Notes on 1-8-15 -P2

“At 10:30 PM exiled, captured, found.” (my time which is Pacific Time or theirs?)

“China’s decision will find itself isolated from the world community.. Russia will begin to isolate itself, not good for Russian, and between the two great nations, not good for the world.”

“Such an explosion of medical breakthroughs, a great year, a leap of medical breakthroughs.”

38 thoughts on “Notes on 1-8-15 -P2

  1. Eric 10:30 Pacific would be about 7:30 am Paris, France time I think. If not that means a whole day more for them. I hope it’s your time!

  2. I am in the UK and currently it is approximately 1025am in France. Right now the news is reporting that the police have the shooters cornered in a warehouse in northeastern a small town northeast of Paris. So hopefully they will be captured very soon.

  3. It’s being reported that they may have some hostages. They are in a town called Dammartin-en-Goele very near Charles De Galle airport. The airport has now closed two runways.

  4. Oh no!!!!! The two gunmen wanted in connection to the Paris terrorist attack were chased into a city to where they are trapped so they have taken people hostage at a printing shop. So far 2 people are believed to have been killed so far. It was also these two who were tied to the killing of a policewoman yesterday (or day before) on the outskirts of Paris. Please pray for these innocent people!!!!

    1. Hi Kellyrosepalmer. Yes both of these situations are horrible. I am praying the hostages are not harmed and this situation unfolds peacefully. I have my doubts though. They are reporting the gunmen/women stating that they want to be martyrs.

  5. Now the news is saying there has been another case where the two suspects have taken 5 people hostage in a kosher grocery store and 2 are dead at that scene. (Sorry trying to sort through all this news)

  6. In the UK the news is now reporting another incident at the Trocadero centre in Paris in addition to the warehouse and the kosher grocery store. They have also now said that these are all related and have been planned.

  7. The French police have just set off explosions at both the Jewish grocery and at the warehouse.

    1. Yes I saw that flash and thought of the fireball Eric saw. Did anyone notice the warehouse (I think) word on the building said something with the last word “NAGEL”? Reminded me of “bagel”.

  8. Sky News in the UK have just announced that the brothers who were on the run and hold up in the warehouse have been killed.

  9. When I heard on the news about the Jewish grocery store I thought of the bagels being put in a box part of your vision Eric

  10. Many months ago, you had a vision of being in the cold storage in a store where gunmen were. This is from the Telegraph’s website: “17.18 Paris: TFI is reporting that some people stayed safe during the grocery siege by hiding in the cold store. The gunman didn’t know they were there, because they kept silent, according to the report.” Also, I can confirm that the building where the gunmen were had the name “Nagel” on it. I noted that because I worked with someone named Nagel.

  11. I weep with every prediction that comes true b/c I grow more nervous to see the evil of the world come to fruition, especially what you have predicted with the famines, the evil leaders, and even my former home of Russia and China do they have wicked plans sometimes against America, i have come here for better life, and is life better around globe.. i weep.. we need to contact police government try to stop this

  12. i realize there is beauty in abundance in the world as well. such as the medical improvements and the like, there is much beauty however, sometimes, sadly i question what these lives are being saved to see, you see? not to be morbid of course i want to see diseases cured and humanity flourish, as we all do but to be saved to see the ugliness of what is to come? is that a reward i question?

    Heavenly father, i pray these acts to cease and a calming sense to take over the earth. my supreme wish is to be “baba” to my babie’s babies however, the feeling we are in a downward motion until, the ugliness which Eric predicts, i just cant shake is this the start of the holy scripture revelation fortells?, father, i ask you please all merciful and just God.. please end this senselessness give wisdom and clarity to those in power and bring peace and healing to your beautiful but imprefect world

    sometimes i feel as though i am carrying a burden big enough for 12 nations

      1. I was also thinking that it could be related to the one terrorist/girl who got away in France, from those horrible attacks. I just wondered since it seemed weird how they phrased the first prediction with “exiled, captured, found”. Seems sort of backwards to me. Seems like you would, find then capture them.

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