Putin’s Speech in Volgograd

I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s.

World Predictions 7-31-19

I had a visual I was floating through a hall towards, a large Philco wooden radio. Then suddenly it turned on, A DJ started talking over the radio as commercials ended. “ Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the year 1949.” It’s a message comparing one year to another. What happened that might be the reference? Historically 1949 would be remembered for the very destructive earthquakes, especially on the west coast. The year is especially known for the massive change in government and government alliances. Communism would rise while the west united. The Cold War was around the corner.

World Predictions 1-4-21

“Vladimir Putin compared German tanks deployed in Ukraine to the Nazis sweeping across Eastern Europe” Did you know in 2019 back before Covid, we would be here comparing ourselves to the 1940s. Did you know Russia would be the new enemy? Did you know our world be thrusted into the ominous feeling of dread, all because the Spotlight is on one man Vladimir Putin. We knew. As you read the predictions recognize we knew Putin would become the very nightmare of the future.

Behind the scenes moment:

No one trusts Putin
The business in Russia begins to faulter as no one trusts the Russian word
an economic recession in Russia is inevitable
unemployment begins to spiral in the wrong way
Putin’s gamble is an utter failure.

Notes on 9-19-14

This specific 2014 prediction was presented to us by the Universe. There is this misunderstanding that Spirit knows everything. Thats not true. They hold the keys that allow us to look at everything future and past. This specific message is dictated from the well of souls. This force only predicts major shifts in the world, like the Covid Prediction, or a massive tsunami caused by the Tonga Volcano, or a recession caused by one man.

Putin plans to conquer Ukraine (East Ukraine) but there will be an unexpected heavy resistance from Europe.

Predictions 8-2-18

This specific 2018 prediction is a prediction of Intent. In the mind of Putin. Intent is a powerful part of all things in the future. Choice, it’s all about the direction of choice. We can see your Intent through your Qi. That spray of energy surrounding yourself. When we wrote the prediction, Diana insisted that I explain this is in the mind of Putin and not a full prediction yet. It is just a seed, yet to sprout. So with Intent predictions I always show it attached to one’s mind.

“Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.” I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’. I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

Predictions 12-8-20

Now Intent has sprouted into what we call Echoes. Echoes are the most common prediction. We were taught to believe that the past creates the present and the present creates the future. But it is the past and future that create the now. Like a zipper of time the future and the past smash against each other building the reality of now. We have what the Universe has shown us. The future. Recognize they are showing how it all ends “Putins gamble an utter failure” take that and the Intent of the past, Putins plans are all tied to thoughts in the past, smash the two forces together and you can ride the timeline coming, ride the zipper of time, like riding a wave in the ocean. Seeing fragments like the missiles coming. Or the “Red” ship sinking. As we ride.

Then the cycle begins again with Intent and the Universe setting us up to ride another wave of Echoes:


I had a vision, Putin was alone in a room of gold. Sitting on a thrown of gold. His hands collapsed in his face, he looked sickly, pale, sweaty. Then it shifted to show his thoughts as if we were in a comic book with the little cloud above him. In the cloud you could hear ’Baltics.. Latvia” then it shifted to show a large dark room of computers. There were rows of people all typing, meddling. The petulant toddler on his thrown of gold wanted revenge for those who stood against him.

World Predictions: Baltics

The Universe

The bill of your wicked war is due Russia, the economic fallout and economic nightmare is about to arrive.
I had a visual of tanks crossing a frozen lake, the lake floor shimmered with gold beneath it. Many predicted the Amy of tanks would sink in the lake but so far they had not. As the tanks crossed all seemed well, but in this moment the ground cracked, their was a sudden shake, and a loud popping as their foundation cracked. The gold started to sink in the depths of the the cold water.
“Russia Collapse.”
I had a vision of a Russian brick wall, the wall was old, and fortifying, then a part of the wall just fell over, as it did I could see it shatter into small pieces.
I had a visual of a large whole in the ground of Russia and it was a vacuum consuming everything around it, the weight of its power so heavy that it reached across the world and affected all the other places sinking not just Russia but other places as well. Like a black hole in the center of
“Vladimir Putin, in the end you will only be remembered as another Rasputin. That which brought it all down”

World Predictions: 9-8-22

This is one of the many things I want to teach you. How it all operates. Soon I will create classes. To teach you all things Spiritual. The first class will be on “How do you connect to Spirit.” I want to teach you how to connect to the universe, to your deceased loved ones, and the authority that oversees it all. I want to teach you the Spiritual Realm.

Do you want to see your Echoes?

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  1. javamyworld Avatar

    The classes sound exciting!

  2. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    Thank you for your service. God bless you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  3. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Looking forward to your classes.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am excited.

  4. anitah Avatar

    Putin forgets that Usa, England,France… west
    Was fighting against Hitler.
    First Stalin joined Hitler.. to invade countries..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is a lot of history Putin is missing in his rambling crazy speech. I honestly think he has lost it.

  5. Jupiter Avatar

    Would you put youtube video to teach us?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It would have to be interactive, I want to talk to all of you. I am thinking Zoom.

  6. Raymond Avatar

    Classes would be fun. I know you said that you want to talk to all of us, but if you recorded it and posted it on YT, you might get some revenue from it. Expand your exposure…. more paid Readings etc.
    Just an idea.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That would be an awesome idea for the first class. The others more complex on the other hand. I would question it. But awesome idea

  7. Shannon Avatar

    Classes sound great Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  8. Itk Avatar

    The Russian missile strike in Dnipro some time ago, with children victimes, is still mourned by ordinary Russians, who keep bringing flowers:

    1. Sara Avatar

      It’s horrible about the children who died, and it’s nice to see that many Russians don’t condone their government’s crimes.

  9. kim Avatar

    Welcome back to 1949


    1949 Fallout Shelters – During the Cold War, a period of great international tension, Americans felt threatened by the possibility of a nuclear war and sought ways to survive an attack. Fallout shelters entered the American consciousness and vocabulary in 1949 when President Harry Truman made it publicly known that the Soviet Union had detonated their first atomic bomb, ushering in an era when the United States faced the fact that it had lost its nuclear autonomy. That introduced the world to the real possibility of nuclear war between the two superpowers.

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