The “New” Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

Something strange is unfolding in the world of Eric Leigh-Pink. The World Predictions that have been written in the dead of night, under the banner of a room, where lavender burns, is shifting. Shockingly, I can see the worlds future through you. That was never possible before? So we add yet another “Test” to the mix. So when you make your request for a personal reading, I am asking you to add one question to all of your questions. A question about the world. For the world. One that will posted here. Please understand you have no obligation to ask a question about our world. It is your reading. But suddenly this has become an added feature.

This entire moment propitiated in the summer of 2022. Each year because of our great successes in the past. We are riddled with readings in the gulf all asking one question. What will the Hurricane season bring? Am I safe? Every year we answer those questions. But something changed?

“Is Texas safe this 2022 Hurricane season”
I had a vision of the entire map of the United States. Then suddenly fan blades started to rip and tear Florida. Certain parts turned black with destruction.

I saw the message and told the Spirits immediately “Texas is to the left? What are you doing? We are talking about Texas?” The whole thing was odd. Then it happened again, and again and again. I was confused.

“What is going on in New York?”
I had a vision of a freeze taking hold, making it all so unbelievable cold. The snow and cold fell to record numbers. To all sides. The Buffalo will become frozen.

This is literally starting right now. The freeze is rising. My friend just randomly asked and then a vision formed during his reading.

“What will 2023 bring to California, what should we be concerned about.”
I had a vision of flames engulfing a massive forest. It was so huge. The flames raced up the largest of trees and it all burned. A historical moment of destruction approached.

So, something brand new has arrived. No longer is the need to burn the lavender in the middle of the night. But like all things persnickety about Eric, we need to test this source first. See how accurate it actually is. But from what I can tell these world predictions see fairly identical in the tone of the message. Shorter but just as impactful. The California flames felt as real as all the other ghastly predictions. You don’t have too. But consider during your personal reading, asking a question for the world. Because suddenly my talent has grown.

Honestly I am bursting at the seems with excitement. I feel like its Christmas time! The Spiritual Realm has found it necessary to give me more. To give me a level up. What splendor!

But it doesn’t stop there. Something else has shown up at my door. Those of you who recently received a personal reading probably noticed. The list of questions in your mind, seem to now be a focal point. Your “Intent” is being read by them. So as they talk first in the conversation, they seem to know the questions on your mind. They even write it on a paper in the vision. “No not happening. Wait till next year.” And I ask, what are you talking about Spirit. “Just tell them Eric.” And too my shock, you will know exactly what they are talking about.

Do you see it? We are becoming a touch more accurate? The tool shed is growing? My world predictions are a tad more stronger than previous years. The details are mounting. The stage is being set. Our moment approaches, and make no mistake, I plan to strike.

8 thoughts on “The “New” Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

  1. I wanted to know about change and specifically had that word on my mind. The first word you said was ‘change’ followed by ‘change, change is coming’.
    At the time I wanted to ask what you saw for New Zealand but didn’t. We seem to be going through social change that mimics the US. If it’s not too late, I’d like to ask now.

  2. I was just checking to see if you had a Cyber Monday sale on readings! Would be nice 🙂

    1. Why not? Its 11:30 AM pacific time. Everyone has one hour to send an email to Bea our secretary, for a reading of 25% off. Sales ends at exactly 12: 35 am. 🥳👻👻 Flash sale!

  3. I sent in my payment for an hour, but I have no place to leave the information you requested for a reading. Please send an email or something so I can give you info you need. Thanks, Martha

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