How Do We Change the Future? Part 1

Daily I perform personal readings. I have seen the force behind Spirit altering the lives of those we advise with such amazing splendor. I have seen, just as this story shows, that Spirit can alter everything in your life with just one strike. But they need that door, they need that opening that allows for all things to change.

Why do I toil, and toil daily to give you these world predictions? Watching the most ghastly parts of humanity unfold. There is no profit in predicting? There is little appreciation for the craft in this generation? The gains in this moment.. small. So why hold so much horrible weight for this world? The answer is below. We can alter lives with this awesome force I serve, like a bright light shining down lives can change. We can alter tomorrow. That is our ultimate goal. To bring that same great force that has served so many of you, to our world. To bring this great tool to a whole new level. You and I changing this world for the better. We are already doing it! I have already done it before. But now I need you to open the flood gates, I need your help to allow Spirit to participate in our hour of need. So read below and see how the flashlight shines bright for all. Step one is to choose the prediction that brought you here and share it with your community. Bring attention to the battle unfolding and let them bring light to the world. The Spiritual Realm is coming and we aim to strike.

From Zee M, a Testimonial of a Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink: “I’ve been a follower of Eric and WWP for almost 7 years now.  I have always found him fascinating and so incredibly accurate.  And I will always, always, ALWAYS have an unbelievable amount of gratitude for Eric, the work that he does with Source, and the trajectory that my session with him 6 years put me on.

I had a session with Eric just after the presidential election of 2016.  I had just had my son a few months early in Dec 2015, and I was feeling all weird and out of sorts. Having had some mental health difficulties during my young adulthood, and several hospitalizations for my depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, I began going to a therapist again after feeling like I may have had postpartum depression and wanting to get ahead of it.  I had 3 other children at home and needed to prioritize my mental health. After a few months of therapy, and full recognition at some point that the anxiety and fear I was experiencing was EXTERNAL (potentially…..spiritual!), it was suggested that maybe, some sort of energy healing would be beneficial to help heal my pain and trauma.  So, I began looking, searching, praying, that the Universe would direct me to the thing that would help me feel better or to help me make sense of all of the wild stuff and sensation I was feeling. The Universe, and my guides led me to Eric.

I searched over many days and nights for different therapeutic healing modalities relating to energy and stumbled across Eric’s page and became mesmerized and obsessed with the accuracy of his readings. I would wait daily for him to post, and a week or two later, a link PROVING what he saw to be accurate. I slowly began to connect the dots, that maybe this person could help me sort my life and what I needed to do next to not feel the way I was feeling, or to understand WHY I was feeling that way. I did the only logical thing left to do! I booked a session with Eric after about 3 months of actively following the site.

What happened next was completely unexpected and felt nothing short of unbelievable and divine. I got on call with Eric 2 days after the election results, 2 days after I had to get off of the train on my commute because I felt an overwhelming feeling of needing to cry and vomit. I couldn’t sit still.  I couldn’t take what I now understand to be the palpable energy of others’ pain and fear and anxiety. Eric said “hello”, went through a few things I needed to know about our session, and after a few seconds of silence from Eric and anxious breathing from me, he was connected with his Spirit Team and ready to receive information to channel guidance for me.

“Did you know that you are clairaudient?!”

That I am WHAT?!?!

Eric explained, “Clairaudience is just like clairvoyance, where people see clearly. You can hear clearly.”  He proceeded to give me 3 very specific examples in my life where I had heard and felt my guides, Susan, James, Kyle, Evelyn, Balthazar and Melchior. When they had saved me. They directed my attention to other things, stayed with me in some of my darkest, most traumatic moments.  How they had convinced me, in my own voice, in my own head, to DO. SOMETHING. DIFFERENT. The examples were so specific and so clear, completely ungoogleable and kept VERY close to the chest, but he knew them. He knew, in great detail, things about my life that no one could know.

So I trusted. I believed. I followed Eric’s instruction.

“Meditate. Clear your mind and your heart and you’ll hear them.  They’ll make themselves known”.

For 3 days I sat in meditation. On my hour-long commute to work, both ways. After my kids went to bed. Carving out 20 minutes in the morning before babies were up and needing feeding.  For 3 days, nothing! No words. No sounds. Just silence. Day 4, all day, my ear was ringing. It sounded like someone was banging a drum incessantly, in intervals throughout the day. My name was being called at certain points. Felt like there was a bug that would sporadically flutter in my ear. It sounded like vague whispering near me. I commuted home and couldn’t settle or quiet my mind as I was distracted by all of the weird sensation in my left ear all day. Upon my return home from work, told everyone not to bother me as I was crotchety and cranky and couldn’t find any source behind the discomfort in ears.  I escaped to the silence of a hot a shower and it was there, listening to the water, trying to rid myself of the discomfort in my ears and the pressure in my head, that I was washed over in this golden light, as my left ear and left side of my neck and face started pulsing and vibrating and my guides made themselves known. As clear as day, they spoke to me, in a loud, robust, booming voice, identical to my own:

“WE…ARE…HERE.  WE…HAVE ALWAYS…BEEN…HEEERRREEEE… SUSAAAN….JAMES…KYLE….EVELYN,Lyn, Lyn, Lyn, Lyn…..” and all I could do was fall to my knees in utter and complete gratitude, sob, and recognizing fully well that what I was experiencing was real.

Since that day, I have had a very beautiful and unique experience as a healer, similar to Eric. I started reading tarot and using divination tools before slowly finding other ways to connect with my guides.  I found Reiki and after 3 years of study and practice, became a Reiki Master in the Usui Lineage with Medicine Woman Vicki Legoudis and mastery with teacher Lisa Levine. I was later attuned to the high frequency and knowledge of the Akashic Records with Christina Cross, and connect to source similar to how Eric does, helping me to predict future events and helping me guide people to the best outcomes possible. I work closely with my main guide, Balthazar, who has even taught me a new way to allow people into The Records and have been teaching folx to heal themselves ever since.

The gift that Eric gave me during our session 6 plus years ago is one that I will forever feel unable to pay back. It has changed my life in a way I never believed imaginable.  It has given full meaning and context to my pain and suffering throughout my life. It has put me on a journey of healing my ancestral, generational, and karmic trauma (which is what I specialize in now:  teaching children to heal themselves so they don’t have to suffer and neither do their children).  I’m healing my deep inner child wounds in order to maintain a high frequency to keep a clear connection with my guides. I have been gifted the ability to help others heal themselves so that I can continue to help Eric and the rest of the lightworkers doing this work currently, spread the message of ancestral and astrological knowledge, peace, healing and LIGHT on this planet. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves through the love and knowledge of our guides. If I can touch and change one person like Eric has done for me, then I’ve fulfilled my life’s purpose. To help teach people to heal themselves so that we can raise to “Love Frequency” and ascend.”

Thank you Zee! Now help me bring this gift to the world.

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4 responses to “How Do We Change the Future? Part 1”

  1. petemedium Avatar

    WOW Eric, what a beautiful post to wake up to. And I haven’t even had my first cup of tea.
    TOTALLY agree with this.
    Some additions if I may.
    Too many people consider psychics as the ones that have the knowledge, of their own thoughts or being, where as you and Zee make clear, we are but the conduits, channels or reflectors of the Source in it’s Many Colours.
    As Francis of Assisi stated: ‘Make me a channel of Your Peace.” That’s where I started and soon after, came the ear ringing.
    As long as I can remember, I’ve had conversations in my mind … with myself I thought.
    Laughing out loud at jokes They cracked, had me in some embarrassing situations as a kid.
    I was taken to doctors, as a child because of the ringing in my ears, copped beatings for things I’d say such as telling a school teacher that he was wrong and that there would not be nuclear generated electricity in Australia, and having passed on a message to my family from my great grandfather just days after his passing..
    The worst think we were ever told is that we are mentally ill if we talk to ourselves. Obviously, it is the way we present that determines if the ‘source’ is good or not so good to be entertaining that makes the differation..
    Even as I’m writing this, I have Them doing the dictation. And most of what I write here, at my Blog or at other places, is from Them.
    I wonder how many regulars here to your site are channelers and don’t know it. For a few dollars it would cost to have a session with you, they could go from confused, frightened, apprehensive and closseted individuals, to finding out, just like Zee, that they too are deliverers of Messages from on High to a world that desperately needs that Spiritual Healing.
    Ok, I think ‘We’ve” said enough … and I need that cuppa … Pete

  2. LM Avatar

    Beautiful story, thank you for sharing it.

  3. Shannon Avatar

    What a great testimonial to you Eric! And what a cool thing for Zee. I am so glad she found you.
    Really glad you shared this with us- it really has me thinking…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

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