Crimea Bridge Explosion

I had a visual of tanks crossing a frozen lake, the lake floor shimmered with gold beneath it. Many predicted the Amy of tanks would sink in the lake but so far they had not. As the tanks crossed all seemed well, but in this moment the ground cracked, their was a sudden shake, and a loud popping as their foundation cracked. The gold started to sink in the depths of the the cold water.

World Predictions: 9-8-22

The bill of your wicked war is due Russia, the economic fallout and economic nightmare is about to arrive.

The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs. Bombing in 5.. so bloody, so brutal. The timing of this bombing is the 24th, it too was written on Tuesday.

Predictions 12-22-17

The Ukraine invasion began on 2-24-2022. However symbolic, this messages is, the bridge is down and the tanks aren’t going that way. Next on their list is a full economic nightmare for Russia.

The Spirits have a new plan to tackle tomorrows tragedy, to prevent the future I predict. One that will help guide us through this dark moment. A new way of doing these world predictions are now in motion. I will give you the details in the coming Post “Flashlight” Practice for the last 10 years is closing, and the real work is now starting. So again I ask, share our work, the buttons are right below. Because we draw closer to our ultimate goal. Change through awareness. Imagine the impact we could make together.

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      1. The price of food or food shortage – or both? I’ve tried to stock my pantry when budget allows but exactly how do we prepare for that? 3 months? 6 months? Longer? It’s hard to imagine a food shortage in the US since we’ve always been a major exporter but we’ve had major weather disruptions recently

      1. Kherson is the biggest Ukrainian city under Russian occupation, if Russia loses that position, as is set to happen with the current Ukrainian advances, Ukraine won’t have any significant barriers to advance all the way down into Crimea. In other words, the loss of Kherson would precipitate the Russian defeat in this war.

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