The World Prediction: The Books

I had a vision I walked into my living room but the entire room was completely empty, with the exception of one wooden table and my leather bound book sitting on a dusty table. The front door was open and leaves where whistling in.

Do I share this? Its a simple message, total work related, behind the scenes work message. So let me explain the books, because for those of you on a Journey with Spirit this is an important tool to consider. It does amplify ones work with Spirit. It gives you that extra push.

I am a nerd, if you did not know me and met me on the streets you would just shake you head and wonder if there was any hope for me. First there is the absentminded Eric, where is my keys, as I check my pants, where is my wallet, as I check my shirt for some reason, where is my glasses.. oh wait on my head.. did I lock that door? This absentmindedness is the price you pay for that phenomenal power. Then after you see me race back and forth lost in space, you will see me carry books. Everywhere I go I have books, my workspace is filled with books. Every single thing Spirit ever said is written down in books. Now there are different books for different things. There are composition books for personal readings, there is my brown book which I carry with me and write anything and everything and then a leather back book for World Predictions, and finally the Red Book, the name gives it away. The oh ohh book. The WTF book. My family gets annoyed at how the books just lounge around the house but I have a system, I need to be able to pick them up at ease the minute a message pops into my head. Which is the first reason I write it down. It is a thought. The messages they give are thoughts. So how do I know if a message from Spirit is a vision or just ones imagination?

A Spiritual Vision has been described many ways, flashes of light and information, a fast forward view of events unfolding in front of you, the best description is; imagine your thoughts, they move like a river, always moving at a certain speed, flowing from one space to another, having the tone and mood that it carries, But a vision feels like a tsunami striking the river. It feels sudden and shocking. So it feels different. But sometimes you might question it. So being the persnickety me, I write everything down, then later I will know after events unfold whether or not it was my imagination. But there is a language here. A language that does not change. That is the second reason for the books. It was in 2019 that I knew, I knew from the predictions the coming year 2020 would be just bad. In the moments following up to the year I kept hearing again and again one message. The message was consistent. I would be doing a reading and a song played loud in my head. “Its a Jungle Out There.” -by Randy Newman. Then it came up again in another reading showing snakes in the background, but this time they said they would get sick with a horrible cough. Then again, someone else was getting sick. The song played over and over in several different readings and I started to panic a bit. Then 2020 came. Afterwards I learned every single person tied to this specific Jungle message had Covid. Not the flu or another type of cough but Covid.

So the song and date was noted in the red book. It wasn’t but a month later, that I was out with my family having a nice dinner, I walked into the restaurant with Bea and as we approached the hostess stand, there was that song “Its a Jungle Out There.” playing in my head, hostile, like a tsunami of thoughts just took over my mind. I could hear it so loud I could not hear anything around me, I looked at Bea and said ‘We need to leave. Now.” I quickly pointed up to the sky, hinting where my information was coming from and we left. McDonald’s happened instead, which probably wasn’t a good selection either given recent events with my ticker.

Because of my persnickety ways of having all these books a third separate benefit added to the mix, they could separate their messages out. It was several years back, I was doing world predictions, meditating with lavender burning in the back, and there is only one book for world predictions a leather bound book. One would think its in a leather bound book because it is special right? No. I honestly see all their messages equally important, however World Predictions are kind of a pain. When the information flows we have to stop everything to do them, if we don’t we lose the information. When I read for you I can actually come back and forth if I wanted too. But with the world its like waves of information coming in, and we have to surf that wave or miss it. If I don’t catch it, I will fail. I literally just missed the details on the horrible Gulf Hurricane prediction we started but never finished. We have to catch these waves, or miss them, and move on to the next one, so out of spite over our need to bend we give it a special leather bound book.

So the lavender was burning.. I fell deep, deep, into the ground, deep, and found myself floating in space, the universe for a moment opened up and I had a vision: Suddenly there was a stage? Micah, Anthony, and Axle, who are all warrior spirits that do the world predictions, that look at the darkest parts of world, the bombings, the attacks, the worst of the worst,.. but here and now they are dancing? I mean 1980s Jane Fonda Spandex clothes, rainbow head band, and they were doing exercise dancing to “I Am So Excited.” – by the Pointer Sisters. Axle even did these special Channing Tatum dance moves that, I didn’t know he had in him? Then all of sudden Marcus shows up in the vision, and for the first time he wasn’t in a perfectly pressed suit, but a perfectly pressed gym suit. He was screaming “Push it! Push it!” Then just as he said that, money begin to fall around all of them and they begin to dance and cheer around it. Then they went to there aerobic style dance as they danced away. I came out of the vision confused.

It was at that time that I wrote it down in the Red Book, I didn’t know, What was that for? Thats a World Prediction? Maybe it was just a crazy thought? Afterwards I fell asleep and as I did, I had one last vision, I had a vision I was in an empty living room, there was just one wooden table in the center and on the table was a composition book, a green book with small red dots, and the song “I am so exited.” Was playing in the background. Then above the table was a white glow, like heaven was above me, I felt love, a message of love for someone, a gift. This wasn’t for the world. Then I fell asleep.

It did not take very long, two days as I recall. I have to say for me this part is the most exciting. Like huge bolts of lightning crashing around me, the Universe gets what it wants. It has a tendency to make it happen in most magical way. I have the honor to serve the Universe and Spirit and I am in awe daily. I live in a a very black and white world. I see the darkest parts of humanity and then this:

I was on the train heading to Mexico to do personal readings. I was with a friend at the time and we were talking about my World Predictions. I remember the train rocking heavy, when a woman with a green dress with small red dots on it sat down next to us and mentioned how she couldn’t help but over hear our conversation and wonder if she couldn’t ask the man who predicts the future a question? Now before I could respond she said “I just opened up a new Workout Studio and want to know if I should push it through or let it go?” As she asked the train pulled into the station. There in the window behind her as we approached the station, Marcus was with the crowd in his perfectly pressed suit staring stoically at me. A message within itself that this woman’s future had arrived and they had splendid news. So I shared with her what was written in the book.

5 responses to “The World Prediction: The Books”

  1. Fabian Avatar

    Hi Eric, that’s so interesting to share about those visions and all of a sudden they come in a very different way. When you have these visions, are they lucid like you’re in a virtual reality world like in The Matrix movies, where it feels real but you have full awareness of what’s going on?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Honestly it seems very real. When I am in space I feel like I am ready to fall any minute. Its very intense. But no nothing fake or matrix like about it.

  2. R2D2 Avatar

    Eric- You already predicted whats unfolding in Florida…hmmm…2013…2014. I got to find it. You mapped it out.

  3. Cynthia Avatar

    ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you for sharing and I just love reading these about you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

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