North Eastern Storm

The mega storm? We had a prediction for a massive strorm that would hit the north east, one message marked the 27th while another pointed to Halloween the 31st. We did have a northeastern storm around the 27th, but not to the size and destruction expected. So I would like to wait and see if anything changes around the 31st, it’s possible there are two separate events, or the Spirits are late. But I have doubts that this is the end of this prediction.

One big question is Hurricane Oscar. In no way is it projected to hit the North East, but it did come together around the 27th?

Prediction: North East Hurricane at the End of October

The 27th of October.. the storm is so huge.. it gathers strength so quickly.. it’s that quickness that we find this message so urgent.. the northeast will be shredded.. so much damage.. New York and surrounding area.. all of it coming together so quickly.

It’s starting to sound like a bomb cyclone, otherwise known as a winter hurricane. Perhaps a mixture of both? More and more the focus is on the North East, Florida and the south east seem excluded now.

I had a visual I was floating across the coast, everything was shredded and destroyed, nothing was left undamaged.

The previous message:

The next hurricane hits the east coast climbing north.. it gets stuck sitting in the north-east creating epic flooding. Unimaginably destruction.

Original Message: I had a visual of one massive hurricane sitting on the east side of the coast climbing up the coast. Then the visual shifted to show Halloween candy falling into a bag (implying the timeframe). Then it shifted again to show a dark figure, dressed like a FEMA worker by a phone at a desk. “Such an egregious lack of compassion.. lack of decency.”

727 marking the 27th



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  1. Ann Avatar

    If I remember correctly, didn’t you see a boomerang come flying up from South America and that it was suppose to represent a hurricane?

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Thought the boomerang represent Australia. Just a thought.

      1. Ann Avatar

        You’re probably right — boomerangs = Australia

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          As someone who knows a lot of Australians, I don’t know if they would separate it like that.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Any updates on the military hospital prediction, the concert shooting, or Westminster?

  3. Samuel Avatar

    Lots of hugs and loving thoughts to Bee and thank you Eric for all you do for us. Spirit have any thoughts this week’s booms and shootings in the synagogue.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

  4. Ruth101 Avatar

    Just had a 6.2 earthquake Tauramunui which is 188ks from New Plymouth, New Zealand. Has been down graded from a 6.7. Heard the rumble then a rolling motion. I am 255 ks from Tauramunui.
    Good prediction Eric.

  5. Bernie P. Avatar

    Felt that quake all the way down in Chch. The whole building rocked and civil defence is warning of aftershocks.

  6. star48 Avatar

    Update on Oscar..
    Forecasters at the Miami-based hurricane center say Oscar has slowed down as it moves north. By Tuesday, the storm is expected to start speeding north-northeast over open waters.
    No coastal watches or warnings are in effect.
    Oscar is the eighth hurricane of the six-month Atlantic hurricane season that ends Nov. 30.

  7. DE Avatar

    Thank you

  8. C. Avatar

    Hey Eric!

    ABC News posted an article about weather alerts that are going to affect ten states that are starting in the middle of the country and by Friday, will be in the East Coast bringing heavy rains.

    Here’s the link:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  9. star48 Avatar

    Ref;;;It’s starting to sound like a bomb cyclone, otherwise known as a winter hurricane. Perhaps a mixture of both? More and more the focus is on the North East, Florida and the south east seem excluded now.

    Bomb cyclone..northeastern US

    A storm destined to become the next ‘bomb cyclone’ for the United States will target the Northeast with high winds from Friday to Saturday as cold air blasts through the region.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a prediction. Wow. I do hope its not as bad as they said, lets wait and see what unfolds, thanks for the information.

  10. star48 Avatar


    Rare snow fell over parts of the Carolinas including Charlotte, NC on April 2, 2019, making it only the second time in over 100 years that snow fell there during the month of April.

    Snow came along the western edge of a rapidly deepening nor’easter moving up the East Coast and was seen over a small area of North Carolina and South Carolina.

    “This was not a major snowstorm, but it was very unusual for the region for this time of year,” AccuWeather’s Brian Lada noted.

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