Prediction: North East Hurricane at the End of October

The 27th of October.. the storm is so huge.. it gathers strength so quickly.. it’s that quickness that we find this message so urgent.. the northeast will be shredded.. so much damage.. New York and surrounding area.. all of it coming together so quickly.

It’s starting to sound like a bomb cyclone, otherwise known as a winter hurricane. Perhaps a mixture of both? More and more the focus is on the North East, Florida and the south east seem excluded now.

I had a visual I was floating across the coast, everything was shredded and destroyed, nothing was left undamaged.

The previous message:

The next hurricane hits the east coast climbing north.. it gets stuck sitting in the north-east creating epic flooding. Unimaginably destruction.

Original Message: I had a visual of one massive hurricane sitting on the east side of the coast climbing up the coast. Then the visual shifted to show Halloween candy falling into a bag (implying the timeframe). Then it shifted again to show a dark figure, dressed like a FEMA worker by a phone at a desk. “Such an egregious lack of compassion.. lack of decency.”

727 marking the 27th.

We are sorry Eric.. within 30 days.. one of the worst mass shootings ever.. then I heard screaming and multiple gun fire.

This prediction was slotted between the 17th and 20th. On the 17th was a mass shooting but in Crimea. Perhaps I mixed events, I need to ask for details on the date again.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Bea my mom and our secretary. The plan is to have surgery in about 2 to 3 weeks to remove the Cancer. So many of you have shared so much information and concern and we are both very thankful. If you would like to help more please feel free to help with a small donation for that timeframe in which she will be recovering and I will be helping her. I know I have asked so much of many of you in the last year, especially when I was in the hospital for a month and half. Hopefully this will be my last request. If you would like to help you can donate here or use the ‘GoFundMe” we set up for me last October. Thank you so much.


Bomb Cyclone Hits North East

This prediction has happened. Those of you in the North East please stay safe.

The prediction should read the entire north east not just New York. We failed to accurately reflect the scope of this storm.

Prediction: Never Again Movement  I had a visual of New York being flooded, with trash debris floating in the water.

Bomb Cyclone Strikes East Coast

This prediction is starting to unfold as record lows temperatures arrive.

Predictions 11-13-17  In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

I had a visual of map of the US, then someone smashed it with a cooking smasher.

Prediction: Earthquake in Sri Lanka & India  I had a visual of one epic snow storm.

So many places below zero, in one swipe, at one time the winter will consume so much of the world with freezing temperatures. The first time the human race can no longer deny the problem in front of them.