World Predictions 1-2-23

“ There will be a date, a date that will live in infamy.”
Presented in that World War 1 Voice that described
Whats Coming in 2022

China Covid
One Quarter of time, One Quarter of people, gone, all for the pride that stands in your way of finding solutions.

I had a vision of a small triangle shaped vial, that once had poison, was now empty. The vial fell to the floor. The vial still had just a spec of poison, in the corner was written 4.
Clearly related to World Predictions 12-8-20

The expectation for this day of Infamy is January 6th, or February. Our new World Predictions should only be focused on the “Now”. We have been waiting for three very specific old predictions to happen that might be related. Here are the old predictions.

Between the holiday or celebration, when things are either going up or being taken down, an attack at a sports event. I had a visual of bleachers. People were screaming, in one part of the visual it looked like a shooting spree, but there was also an implication of an explosive device.

London.. Poison on the UK land. The Russians use a redundant tactic. I had a visual of one man wiping his leather gloved hands briefly over another as they passed, leaving a mark. Then from the halls and rooms of the UK government pure rage.

But there is another prediction written on the “6th”, that one hopes, would never come. Is this what they mean by 6th? This prediction has a set of three horrors, designed to show the worst events coming after 2019. The first, has already unfolded, Covid, the second has already started with “Inflation”, and then the third:


“The US trade war falls apart.. what follows.. it’s bad, really bad.” I had a visual of a television showing stock trades and everything was in the red. I had a visual of one then two red arrows pointing down. The impression given was it was bad for everyone all around including the farmers.

I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger. “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

“Now.. Russia.. displays tactical mini nuclear weapons.. what a very bad idea” In a not so distant future: I had a visual of every news station discussing the shock over the use of the miniature nuclear weapon.

World Predictions 10-6-19

We aim to ask one last time for more details.

Now we aim to alter the nightmare of tomorrow. We finally have an opening to alter the tragedies of tomorrow. They are actually forming a very specific plan right now to alter the nightmares I predict. They talk about reaching towards “Youth”. Having the “Youth” share our work in the dorms. They talk about a strategy of hiring techs to help facilitate our goal. But most of all they are now predicting that at a later date, we break through and start altering tomorrow.

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67 responses to “World Predictions 1-2-23”

  1. Polly Avatar

    You mentioned the stock possibly dropping. I felt that vision and it was a message that told me that maybe I should take my money out of the funds or something. So I won’t lose it when I need it. Aside from that, I think the changes in the government will heighten around the world. I was hoping things will get better.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its a moment, one that will pass.

      1.  Avatar

        how long do you expect this tough time to last before you come back up

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I don’t entirely see it that way. We are going through one epic shift in direction. So massive that its hostile. For example Covid. Covid is without a doubt a horror. But what comes next is blissful. We learn more about cells and bodies in this time then we ever did before. Which in turn leads to us living lives well into the 100s. I see our timeline like a river that suddenly turned into a water fall, the fall is happening, crashing violently on its new space. But that space, that level, is so much better, so much freer, so much joyful. I can say with certainty it all changes when the King arrives and is born. But thats in the next Century.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I hear you though, I wake up every day in a state of panic. I actually have panic attack medication, because this is too much. Never did I think it would get so rough. When does that end? It alters course. Next is natural disasters on an epic scale, biblical. But our lives in technology, science, health. Those problems are dealt with. They create entirely different new ways, that make our lives better. Then a massive explosion in knowledge comes. “Eyes opening”. This starts now, but really takes hold in 2027.

          1.  Avatar

            it’s nice to know that there is no ending times, not only negative, dystopian futur over a very long period (centuries), that there is an exceptional time of wealth in all areas afterwards

            the dark night
            rage for the return of light
            which leads to a sunny day

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              As someone who predicts the future, I am suppose to tell you the “End times are coming” Nope. There will always be someone to stand in the way of those trying to destroy us. The future is set for humanity to explode as the true nature of ones self. We are pollinators. Set to expand outward. Caterpillars turning into butterflies. But before any of that is the panic, and fear of the darkness, as their empires are set to fall.

            2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              A very Sunny day indeed.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Could the prediction about the 6th being “a day of infamy” refer to an attack on the anniversary of the insurrection? That’s the first thought that came to mind, anyway. Hopefully it’s just me being paranoid.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That honestly skipped my mind, but yes, the Red Coats are still coming. You and another fan, having me changing my mind, I am starting to think your right.

    2.  Avatar

      it’s happen but in brazil

      good intuition and targeting, sara and eric.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thank you.

  3.  Avatar

    Is 10-6-19 prediction = 6th 2023 prediction ?

    with the recent death of the former pope
    more to a lesser extent
    the intense winter storm in the USA from December 21 to 26
    remains the third part of this prediction
    so, it is quite possible

    other “6th” prédictions

    Mass shooting.. Washington.. at 6.. music competition.

    We aim to alter the next January 6th.
    The Red Coats: like those of the past.. A new militia will rise in Ameria, set to slaughter it’s brother and sister for the name of dominance and power. In DC.. violence, the second wave.. 13.. lost. Later.. I had a vision of two men with a bomb in the back of their vehicle.

    Columbus Ohio.. Shooting.. shooting spree..
    Then they added (703) which is a strange way to present the number. The message came in late at night on the 3rd. It could be a countdown to the 6th or 7th? I need to ask for details.
    They later marked the 5th – 6th

    “Barcelona.. day.. Spain.. Terror attack.. soccer.. or park.”
    I heard a large explosion.
    Countdown from 5..4..3.. Marking the 5th or 6th.
    I had a visual of two singers standing side by side, one was a woman while the other was a large man with a beard and straggly hair. Again they point to this coming shooting spree, we need to reverify timing. In another message both 6 and 10 where marked. So the 17 is in question.

    “Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.
    “Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”
    I had a visual of a cross at first it seemed Christian, but then I saw myself walking down a hallway of a hospital. As if the hospital was the target.
    76 – Historically that means the 6th.

    “The next attack.. ”
    I had a visual of a bus with the number 601. The bus and other vehicles were in danger.
    Is 601 a date perhaps, the 6th

    I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out.
    Massacre.. all out massacre.. at or around the school.
    In one

    child link :
    “The Child sacrificed like cattle.. Rage! Rage! Rage! Civil upheaval now Civil War”
    I had a vision of a green room, with green stairs, and a green triangle center staged. Then on the steps of the green room, blood poured, staining the room.
    “The Triangle will fall.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      WOW! You know my work better than I do. I actually forgot about the Red Coats. Now with your post I lean towards the red coats. Are there any major events coming this 6th? Thank you for this organization.

      1.  Avatar

        no big events on January 6
        on the other hand, at the beginning of February, there is the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup
        but it has nothing to do with “red coats prediction” ..

        The Red Coats: like those of the past.. A new militia will rise in Ameria, set to slaughter it’s brother and sister for the name of dominance and power. In DC.. violence, the second wave.. 13.. lost. Later.. I had a vision of two men with a bomb in the back of their vehicle.

        so “the second wave” mean another 6th attack moment ?

        your comments
        Something for you to share, in this moment while the January 6th Committee finishes, one of my most accurate predictions. Join us. Join our cause. We have one goal, alter the tragedies of tomorrow by telling you whats coming, and we aim to strike. We aim to alter the next January 6th.

        More bad news: Lets just go ahead and put it all out on the table, this has been on the back of my mind. We have eyes for this message we are expecting domestic terrorism in the United States very soon. The hope is to gather more details:

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That is correct. There was always two attacks associated with the Insurrection. When January 6th happened. I waited for the second one. But it never came. The second one has something to do with an explosion.

          1. egwefer Avatar

            That could have been the pipe bombs that didn’t go off.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Definitely the same people.

  4.  Avatar

    triangle shaped vial + poison = chinese vaccine, vaccine, new anti covid drugs … very dangerous ?

    what do you expect about that ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It looked like a radiation symbol.

  5. mk Avatar

    Friday 6th Jan full moon.

  6. petemedium Avatar

    Good morning Eric, and all. Confirmation on all of this Eric.
    For many years now my Spirit Friends have been saying that the world has been lied to concerning the true status of the world economy. So yes to a serious recession/depression.
    In one predictions I visualized a street and a wall and the wall fell over: Wall Street.
    Yes also to the new Virus. Though similar to Covid, my Spirit Friends were saying it’s not the same, but more serious, especially to the very young and the elderly.
    And finally I also had the leaking of a deadly contaminant that I think They said floats eastward from the source. That was at the same time you got the possibility of something being released in Ukraine.

    We are entering a time, from Dickens? “Its was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
    My mantra: Meditate, connect to Creation, spread the word and ‘fear not’. Pete

  7. Sara Avatar

    They still haven’t caught the person who placed pipe bombs the day before Jan 6th at the Dem & Repub headquarters near the Capitol. Maybe if this 2nd one does happen on the 6th again it’ll be because the Jan 6th hearings have just ended.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, that was my thought.

  8. michael Avatar

    You see anything regarding the nuke this year? Because i remember a prediction you had last year, about the numbers 7-3. That could mean maybe march 7th?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Out of desperation, out of stupidity of the moment, yes we are expecting a mini tactical Nuke used. For some reason, that is where the war ends?? A few months later it ends? I honestly assumed that was what this message was talking about, until everyone noticed it was on the 6th, so are they talking about the US or Russia?

      1. Steve Avatar

        Or the 6th month? June?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          June is too far. The World Predictions of today should happen in a 6-8 week timeframe. Leaving the 1-6, or 2-6

  9. Itk Avatar

    On the other hand, I fear the Russians may take revenge on the Ukrainians for this: The actual death toll may be far higher than 62. So, I fear it’s not excluded that the ominous date of the 6th refers to the Russians’ revenge action.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your starting to see why they use the tactical mini nuke. Its desperation.

  10.  Avatar

    wasnt the day of pearl harbor attack called the day that will luve infamy?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes. They are quoting the past. We use the past to describe the now. That implies a full blown attack.

  11. Itk Avatar

    The Ukrainian strike has caused an unprecedented public reaction in Russia: This had never happened before during the current war, as the official propaganda of the army has heavily undermined the number of Russian casualties. So, Putin may feel tempted to use a mini nuke, obviously hoping the blast would scare everybody off and stop Ukraine from continuing its campaign of reconquest, thus allowing him to survive as president. That, however, would be a game changer, as it would precipitate the transfer of power in Russia and make Russia’s current allies reject the country, to be seen after that as a real pariah. Also note that Xi has made it clear China doesn’t approve of the use of nuclear weapons in any form. I cannot imagine how Putin would justify it to Xi.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your description is very much my exceptions. I would add an odd note. When this moment of Nuclear attack, there is a message of incompetence, mis communications, stupid acts. Not sure how that all fits in. Part of me still feels its the Nuclear Plant. But they did say mini tactical Nukes.

      1. john Avatar

        Could be that they hit the power plant? Since you get messages about mini tactical nuke and you feel it’s the power plant at the same time.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The messages both talk about “Poisoned Ground” and that poison will be there for a very long time. They also talk about a desperate moment, a stupid moment, where the worst choices are made. Again an air of incompetence by the Russians. All of that is lining up. Then the message spilts, one calls it a “Disaster” while the other message flat out says a mini tactical nuke is used. If it is the Nuclear Power plant, the Russians would have to treat it as a weapon.
          Which they kinda are.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes. Spirit is refusing to a certain degree, to show it to me, its just to horrifying. I still have horrible nightmares when “I” looked at Al Assad, poisoning his people .Now they look at the really horrifying messages and report back. So we are stuck with feelings, gut impressions, and symbols of poison. When I.say “Triangle Shaped Vial” The triangle looked like a piece of the radiation symbol.

          So I truly believe the messages however confusing are the same exact moment.

  12. Itk Avatar

    I’m not an expert in nuclear-related matters but the mention of the spread of poison, which also comes up in your other predictions, as well as in what Pete got, rather refers to the “nuclear plant option”. As far as I understand, regarding radioactive waste and its impact, a nuclear power plant may turn out to be much more dangerous than a tactical nuke, with short-lived isotopes and a limited geographical scope.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      From all the predictions, the ground becomes sour, poison for a very long time. FYI the land has a cure, we do fix the land in some distant future and here is where we put our tin foil hat on. Because who fixes our lands in the 28th century? Who has a solution to the Nuclear poison? Not humans.

      1. anitah Avatar

        How large areas in Ukraine will be poisoned?
        When this horrible criminal war is over! And Putin gone!? Ukraine gets freedom?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          According to the prediction, it runs a bit over a year. April May? He is about to run out of money and resources. Where do you go after that? My hope is to actually give you an exact date as soon as i have extra time. It will be like Chornobyl there is no going around it. Very bad.

          1. anitah Avatar

            Not whole Ukraine poisoned, only some part? Can Ukraine stay independent, and get Russia out? Zelensky´s future?

  13. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    China, one quarter of citizens gone due to their mismanagement of COVID. This should be an outrage. One quarter of their population is a lot of people. It is going to be a terrible Lunar New Year coming soon.

  14. petemedium Avatar

    Hi Eric. Wasn’t sure where to put this but think it is of value to all of us, especially concerning current and future predictions and how we can make them better. It’s from a channeled session of mine from May 2020:


    “Pete: In last week’s Blog You say “There are many storms ahead before We can predict when the calm waters will appear”. You have also said similar previously concerning the US Presidential Election for the end of this year. And I’ve noticed other psychic mediums are having difficulty predicting things accurately. Why is this so?

    Spirit Friends: As We have said previously, the energy/will that humans are currently calling for are not conducive to the Higher ideal. There is way too much selfishness in the ‘prayers’, requests and wishes of the majority. People are still thinking of their nation in a superior fashion over another. And even in their own nations, they are thinking more in an elitist fashion: Rich over poor. For this reason, the world is not getting the best of what is available of a predictable nature from the Highest of Highs.

    Like any storm, once the damage has passed and the air has cleared, peace will reign again, but nothing ever remains the same as it was before.(This part related to the up coming Presidential election and aftermath.)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The Spiirts would debate that its about “Power”. Our world has grown in massive size, and yet one man hold the power to destroy all of us? Why would we do that? Why would we give someone so much power over us. Not at all suppose to be that way. It is us. US! That should hold all the power. On top of all that, we gave it to a Thug, a liar, and we knew it.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        As I understand it, that ‘one man’ is the effect. Our inability as a collective to recognise the power we have to make changes is the cause. Imagine what the world would be like it only 1% of one country were to spend time communing with our Spirit Friends as you, I and other are currently doing.
        We are a power beyond our knowing, but we have been led to believe that God or the Creator are external to us, when in actual fact, we are part of It.
        But as you have rightly said, there is a time coming when we will become One with Creation and that will be when we live far longer lives, when health and happiness will be the norm and fear will be recognised as the real enemy …. in my humble opinion.

  15. Itk Avatar

    For your attention, one more factor just came to play in the discussion on wether or not Russia intends to do something very bad on the 6th. It’s the Orthodox Christmas, and the leader of the Church is seeking a Christmas truce:
    It would be bad for the public image if something as horrible as that happened right then.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting article.

  16. Itk Avatar

    So, Putin did accept the (unilateral) ceasefire, see
    For this, I regard it highly unlikely that the bombing will take place tomorrow – at least, if he is still in control. This tentatively suggests that the day of infamy might refer to an event taking place somewhere else, if we are talking about January 6.

  17. Itk Avatar

    Sorry, for a moment I almost believed in Putin’s unilateral Christmas ceasefire:

  18. Steve Avatar

    The guidance that you have received suggests that Putin will launch a mini-nuke, quite possibly this year, and that it will be an act of desperation, and of incompetence. Its difficult to know the timing of when everything is happening – perhaps his ordering of the nuke, causes outrage, leading to his assassination? Putin’s removal is what leads to the withdrawal of the Russian forces from Ukraine?
    My question is this – given the outrage that will be unleashed against the Russians after they nuke Ukraine, do the Russians learn from it? From what you you are suggesting, Putin’s replacement will be far worse, and it is his replacement who will bring us along the path to a much broader nuclear war. Does Putin’s replacement not acknowledge the tragedy of the first nuke, to the degree that somehow they believe that launching more nukes is acceptable?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The outrage of the Russian people will come from a collapse of their economy. We do not learn from it, because go from using one nuke, to a lull, then many many more. Thats what this entire site is trying to avoid, this second moment coming. Putins replacement really seems like the devil behind the door. The one pulling strings. Its the snakes that take control. These snakes are riddled throughout the world and they are that biblical Evil. There is another one coming out of China but he is a Zealot. With that said, I will not be missing Putin. This monster coming might not be his immediate predecessor . But he is there.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Food. WW3 is about food. The water doesn’t work for us, and no one is sharing with the mean Russia. That Russia that bombed Ukraine.

      1. robinswb3e25c57dc Avatar

        This might be a stretch on the January 6th prediction, but I just read that in Brazil, Bolsonaro supporters copy-catted (the news report said “echoed”) the US Insurrectionists and attacked their own Capitol this weekend.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It is odd. Is that the prediction?

        2. iforgotmyusername Avatar

          I was thinking the same thing. There are reports that Steve Bannon and other far-right strategists were advising both Trump and Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is currently in Florida hiding from investigations. He might be extradited. Two peas in a pod.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            Brannon was advising Brazils president?? Is that new.

            1. iforgotmyusername Avatar

              Yes, reported by Washington Post in November:

              Bannon was also advising far right parties in Europe, set up shop in Italy for a while.

  19. Itk Avatar

    So, the future lull period should be used to its fullest potential to avoid the last stage on the timeline. The problem is, however, that we are not yet in the situation in which food is scarce, but we should be wise when it plays out. We’ll have to count on the guidance by the Spirit.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its actually not that hard to do, Disrupting the timeline is all that is required. If we saved just one life. One. In the next hurricane, next tragedy I predict. Or lets say we prevent a mass shooting. 10 children. Those 10 children aren’t suppose to be on the timeline. Their very presence alters what should have been. The entire plan that the darkness has already constructed will have to be adjusted. So imagine saving 100, 1000 lives. Their plans would evaporate. Crack the glass and all of it will shatter.

      1. Itk Avatar

        Can we still do anything to change the timeline of the predicted mininuke event? At least mitigate its consequences? I think it would be good if as many Russians as possible read about it…

        1. waterlily222 Avatar

          I wish Russians would care…but few do.

  20. Itk Avatar

    It looks like that in order for the Zealot to appear, there will first have to be a major political upheaval in China. The current regime seems to have quelled most religious activity. I remember we once talked about the order in which these to dark characters unfold; judging by the current situation, it would be easier to see the one in Russia appear first. However, if we are talking about a period of several years, everything is possible.

  21. Itk Avatar

    I’m enclosing an edited interview of Patrushev, the hawk of the hawks:
    Putin has surrounded himself with figures like him, with twisted thinking and living in a paranoid parallel reality. Patrushev is reportedly the one who “informs” Putin of the events on the battlefield. Undoubtedly a dangerous person.

  22. Itk Avatar

    This recent news is interesting:
    It’s the first sign of of its kind of China possibly turning away from Russia and Putin. I wonder if it’s a prelude to Russia being abandoned by its allies, as predicted.

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