moon to describe when something would happen. Right now we are in a crescent moon cycle that ends around Monday, also if we are to follow just three crescent moons, it would take us to sometime around Friday-Saturday.

  4. Eric,
    is there any Navy presence in NY at this time? Could they target a ship?
    I am hoping I am wrong.,they could post for Times Square to have everyone focused on that
    and pick another target.,
    If it was big enough it could flood..depending on the location..
    Can you ask..?

  5. Hi just wanted to share that Marines
    Will soon be changing there green cammies to woodland which are brown. They do this with the change of the season.
    Not sure if the other branches also do this but maybe it could help
    With a time line.

  6. Eric,
    In this prediction you see a name tag that showed 3 crescent moons back to back. No name, just the moons??
    When you ask are they saying 3 days or the 1st 3 crescent moons? -I decipher this as 3 crescent moons. The reason I say this is because you stated ” they were back to back” ???? Just my thought process and thought I would throw this out there…
    And Thanks Eric and Spirit, your community of loving followers have grown so emensily over the last year… Great to see and read such positive heartfelt sharing… Kudos to all who contribute! A beautiful Community to be a part of. Thank You!
    With Gratitude and Blessings to all.

  7. Eric, this is what I found Crescent moon god Sin monument found in Israel.
    I really think it is the simplest UPS. However the marine change of color of uniform to woodland , could be a signpost for the ship., I usually don’t get a feeling of dread, I had a dream, not a vision.
    Of a war admiral trying to connect with me..
    So I will be watchful.
    For anyone who is interested in the newly unearthed Moon structure (pre-pyramids )

  8. “Al Qaeda’s South Asia wing has claimed responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and trying to use it to fire rockets at U.S. vessels in the Arabian Sea, in the first major assault by the newly created group” “These mujahideen had taken control of the Pakistani ship, and they were advancing towards the American fleet when the Pakistani army stopped them,” he said..

    1. Jules 104,
      I wonder if there are more than 2 subtle meanings to the 3 moons back to back.(bio/timing/
      I wonder if there are going to have coordinated attacks in different locations(countries) to show their reach. Also to show their solidarity..
      The posting about Australia.. They received”orders” to do random Public killings as show..
      Maybe that is why spirit said it 3 times..calling on lone wolfs..
      What are your thoughts? Collusion ?

      1. Hi Star48. That was exactly my thoughts when I was watching the news lastnight and then read the article you added. Their main objective is to show how “big” they are and to instill fear. When I saw lastnight that Australian Authorities were not saying what the terrorists plan of attack on the public involved…I knew right away it had to be a beheading. And now it’s been confirmed on the news this am. The media has been putting out there for the last month how frightened people are due to the gruesome work of beheadings etc. As if we are all “shaking in our boots!” And so that is most likely what the terrorists will use as a fear tactic on others now. It doesn’t make me frightened, it just helps me to realize how “sick” these individuals really are. I do find the three crescent moons could actually have multiple meanings. Perhaps used for an actual time period and a bio hazard situation. I am feeling it could be a multiple planned attack that will happen very soon now if it isn’t, “put on ice”. I only pray that some, if not all, will be foiled. Do you think perhaps because there is “chatter” from sites that have good intentions as this one does, the authorities could be listening/paying attention/being given a heads up? I have alerted the CIA/FBI/Homeland Security to pay attention to Eric’s Spirits messages and his site numerous times. My family just laughs at me but who knows, right? I figure they need all the help they can get! Ironically enough, some of my family is flying in from Florida today with a Flight number of #333. Spirits message to pay attention? I will just be happy if all is quiet, and people say, “Oh that prediction never happened!” Peace and Blessings to You and that they finish your house soon!

      2. My thought is timing, the crescent moon starts on Wednesday and ends on Monday-Tuesday, they use to use the moon for timing and they might be reverting back to their old ways.

  9. Eric,
    the 22 nd is the equinox.— 24-26 Sundown to sundown is the high holiday Rosh Hashanan.
    Many aspects.. The eclipse effect comes in waves before and after..not just on that moment.
    It’s the 3rd of the tetrad.

    1. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not. Seems awfully strange right after that possible UPS uniform prediction.

      1. Jules104,
        my thoughts exactly. In one more “coincidence” today a report is released that The same toxin was located in “uncontrolled areas” . The timing is strange. As you know ,Bio information is scare at best. Maybe it is important, maybe not.
        Your the one that wanted me not to filter the information ;). If that changes,tell me..
        Still in limbo., Blessings.

          1. Hi Eric, Star48. I hope Spirit can give you some more info and we can stop any bio/terrorist attack if they are planning one. I have a feeling the spiders out there are going to be feeling a desperation and want to hold on to their control over others through fear and blood shed, especially since this coalition force was formed and began an assault against them. They feed off of that feeling of power over others I think. It’s all about them and nothing about God. Blessings to You Both.

        1. Yes keep sending that info you find. It’s like you know in your gut it fits some how but just can’t see it yet. Like fitting a jigsaw together sometimes. And if nothing ever comes of it…well the site is no worse off for it I think.

  10. Eric could the brown uniform be a UPS impersonator who rings the door bell of a private home or company, gains entry to commit a gruesome attack, which they film and put it online to instill fear just like the terrorist were planning to do in Norway last summer and possibly in Australia recently? Maximum fear but cheaply done.

        1. Eric,
          I did not think that this fulfilled what spirit forwarned. I think it could be in preparation .
          Having it broken could be a heads up to timing.
          There could be more than I shipment, or country.

      1. Jules104, I saw the article as a “good news/bad news” Good news this attempt was foiled.
        The bad news it proves that ISIS has bio material, to use…

  11. I had a visual of a large downtown city that looked like New York, the ground was completely covered in water, no sidewalks or roads were visible. “The northeast will be hit.

    There is a huge protest going on right now near Wall Street about Climate Change and its called ” FLOODING WALL STREET” It could mean this protest turns into something bigger similar to OWS.

      1. Eric, you are right ,
        not a good fit.,I don’t know what I was thinking about..
        Will still be vigilant .

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