North Eastern Storm

The mega storm? We had a prediction for a massive strorm that would hit the north east, one message marked the 27th while another pointed to Halloween the 31st. We did have a northeastern storm around the 27th, but not to the size and destruction expected. So I would like to wait and see if anything changes around the 31st, it’s possible there are two separate events, or the Spirits are late. But I have doubts that this is the end of this prediction.

One big question is Hurricane Oscar. In no way is it projected to hit the North East, but it did come together around the 27th?

Prediction: North East Hurricane at the End of October

The 27th of October.. the storm is so huge.. it gathers strength so quickly.. it’s that quickness that we find this message so urgent.. the northeast will be shredded.. so much damage.. New York and surrounding area.. all of it coming together so quickly.

It’s starting to sound like a bomb cyclone, otherwise known as a winter hurricane. Perhaps a mixture of both? More and more the focus is on the North East, Florida and the south east seem excluded now.

I had a visual I was floating across the coast, everything was shredded and destroyed, nothing was left undamaged.

The previous message:

The next hurricane hits the east coast climbing north.. it gets stuck sitting in the north-east creating epic flooding. Unimaginably destruction.

Original Message: I had a visual of one massive hurricane sitting on the east side of the coast climbing up the coast. Then the visual shifted to show Halloween candy falling into a bag (implying the timeframe). Then it shifted again to show a dark figure, dressed like a FEMA worker by a phone at a desk. “Such an egregious lack of compassion.. lack of decency.”

727 marking the 27th



Bomb Cyclone Hits North East

This prediction has happened. Those of you in the North East please stay safe.

The prediction should read the entire north east not just New York. We failed to accurately reflect the scope of this storm.

Prediction: Never Again Movement  I had a visual of New York being flooded, with trash debris floating in the water.

Possible Buffalo Flooding

Looks like the flooding is a strong possibility.

Notes on 9-28-14  I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep.
“Buffalo, 12″

The Facts on 11-23-14: BUFFALO, N.Y. – As the Buffalo area makes significant progress clearing streets still clogged from an epic series of storms that left more than 7 feet of snow, the state of New York has sent in help to prepare for the threat of potentially devastating floods.

Notes on 9-16-14

I had a visual of a ship in the water then a massive explosion destroyed the ship.

I had a visual of several Europeans looking at a screen of the TV and then they bursted out with cheers.

I asked: Is the terror attack happening soon, we are already wrong on our timing? I had a visual of people screaming while I looked at a mans name tag on a brown uniform. The tag showed 3 crescent moons back to back.

I had a visual of a large downtown city that looked like New York, the ground was completely covered in water, no sidewalks or roads were visible. “The northeast will be hit.”

Eric’s Comments: I actually went outside to look at the moon which was crescent. Are they saying 3 days, or the first 3 crescent moons? Or is this symbolic to a name of some kind? Fire and explosions could be symbolic to destruction or loss, however the explosion was massive and shocked me while it happened. I have to assume with the Europeans we are talking about Scotland’s independence, but it does not say who wins. I will be asking tonight for clarity on whether Scotland wins its independence.