Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink are available to anyone around the world. I know what you might be thinking. A reading with that guy? The man who predicts dread on tap? I just read his work here, and it is a stiff sour shot of something heavy, strong, that makes your face just pucker up and say “What was that?” I promote and predict the worst events imaginable. This site by design is like a pack of hunters constantly looking for the next tragedy to predict before it happens, so we can warn you. But thats the world. Is your life really like the world? I certainly hope not. Personal Readings with Eric is like having Tea and Biscuits with your sweet old aunt who talks too much, except this aunt is a few million years old. Personal readings are about bringing you back to the path you were meant to be on. It about presenting what you need to know here and now. Its about warning you of the pitfalls ahead, but also congratulating you of successes. Its sharing wisdom and honest truth. But most of all its about connecting you with the Spiritual Realm. In my opinion it is the best of what I do. Much better than anything I do here.

If your interested in looking into your future, then consider contacting Bea to set up an appointment with me, the details are in the link below:

4 thoughts on “Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

  1. I’ve had quite a few readings with Eric. It’s too soon for another one, but I look forward to hearing what Spirit has to share with me.

    If you’re curious I’d recommend going for it. Eric makes you feel comfortable from the start and once he gets started (connects with Spirit) the information just flows. You’ll definitely need an hour.

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