Hurricane Ian

I had a vision of one massive hurricane forming in September.

World Predictions: 8-31-22

Florida brace yourself again! We are still expecting another storm in October. I then heard voices, static, like the voices or tone of the people of Florida, which had concerns over a mass surge in deaths within Florida and the southern region of the US.
The scribbled lines in the picture, are areas of concern.
I was not expecting something completely different out of the gate. I am sorry for this crude drawing but words don’t reflect the curve. There are other details my memory failed to capture about the tide, I only saw it for a second. They showed this picture:
“It will shift.. move.”

World Predictions: Florida Storm Again 8-10-20

Florida what horrible news.
I had a visual the Spirits painted Florida black for the third time. This time they went out of their way to show the brush, the black thick wet paint crossing the southern shoreline.
What does that mean Spirit?
I had a visual where they showed a speeding number count of those catching the Coronavirus. Then the number blinked red as if reaching its limits, but it kept going, redder and redder, blinking more and more. “Florida, take action now or all you will be left with is horrible decisions to make.”
Then something happens.
I had a visual I was staring at Florida oddly during a sunny day? Then the visual flipped, I was viewing Florida from its height; shoreline and mountain terrain. Then suddenly the ocean tide consumed swaths of Florida. So much water came in at such speed.
I had a visual of so many people trapped in waist deep.
8 and 10:02


This prediction is happening, 10:02 is October 2nd. Sorry for the crude picture. Micah reminded me last night we predicted Hurricane Ian during the Pandemic. I am sorry but this is expected to turn ‘Black’. Which is just bad. Please stay safe everyone. Our projection is still a bit off.

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  1. Shane Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    I love what you do and love the new website! I saw this storm coming to Florida a few months ago too. But I’m seeing another devastating hurricane coming after Ian later in Oct or Nov. Do you see this too? And do you think Florida is going to get hit by another hurricane again later this year after Ian?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Something big is coming for the east coast. More northern east. October or November.

  2. Heather Avatar

    Hi Eric
    I live in North Louisiana…by this drawing….do you think Hurricane Ian will come towards us in Louisiana?? We certainly want to prepare for this if so!
    Thank you so much

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No, I think we are a bit off with our crude picture. However I do expect bad weather coming to your state soon. Sorry. We will try and provide the details as they come.

      1. Heather Avatar

        Ok..thanks so much and sorry for the duplicate comments…my computer did something funny and I thought it didn’t send LOL

  3. Heather Avatar

    Hi Eric
    I live in North Louisiana….by this drawing…do you think that Hurricane Ian will turn and come towards us in Louisiana?? We certainly want to prepare if so.
    Thank you so much

  4. Elizabeth m Townsend Avatar
    Elizabeth m Townsend

    Thank you Eric for the warning. You also told me in a personal reading to keep bags packed.i wanted to take my vacation in the end of August, but a small miracle happened. My job made out schedule for a month in advance so I was forced to take Sept 18 to oct 6. Someone wanted me out of town. Anyway boyfriend was called in to ft Myers to do clean up for storm last minute so our cats were left in our house. I was on vacation when Ian hit our home. 155 mile hr winds in cape coral. Our house flooded. We pretty much lost everything. House still standing roof and windows great. But 2 ft of water in house. Everything went getting ripped out. Drywall, doors, furniture, appliances lost. Thank the Lord all my cats are alive. They were a bit shaken up when my boyfriend finally got home 48 hours after it hit. I am a strong person so I know we can get through this. Material things are just that material. We can and will rebuild it better than it was . It will take time, we don’t have money to fix it right away. But we are taking it day by day a little at a time. And I am enlightened by all the humanity coming in to play helping us .thank you again for your insights. You are right on Elizabeth Townsend

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