Bomb Cyclone Hits North East

This prediction has happened. Those of you in the North East please stay safe.

The prediction should read the entire north east not just New York. We failed to accurately reflect the scope of this storm.

Prediction: Never Again Movement  I had a visual of New York being flooded, with trash debris floating in the water.

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  1. rhona2 Avatar

    so sorry to hear such deluge on east coast.
    prayers love and light for all .
    keeping good thougts for you all around there..
    Truely aweful ..


  2. melbrake Avatar

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    Eric, we in the Northeast experienced the second Bombgenesis in less than two months, the first one January 2018. It was one of the worst storm with loss of power and life. I was in the dark for two days and another one is projected for March 7-8. Since the Great American Eclipse of August 2017, weather patterns have worsen and may continue so.

  3. star48 Avatar
  4. Amy Avatar

    I live in Southeastern Pa. We were hit hard with this storm. Three days later and there’s still road closures due to fallen trees and numerous power outages with some that will take days to restore. And now, there’s another Nor’easter headed our way Tue and Wed with heavy wet snow that will cause more damage and power outages. They’re calling for over a foot of this heavy wet mess in my area. Ugh! C’mon spring!

  5. Sara Avatar

    Everyone in the path of the storm–stock up on food, water, and fuel. Have a plan on what to do if you lose power, especially if you’re snowed in.
    Do NOT drive recklessly in bad weather!

  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Are Nor’easter and Bombogenesis the new normal?

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