Possible Buffalo Flooding

Looks like the flooding is a strong possibility.

Notes on 9-28-14  I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep.
“Buffalo, 12″

The Facts on 11-23-14: BUFFALO, N.Y. – As the Buffalo area makes significant progress clearing streets still clogged from an epic series of storms that left more than 7 feet of snow, the state of New York has sent in help to prepare for the threat of potentially devastating floods.

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  1. Daisee Avatar

    This is not related to Buffalo, sorry, but I just heard the Missouri Governor say he will deploy the National Guard into Fergistan. I had a visceral sick feeling in my gut, of deep deja vu. Awful.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They are seriously mishandling the situation. Part of me believes all of this could be the ‘Chicago’ prediction and they just mistaken the location.

  2. Jon Blue Avatar

    As my grandpa said to me in my dreams and no one wants to listen “Civil Unrest is coming.” repeated three times. “Every major city will suffer. Anonymous Group will play a hand, my son.” I watched the news last night and had that sickening feeling as it resembled my dreams and grandpa took my hand and we flew over city after city. I believe the Earthquake in my dreams was a metaphor for civil unrest as I remember thinking it was the ‘earthquake’ that caused the civil unrest. Anyway, I can’t believe that Spirit did not see this coming. Its only going to escalate once the Holidays are over and peace protests begin in the Spring just like the 1970s all over again.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Jon, what do you think an anonymous group playing a hand means? The protests now make me think of the general public.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It does sound like your previous post.

      1. Jon Blue Avatar

        I am hoping beyond hope we can change what I saw over a year ago in my third and final dream with my grandpa. We must all do what we can to be peaceful in protest of bigotry no matter which side one sits on regarding the Grand Jury decision, we all must stay level headed.
        Lia, I can only conclude that he was speaking of the group Anonymous would play a role in causing more protests by possibly hacking into government documents, court documents and the pasts of those involved that hold some sort of power. By also calling people to take to streets or also participate in hacking. I sensed there was both good and bad within this. Some too extreme measures that he wanted me to avoid being involved with Anonymous protests as I would get hurt. I have always liked some of the ideals of the group to allow for freedoms of all but I know there are nefarious sub-groups within Anonymous that could not be good for the cause of true freedom.
        Please remember, my three dreams all occurred in the first week of October 2013. As Eric has always stated, visions can be changed by good people taking appropriate action. To give the world kindness as Lincoln and King did when they were changing our archaic country. It will not be won by fires, violence and reaction. It will be won by remaining steadfast in the truth of the meaning of Love Thy Neighbor. The time-frame of that third dream seemed so quick in comparison to the real world.
        Anyway, Eric, can you check in with Spirit on all of this? I seem to be blocked and am far from being as connected as you are due to your length of study and practice of Legilimency and connection with the other side.

  3. velvetmaggot Avatar

    I’m in the middle of it…it’s heartbreaking. The fires are already going again. Last night I didn’t sleep much, but when I did, I saw a dead black horse harnassed in a tree by rope. When the evening fell, the horse came back to life. I loved the horse and was sad to know that it had to die again. A giant spider was waiting inside for him, I kept trying to lead the horse to the spider and protect my dog. The spider refused to bite the horse and instead devoured a butterfly. I just sat and petted the horse and cried. My dog repeatedly fell while I was trying to save him from the spider and ended up having his teeth knocked out. Heavy symbolism, but I can’t figure if it is just because of what I am witnessing or if it means anything.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What do you think the horse means?

      1. velvetmaggot Avatar

        Unfortunately I think it means that terror groups are going to descend upon this movement and take advantage of people that need something to believe. I think it is the “Trojan Horse”, but also doubled as a symbol of civil rights movement. Another part of my dream that I left out (because it’s gross) is that I had to suck out my dog’s broken teeth with my own mouth. I sat on that thought for a few days and decided that maybe we need to act to inspire this movement to be about helping impoverished areas rise above. “protest missions” I’m not ready to put the idea out in my area yet because it is still pretty hot, I can’t really find the right words to describe it. But an example would be a group in NYC helping very poor areas with the massive snow to prevent flooding in THEIR areas, not just the more prominent areas getting help…but in the name of their movement.

  4. Annie Avatar

    I hesitated in leaving this here, as I know not everyone believes the same things. However, I believe that many are hurting very deeply due to recent events surrounding Ferguson.

    This is a blog post I have referred to often as of late, to gain perspective. I know it is written about ISIS and Ebola, but the message remains the same. I hope it may help some here to feel a little lighter in their spirit. Blessings.


    P.S. Do make a point to read the comments below the main post as well – they are *very* insightful!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      A prayer for you and all those over there. I actually did ask Spirit why they missed that event, the news really shows some horrible, raging, flooding.

      1. velvetmaggot Avatar

        OH! An interesting thing … a lot of people around me are saying this is “Obama’s Katrina”.

  5. omarie Avatar

    Hi Eric and the all posters to this site:
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    For those who don’t celebrate this American holiday, I hope you have a wonderful day and maybe celebrate the spirit of this holiday, to give thanks for all the good things/people/moments in our lives.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      LOL Happy Thanksgiving.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      And for everyone else outside of the US Happy Holidays.

  6. jules104 Avatar

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING ERIC AND EVERYONE! Though I may not have a lot of what some in the world would say were “riches”, I have much more than that even to be thankful for!! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Many Blessings Always.

  7. travis Avatar

    Wanna wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and a safe and wonderful holiday

  8. Jon Blue Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and Happy Holidays to everyone around the world. I would like to thank Eric and this wonderful community on this site as we embrace each other with our stories and our willingness to help others. That is one of many things I am thankful for this evening.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Jon, awesome message. My thanks to all of you for being apart of this very special community. I look forward to the day where all of us accomplish changing the future.

      1. rhona Avatar

        I may not be with you physically but sure am in spirit…Happy holidays guys and to each of those you love…your well wishes were tangible you could feel them jump off the page…blessings to your country and the countries of all on this site ….i hope this unrest leaves by the same door it came in and returns peace to where it need be…

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