World Prediction: No Red Wave, Test Two

Spirit show me November 8th.
I had a vision of a sweet old lady holding a red ticket in her hand. Then as I watched her place it in a box. I jolted up above the sky looking down, all of these red tickets scattered all over the US.

World Prediction: US Red Wave

Talk about being wrong. I felt like Icarus, I reached for the sun thinking I can do this! I can look at a future date! Then plop. I fell straight down into the water, splashed into the ocean with my wax wings shattered. This test failed. There was no red wave.

Just as it did, Spirit, tapped me to tell me that a completely different test has finished.

Poison approaches.. Poison now.. Phosphorus

“Next.. Poison”- Spirit voice. I had a vision of white vapor. The vapor moved slow and destroyed everything it touched. In the mist of this vision of endless white vapor, a figure walked out, Putin.

World Prediction: 10-29-22

This is a second test we have been overseeing, a new way of predicting the world: The idea from Spirit; tell you the future, the event, Then right before it happens, tap you with a reminder. They presented this prediction at the end of October and now they are reminding us again. This is coming, now. If this ‘timing test’ is successful imagine what we can do with it. Imagine predicting an earthquake, telling you where it was, then the day before, warning you. Test two. I can only pray, I am as wrong because this prediction is evil on tap.

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  1. Tetrisnet Avatar

    Do we have a happy ending Eric ?
    Does our World get through all this Evil ?
    So much Gloom and Doom …
    When does the ‘Truth’ of all these ugly moments, created by Evil doers reveal itself so that the real World ‘wakes up’ and knows what is really happening ?
    Why have Innocent Lives become Disposable ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      YES! Imagine the king of the entire system. The one who oversees all those planets and stars, all of the galaxies everywhere, he is coming here! He will change everything, I mean the list is huge: War, Racism, Inequality, demagoguery, all of it gone, because of him. The system of governments all change.
      Now when you stop spending money to kill and hate each other, and humanity really spends a lot of money on that, Where does it go?
      Once we stop hurting each other we explode with so much growth. Science, technology, history, all of it leaps forward.
      Humans control the weather, they control gravity, they can send ships into the Sun, they start living 600,700 years old but look 30. Tetrisnet the sky is truly the limit. Because in the 47th century, humans are moving forward on the next Galaxy. Leaps forward. Huge leaps.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You actually get the clear impression that, it is the announcement that the King is coming, that caused unwavering panic in the ‘darkness’ this is a force that has ruled for several thousands of years, and now your being told, your evicted. Todays world is the reaction to that. Like a wild animal cornered. They have zero intention of going quietly into the night. But make NO mistake the ‘Darkness’ will be evicted.

      1. Steve Avatar

        You’ve mentioned that by the time 2100 arrives, humans will be living 100+ years old. Are you indicating that humans turn into a new species? We are genetically mutated? Will everyone be forced to change, or just that the old human form becomes “old fashionable ” and people want to move ahead with the times “to keep up with the Joneses?”, and not to have to deal with dementia and frailty as we do now . It seems like the discovery can’t be retrospectively applied, that it can only be applied through IVF with the DNA being modified at the time of conception.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Think of the way television advanced. It started as a box in black and white and now is a full colored flat screen. The prediction is already on the site. They learn how to freeze or hold cells in place. To breed new life into an existing cell. At first this will help aid horrible sickness like cancer, or spinal damage, but as time passes thIs new discovery becomes something epic, we can change them all. Leading to a fountain of youth.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          IVF or DNA manipulation? No this something totally different

        3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Now that I re-read the prediction. It actually does imply manipulation. But it is an epic moment. It is the Ying to COVID’s Yang. It is life on tap.

        4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Right there with Trumps collusion being vindicated. To me it cements its coming.

    3. waterlily222 Avatar

      Tetrisnet! No one could have said better the hurt that comes when reading unending predictions of cruelty freely roaming this world. As you said: “Why have Innocent Lives become Disposable ?” WHY? Why?

  2. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog: My Reflection On The US Mid Term Election And The Aftermath.

  3. Itk Avatar

    This is really good news – if only there’s no sinister plot behind this: Do you think this is related to your earlier prediction about Russia finally getting a narrow swathe of land?

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