World Prediction: Eric Leigh-Pink Predicted January 6th Insurrection

Something for you to share, in this moment while the January 6th Committee finishes, one of my most accurate predictions. Join us. Join our cause. We have one goal, alter the tragedies of tomorrow by telling you whats coming, and we aim to strike. We aim to alter the next January 6th.

The Red Coats: like those of the past.. A new militia will rise in Ameria, set to slaughter it’s brother and sister for the name of dominance and power. In DC.. violence, the second wave.. 13.. lost. Later.. I had a vision of two men with a bomb in the back of their vehicle.

12 thoughts on “World Prediction: Eric Leigh-Pink Predicted January 6th Insurrection

  1. Eric I don’t truly believe it’s your goal to alter the tragedies of tomorrow by telling us what’s coming.
    If that statement was true? you wouldn’t be trying so hard to dismiss credible medical information just because the person posting that medical information is not vaccinated as you are. Actively dismissing information that may educate yourself and help your readers from the tragedies of tomorrow is not altering the future but sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the unfolding tragedies completely. IMHO the only people you wanted to help are vaccinated people and those who share in your particular liberal hive mind. Anybody who doesn’t fit in that box is not welcome.

    “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”
    ― Bertrand Russell

      1. I wish I could believe that Eric, I really do
        with Christmas at hand
        I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say
        Merry Christmas to you and all of your followers

        1. Hi Tom, I am not American. But I did read some social media posts on anti mRNA vaxx (posts originated from United States). In my country there are some staunch anti vax people too but they are in the minority. What I think is, the more they watch those anti vax posts, the more fear they had of the vaccine and the more the anti vax people imagine they are being discriminated. In reality, everyone is busy with their lives and only too happy to finally go back to normal living, than to indulge in discrimination against unvaxxed people. Those social media posts that describe vaccines as some evil are reinforcing the fear in people. I prefer to look at people physically around me to see if the vaccine is harmful or not. So far it isn’t and society opening up is a testament to the vaccine’s effectiveness (compare with non RNA vaxxed China still suffering from COVID). And no one is actively identifying nor singling out who has not been vaxxed. I hope you won’t be offended by my comment because I had some anti vax friends who seem to be living in an imaginery world as they imagine “persecution” for their anti vax views.

          1. Shakugan Tan
            I don’t consider myself anti-vaxx but pro truth
            The anti-vaxxer name is a negative label created by Gov. officials and the media to shame people
            because the main stream media is supported by big pharma thru advertising dollars
            This was the first red flag for me. If the vaxx was safe and effective the GOV and media
            would not have to resort to such bully tactics. The second red flag was that vaxx’d people still required to wear a mask? If the vaxx prevents transmission why are vaxx’d people still wearing a mask? The third
            red flag was Pfizer trying to hide their data for 75 years from the public. That was a big fat red flag for me.
            The forth red flag was the suppression of Doctors from twitter who were trying to warn people about the vaxx causing heart issues. Why suppress Dr. Malone the inventor of the MRNA technology from twitter and youtube? The fifth red flag was the fear porn drummed up by the media on an industrial scale. This drove many people into a state of paranoia. Fear is the opposite of love and when you are motivated by fear to take a vaxx then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Love must be your motivation. These were my reasons for not taking this vaxx. We now know that the vaxx does not work, it was never tested and everything the Gov and media told us about it’s effectiveness was a lie. Many of these Gov. officials pushing this vaxx made millions investing in Pfizer stock and exposed their fellow citizens to an unnecessary experimental injection that does more harm than good.

            1. Hi Tom,

              The Vaccination does not stop transmission. It’s purpose is to stop the symptoms if you catch it. To stop transmission, facemasks, distancing and cleaning is what is recommended.

              The Government in Australia have stopped their media campaigns, everyone carries on as if nothing has happened. Now the case numbers are growing substantially, with no end in sight. So it looks like some faction is now winning the race to have us all infected. The media and Gov are to blame – they are no longer raising awareness of the dangers of the Virus and how it can be contained.

              I’m not sure if Pfizer is holding anything back. MRNA technologies have only just been discovered.

              As for the Doctors, of course everything has a risk. By design, the drugs will simulate an actual Covid attack – that’s how your body will learn to defend itself when the real thing happens. But if you are already in poor health, anything that simulates an attack is going to put a potential deadly strain on your body.
              As soon as you get in a motor car and go for a drive, there is a risk that you will be in an accident where you or someone else will die. Does this mean that people should not use cars? (That having been stated, yes, we should use cars less to stop Global Warming).

              So, why shouldn’t anti-vaxxers be shamed? People around me are very susceptible to lung and breathing difficulties. Why should their lives be put at the risk just so that anti-vaxxers can have that feeling that somehow they have can retain their freedom? People who are already in a vulnerable state have even fewer freedoms now given that Governments and the media re now no longer reminding people of what they should be doing to stop the spread.

              1. Oh, and lastly, I’m no sure on the dynamics of a Big Fat Red Flag. When you are talking Big and Fat, I am thinking rather large and cumbersome in size, so I guess that is more of a static Flag rather than a true fluttering Flag? For me, Media and Gov is now showing one Big THIN White Flag. A White flag of surrender.And it is certainly blowing more wildly in the wind than a Big Fat Red Flag.

              2. Shakugan Tan
                Please stop using the word anti-vaxxer
                people make medical decisions everyday with their family doctor
                they don’t consult you or me about their condition and choices
                therefore I don’t have the right to call them anti this or anti that because they make a choice not to do something. If somebody is medically compromised they must take steps to protect themselves
                shaming me is not going to protect them
                People need to do what’s right for themselves
                Forcing people to get vaxx’d against their will is not good health policy
                especially when the vaxx was never tested and does not work as advertised
                Unvaxx’d poor countries like Africa faired much better than rich vaxx’d countries
                that should tell you everything.

                1. Tom what does this have to do with an Innsurection on the Capitol? Lets stick to the topic. Honestly Tom, if your that passionate about being an Anti Vaccinator , get your own site, but this site is not about your plight. Its about changing the world for the better. Are you here to help or infringe?

  2. The January 6th prediction was eerily accurate; do you think the Red Coats prediction is an imminent threat? Or is that sometime later?

    1. I think your onto something Sarah – could well be another Jan the 6th moment, not long to find out.

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