Predictions 4-2-16

“Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice

Predictions 4-1-16   “Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.
“Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”
I had a visual of a cross at first it seemed Christian, but then I saw myself walking down a hallway of a hospital. As if the hospital was the target.
76 – Historically that means the 6th.

The number 76 normally would be symbolic to the 6th. Historically if their is a 7 in their message its symbolic to a date (7 days in a week) and the number that follows is the date. However in this case it looks more like a countdown (in 6 days), which would lead to Tuesday as well.  Its still unclear if the hospital is just something in need, or perhaps the event takes place around a hospital. From the description it sounds like some type of knife attack against the police.

We have enough information to make an exerted effort to change this horrific event. This cannot be allowed to happen, not again. We can no longer allow these predictions to unfold unhindered.  I am asking  for your help, by making Belgium aware. If you live in Europe please help us get the word out. If you live in Belgium please make the authorities aware. Change can happen through awareness. The time for change is here and now.

I understand the difficulty of what I am asking you to do, I am asking you to share messages written by a psychic, discussed with Spirits, just saying it sounds a bit crazy.  The only air of authenticity I can give you in my request to share this post is the accuracy of the first attack predicted. So I would encourage you to share this post that has the new prediction and the prediction of the first Belgium attack.

The predictions related to the first Belgium attack:

Predictions 12-21-15   Spirit showed a map pointing to three different locations in red.
They seem to imply another attack, 3 of them back to back.
Sorry but I could not remember the location of the map.

I had a visual of a massive storm engulfing Europe, they showed a map and to the left of this massive storm was the word ‘Belgium’.

I had a visual of a clock, but the numbers that circled the clock where different. The 12 was replaced with 21, and the 11 was replaced with 4. As if to say 4 21.

It could be a simple message of ‘for 21’ which means one of these predictions will happen today or tomorrow. Otherwise the message represents something else April 21st?

Predictions on 9-28-15  I had a visual of a dark figure sitting on a train. A message that this prediction below is coming soon. In the vision it seemed like a woman, but the figure could simply be a message of this dark prediction unfolding. Tuesday was mentioned in the set of predictions as a possible timeframe.

Predictions 1-27-16
“Evil Act”
“We don’t have people on”
“3 of them.”
I had a visual I was watching a train roll by, one of the cars was completely black, and had shadow like figures looming in the window.
They could be implying an evil act involving a train, or the shadows could be a message of death.

Predictions 12-30-15
“Unfortunately the wicked people are still there.. Belgium.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.

Prediction 11-25-15 Belgium Bombing
“It’s not France it’s Belgium.
Raid.. Protect Lou.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I tried to ask where? and again they talked about Lou, followed by two other messages.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
Predictions on 11-16-15 (I assume this is what they mean by ‘Its not France but Belgium.’)
“France.. the lou is in danger.. protect it.. and the area around it..
Manipulative.. they will draw your attention elsewhere and then try to destroy (or damage it).. Fire.. 24.. 25” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 12-1-15  Spirit also made a point to separate the Belgium and France attack. They are not one event, very sorry for the mistake. I have rewritten them making a point to separate the events.

I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.
“The lou is in danger.. protect it.. and the area around it..
Manipulative.. they will draw your attention elsewhere and then try to destroy (or damage it).. Fire.. 24.. 25” — Spirits Voice

Below is a prediction discussing a countdown, where two predictions would happen back to back. The First happened on the 18th with the Russian plane crash, unfortunately this terror attack is the second:

Predictions 3-17-16   I had a visual of both hands of a clock reaching 12. The clock rang out with a large bell, once.   The countdown was now complete.

We are expecting one of our major predictions to happen between now and the 19th. But Spirit also shared that another prediction would happen right after this countdown, two separate events back to back. The only clue given on which prediction they are referring to is 1 444 and another message of a failed prediction that was now becoming a reality.
Predictions on 12-4-15     “Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.
Predictions 1-5-16   466 in bold.
“Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.”
I had a visual that a bomb was moving through an airport terminal, or baggage area. Keep in mind that 466 could be seen as just the number 466 or a message ‘for 66’.

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  1. Popi Avatar

    I did what I said yesterday, all the Belgium newspapers are informed and retweeted to interpol as well..
    Hopefully thay will take it seriously and will not think I am crazy

    1. pat fletchet Avatar

      Popish did you inform them today or yesterday, as yesterday was April fools day.

      1. pat fletchet Avatar

        Sorry popi

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Assuming they look at the blog one would hope its taken seriously.

    3. Cee Avatar

      Popi, you are wonderful!!

      1. Popi Avatar

        Thanks Cee❤️

  2. Popi Avatar

    Yesterday Pat but I wrote a message explaining and included the link so if they take it seriously they can find out about Eric’s predictions when they get on his site.Today I retweeted the new one to Interpol HQ

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Popi.

  3. Anne Amato Avatar

    Eric, with reference to “Lou”l is it possible it is really “Leuven”? It is pronounced sort of like “Lou”.
    And there are hospitals there…Catholic hospitals also….and medical research centers.

    Leuven (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈløːvə(n)]; French: Louvain, pronounced: [luvɛ̃], often used in English) is the capital of the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium. It is located about 25 kilometres (16 miles) east of Brussels, close to other neighbouring towns such as Mechelen, Aarschot, Tienen, and Wavre. The municipality itself comprises the historical city of Leuven and the former municipalities of Heverlee, Kessel-Lo, a part of Korbeek-Lo, Wilsele and Wijgmaal.

    It is home to …… and to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the largest and oldest university of the Low Countries and the oldest Catholic university still in existence. It is also home to the UZ Leuven, one of the largest hospitals of Europe.”

    Just a thought….since we still do not know the “Lou” in the prediction.

    1. Zanda L Avatar

      I think Lou could actually mean Loi. Protect rue de la Loi?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        What is the rue de la loi exactly.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for all the information. I will be asking for a follow up on the Lou message.

      1. Popi Avatar

        Rue de la loi as I understand is a Main Street downtown Brussels where the EU HQ are based

      2. marie Avatar

        The Rue de la Loi is the same street that the Maalbeek metro station is in. The same station that got attacked.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That questions whether this prediction has already happened.

  4. Anne Amato Avatar

    Leuven is also located just to the northeast of Brussels.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So many different ties to the Lou message.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Eric, sure it’s not the person like Lou Dobb’s night show? Is Lou related to a place not a person as someone to attack?

        Blessings To You!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks Mary. The message implied a place.

  5. Anne Amato Avatar

    Also…this may have nothing to do with THIS particular prediction, but Leuven is also home to an enormous cancer research center…I could not “zero in” on that exact location within the city but assume it is close to the university and/or actually in the hospital there. And, if so, one would expect cancer research and treatment facilities to have radioacrive isotopes (which can be used as components of “dirty bombs”….so would hope there is adequate security at those facilities. (Not only there….but everywhere.)

  6. Rob Avatar

    The way I am interpreting the prediction a heinous way to commit murder with a knife. Sounds like they will attempt to behead a Belgium Police Officer. That was my gut feeling reading your latest prediction.

    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      Rob…agree with police or security officer…that was my feeling as well…but the “cross” shape, and then the mention of a “hospital” and the unfinished “lou”….well, made me wonder if maybe a security officer or something at a research center or hospital. Just a guess…kind of tying up loose ends in the predictions…do not have any real strong feeling about it though.
      But…actually DO have a fearful feeling about the security (or lack thereof) in security at cancer research and treatment centers….not necessarily this prediction…just in general do not think security measures are adequate in most places where this material is used.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not sure exactly what happens but they made it sound brutal and barbaric.

  7. Anne Amato Avatar

    Eric…this brings up a question from me. Do the Spirits ever let you know if a prediction for something like a terrorist attack has been “cancelled”? The reson I ask is because. I have read in several different sources that MANY “planned attacks have been averted”……but the public is rarely given any detail of these planned attacks.

  8. star48 Avatar

    SWC, I have an article that outlines some of the challenges and stumbles..that security has been dealing with regarding foreign fighters..
    It is eye opening..,no wonder the police went on strike..( I think Sun, airport will do something symbolically that it is open?)


    1. Popi Avatar

      Inside European Union we all travel freely with just an ID card from one country to the other!its like in the US going from one state to the other.
      The story behind all this that has to be really examined is why all these Belgium citizens where radicalized by Isis? Why they decided to die in the country they were born and kill other people who could be even relatives? As one brother of them said their families now are in a very bad position!
      There is much more behind all this and some day they will bring it to light.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I know about free movement in EU…
        That article spoke to the issues brought to light…how there are gaps in identifying Foreign Terrorist fighters…
        I ( my opinion) believe it is not about nationality, but ideology…
        There has been a movement for 1000 years…even Nostradamus in the 1500’sidentified the threat.


  9. Popi Avatar

    It was not an intension to criticize the article but a further explanation for the people who read the news but don’t live in Europe. Just tried to give a broader picrure😊 Anyway I agree with you

    1. star48 Avatar

      thank you for your comment..
      I have been following the death in Scotland — of Assad Shah in Glasgow ( one who wished Christians a Happy Easter).

      A call for unity within the Muslin community At the Mosque– has been telling —–
      Mr. Aimer-anwar

      “With a young family I could be forgiven if I had chosen to shut up and walk away. The pressure from the community, friends and family to protect myself from the fanatics has been enormous.

      “It is a terrifying and deeply lonely place to be when you say goodbye to your children and wonder if it is for the last time, but the death of Asad Shah should be a wake-up call to our community that we must not be silenced.

      “Our so-called community leaders must do much more, they have avoided tacking hatred to preserve their status and that is deeply shameful and hypocritical.”

      Read more:

      1. Cheryl Avatar

        Wow so your article saying he was injured neglected to detail the truth of his “injuries”. Wow, just wow. “A newsagent was murdered by a fellow Muslim after he wished his Christian friends a peaceful Easter.
        Asad Shah, who was stabbed up to 30 times at his shop, had praised both the life of Jesus and ‘his beloved Christian nation’. Left lying in a pool of blood, the 40-year-old died in hospital.
        Police, who were questioning a 32-year-old suspect last night, said the killing was religiously motivated.
        Mohammad Faisal, a family friend, said a bearded Muslim wearing a long religious robe entered Mr Shah’s shop and spoke to him in his native language before stabbing him in the head with a kitchen knife.”
        Was he beheaded too, stabbing in the head is usually used for this, is it not?

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        This according to Nostradamus PC will be our downfal quatrains century 4 -32; century 7-34; and century 2-34. PC needs to go the way of the dodo or we are all doomed. Eric if we fail to see who the enemy is, how will we ever defeat it? So who exactly are these ‘spiders’ spinning their webs?

      2. Mary Avatar

        I’m confused Eric. Is this the one that the Spirit mentioned “Again attack”. This news occurred before Easter stabbed by the knife man. Is this the one? (I’m sorry it happened to the store owner of Glasgow being stabbed 30 times. The murderer said “it’s the religiously motivated”. Well….the truth is there are good and bad ones just like the apples.

        Or is it still coming up on Tuesday aiming for a police officer stab by knife?

        1. star48 Avatar

          Mary, the story about the stabbing in Glasgow happened ..the victim was buried on Saturday.
          He was much loved by Christians and Muslims alike.
          This happened way before Eric posting..
          I only mentioned it in the thread..due to the tensions rising in Europe, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands,Italy. And ugly rhetoric in Hungary and other countries is growing
 tenuous everything is right now.
          And Greece on Monday will start deporting people back to Turkey..

          So spirit / Eric posting is still to come..

      3. Mary Avatar

        Thank You, Star.

        On different note for NYC related with bellview from 2 years ago. My guess is the emergency helicopter for Bellview hospital or drones to expose the chemical weapons that burns the eyes.

        Praying for the world to be at peace and nonviolence.

  10. rhona Avatar

    Hi Eric i just had a thought some hospitals have a white cross for their helipads on the rooftops
    your visiin could have been from above then descended into the hospital
    blessings and love to spirit..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s an interesting take on it Rhona. It reminds me of the visual Eric had a while ago of a spider landing on top of a sky scraper or building. Maybe that had to do with a drone or something. I also think that may have been for the US but not sure. I will see if I can find it. Here it is.

      1. star48 Avatar

        did Harvey mention something about 4 canister drone.?
        I believe it was in a recent comment..a recent vision/dream?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I just saw your email. Maybe Anthony? Could have been Harvey/Mary?

      2. Mary Avatar

        Hi Star48, my worries is the checimal weapons. I remember reading the older post of Eric perhaps over a year or 2 ago saying people looking up as if there’s rains. Then it burns their eyes. My fear is for NYC as the spider hover over the tall building nearby hospital (bell view thing as we all tried to figure out what’s the bell view) that may could be relate to chemical weapons from above in sky scattering to people unto open grounds in NYC. I hope I’m wrong. I appraise you, Jules and others for commitment to Eric as his investigation team. It’s tireless work to piece it all the missing puzzles together to give a warning to people.

        I’m here back and forth and stay on following up updates with Eric. I’m working full time substitute teacher. All the blessings to you and yours!


        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Mary/Harvey. I think Anthony mentioned a four canister in AZ following to CA recently? I could be wrong. You are such a blessing and contribute hugely also. I am very thankful for all the words of wisdom and info you add Mary. Blessings

      3. Mary Avatar

        Hi Jules and Star, I don’t think I’ve mentioned of 4 cantor drones. It could be Anthony or someone. Hopefully someone will reply to your question.

        Thanks for your kind words and for all you do to help Eric and Spirits.

        To everyone…Please keep praying for peace. This is the year we all need to PRAY! We can make the difference to prevent the globally from turning upside down. My heart goes out to Syrians that suffered. Wish I could take them all into a safe place and destroy the evil minds. Praying for refugees in Greece that turning them back to Turkey. We need to help the helpless refugees even if the government turned against them due to fear. Do not fear evils as this is what they wanted to do to destroy the motherly earth which is the creator and energy of light. Pray for great warrior Saint Michael to defeat and protect the goods from evils. Pray…pray…pray. please. This is the year not to mess around with. It’s either now or too late. Our future won’t be the same if we don’t act and pray. Pray. You have the power. It’s within your heart and soul.

        1. star48 Avatar

          the first ferry has left..I know they agreement UN /
          plan to send back 750 total at this time.,

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Mary. Great message!

      4. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Star on following up with UN reports. There’s always rooms or places for refugees to stay in USA. We have many foreclosure homes being vacant that can be used as temporary or as long as they need to stay.

        Another thought: I just looked up “Brussels Butcher” looking for clues. Maybe you, Jules and others find a clue. I need to go to bed get ready for tomorrow morning work. All my love and prayers bind with you and good saints on earth. Please keep praying for peace 24/7.

        Peace to you and yours.

  11. Greg Avatar

    2016 FW13 meteor .8 LD arrives 5 April. (Space Weather) Not very large, maybe 9-15 ft across.

    1. star48 Avatar

      did you see the Giant fireball over Spain? 10 times brighter than the sun.,luckily it burned up before hitting the ground..
      I put the video on another thread.. Lots of activity going on..

  12. Mary Avatar

    Please everyone. ..keep Praying for all terrorists to be foiled. We do not need the chemical weapons. It’s huge that will affect globally. We can prevent this by the power of prayers.

  13. HP Avatar

    These 2 articles below don’t have clues about the possible attack on Tuesday, but it’s important so, I thought I want to bring to people’s attention. It’s a good news that they found the laptop so, the Belgian’s PM’s home won’t be terrorized. The news of ISIS has been making bombs at Iraq university’s lab is disturbing.

    “Laptop containing plans of Belgian PM’s home found near terrorists’ flat”

    “ISIS reportedly hijacks university’s chem lab for explosive experiments”

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks for sharing the links, HP. The more we know where IS IS making bombs, the sooner the better we can stop them to cut down numbers to zero. That’s our goal to stop their madness ND craziness.

      Praying for peace on earth.

  14. star48 Avatar

    the refugees are blocking the roads in northern Greece..because they are closed…
    The refugees are demanded…access to Europe..(EU )

    See video..

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks and keep praying. Don’t give up fighting, refugees. Be strong and will over come evils and death. Pray for Greece government to soften their hearts by allowing them to stay and move where they wish to go for safety and nonviolence. We are supporting them and heard their cries. Keep them safe and feed the hungry. Keep them warm from cold. Give them love from hatreds.

      Go in peace.

  15. star48 Avatar

    riot police held back 1500 trying to use Brenner Pass border entry
    Things flip from peaceful to violence.

    BERLIN (AP) — Austrian police have clashed with protesters demonstrating against the closure of Europe’s borders to migrants.

    About 1,500 people took part Sunday in a protest at the Brenner border crossing between Austria and Italy.

    Toward the end of a peaceful march dozens of protesters tried to break through a line of Austrian police in riot gear.

    Police used batons and pepper spray to drive back the protesters, some of who threw bottles and rocks at the officers.

    The Austrian daily the Tiroler Tageszeitung reported on its website that two police officers were injured.

    Several European Union countries have responded to the influx of migrants from across the Mediterranean by reintroducing border controls along their previously open frontiers.


    1. Mary Avatar

      The refugees would rather die for freedom and peace instead of going back to slaughter. They would rather die for a cause to send their messages. Praying for all to be at peace and non violence towards the refugees. Police officers are just doing their jobs. And so the refugees are just trying to live in peace.

      Keep praying and we shall overcome the evil seeds.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        My thoughts to Mary. They may figure what do they have to lose at this point? If they go back they are slaughtered by ISIS. It’s a horrible situation. Will keep praying. Blessings

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for all the info Star48. I think it sounds like a mess over there. Praying for wisdom, compassion, love, peace to enter into many hearts and minds.

  16. Todd Avatar

    What happend to the Chinese earthquake that was predicted ?

    1. star48 Avatar

      You are the third person to ask the same question…ummm …
      in as many minutes…
      A little research and reading will show that sometimes the timing is off.
      But it does happen…hold on to your socks..
      Obviously, you are part of the triumvirate ?

  17. Popi Avatar

    Hello ,
    I will give you a short briefing of what is happening now with the refugees:
    In Greece now officially there are 53.000 Syrians,Afgani and Iraqi refugees.
    15.000 of them are staying in Eidomeni , the border on the North of Greece which is called the Balcan way,the borders are closed and they are stuck there in very bad conditions as the gov doesn’t not want to build a camp just on the border which is not going to open soon,the gov refuses to use violence but the problem is that the refugees have closed 15 days now the main commercial railway for Europe and the Greek exports have stopped.the refugees think that if they put pressure on the Government they will open the border, which is impossible,So there is a lot of pressure on the gov that tries to convince them peacefully to move to safe places. There are now many incidents between syrians and iraqis with stabbings and they end up to the hospitals.
    In Pireus port in Athens there are more than 5000 and it happens the same…
    The national tv channel is now broadcasting 3 times per day info in Arabic in order to keep these people informed for the border and their safety.
    The Gov uses people who speak Arabic and leaflets and sends them to these places to ask them to move to hot spots in 30 until now places in Greece where there are camps food and showers. Every day though ,on Lesvos island mostly ,arrive around 1000 refugees ( there are already 5000 there).
    Hepatitis and other diseases are rising in these unorganized camps and thousands of children are in great danger 😒
    So in my opinion at the end the government will have to use force to put things in order.The deal between EU and Turkey is like a stupid joke and it will never work because the
    trafficking from Turkey brings a lot of money to Turkeys traffickers (2000-4000 euros per person) .
    All the people in Greece help and wellcome the refugees but when there are incidents as described above the fear will rise …
    I really hope that the situation will change and a solution will be found otherwise this will end up badly…
    You all know that the country has a huge financial problem and there are more than 10.000 Greek people who comiteed suicide because of this terrible situation😒
    I pray for a solution for everybody because the situation is not good at all.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks Popi for sharing info. Anything is possible even when there’s no money just as Depression Era in 1930’s. People survived with no jobs, homes and little to none food. They can make it in tough situation. The refugees chose as no going back to slaughtered lands. Government must help even if there is no money. Sending back is not the option. We around the world will conquer the evildoers as ISIS. They will lose and we shall overcome. Praying for refugees to be strong and bring peace for all.

      1. Mary Avatar

        My greatest sympathy goes to Greek committed suicides. The rate is extremely high. So sad and it’s awful. I assumed it’s similar happened in USA during the great Depression. Life is tough. Praying things will improve in time. We all need to stand together to help the suffering people in Greece also. So heartbroken. Don’t give up the fight.

        KEEP PRAYING PLEASE….. PRAY just as saint Michael said “Pray” because the more people to pray… we can overcome this evil worlds. It sends the energy-efficient.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Popi Thank You for the update. I hope and pray that the violence won’t continue and somehow someone will figure out a better strategy of helping everyone involved. Blessings.

      1. star48 Avatar

        more unrest in Sardinia.. Island taken hostage..
        ( the popes back yard). Again demand to have open access to EU…they will not even identify themselves….( rational thought has gone out the window..only demands)

        1. jules104 Avatar

          It seems they are being driven by fear and desperation. I almost wonder if they have others giving them advice on how to proceed. I hope not at their own detriment. This only seems to be angering the officials. Praying for level heads and full hearts.

  18. mike Avatar

    tried posting on a number of occasions now , but what happened to the chinese earthquake that was predicted for the 31st march?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes the timing is off, not just in this prediction but the other as well.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Eric 3 suicide bombers have just targeted a police station in Russia. Fortunately it looks like no casualties it sounds very similar to the Brussels police prediction coming up. Sorry I can’t copy the link really easy to find though.

        1. star48 Avatar

          Here is article as ref: Russian suicide attacks..

          (Note ;; major anti- terror operation is proceeding due to this action)

    2. star48 Avatar

      you asked the same question as Laura, and Todd
      Within minutes..friends?

  19. rhona Avatar

    SWC yes it was anthony the mentiined the 4 canister drines on 3-29-16 if i remember correctly i wpuld luke to add an old nees article from July 2015 about drones being used i dont imagined they have dhelved the idea just eaiting till the dust settles before using maybe

  20. laura Avatar

    what happened to the Chinese earthquake prediction eric? wasn’t this supposed to happen around the 31st march?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, their timing is off, again.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Eric what do you think of the Russian police station attack does it fit anything?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I am sorry but I do not have a prediction for this tragedy.

  21. star48 Avatar

    Vandals at the Louve tore down banners for the traveling exhibition that showcases Israel.

    It’s called —OPEN- a door to Israel..

    (.I hope this is the right thread..left it on one other.).


  22. Mary Avatar

    Question to Star, jules, and others. Is this all true as I looked up on The Breaking Isreal News : the biblical perspective in general?

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks and blessings to you.

    1. star48 Avatar

      do you mean the Bloody Nile…? The biblical references?
      The exhibits?
      The exhibit they mention ( UN ref) is a different exhibit –Zionism
      at the —-Open -door to Israel— exhibit.
      I am sorry I do not understand what you are asking me to look at as a reference ?
      Can you give me a little more direction?

      1. Mary Avatar

        Yes, that’s one. Is it real or fake?

        1. star48 Avatar

          Mary, the satellite 3A
          .took the composite pictures…read the article.
          Though there are people who will say the color chosen is no accident.


      2. Mary Avatar

        The bloody Nile. Is it fake,,star?

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Mary. I’m not sure what you are asking. Was there suppose to be a link?

  23. Ken Avatar

    Tomorrow April 5th , Three asteroids (2016 GE1, 2016 GH1, 2016 FW13) are to pass earth. 2016 FW13 is supposed too come closer than the moon.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Ken, hi…Today is the 6th…
      did you put the wrong date down?
      1690 asteroids and 17 Fireballs. Potential on today’s date..the 6th

  24. rhona Avatar

    Hi Mary/Harvey i think i understand your question many people from certain religious beliefs believe this to be gispel truth and have grown up not questioning it…especially if you are from a certain locality on earth and a aparticular age i have a link for you to read…you probably know the story but i add it as it poses both views …i hope this helps your queery …love your searching spirit for knowledge
    blessing always to you

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks Rhona, Star, Jules and others,

      I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the red bloodly Niles. I thought it was a hoax but it’s not. It’s explained behind the logical reason. Blessing to you all. Please it’s so important for everyone to PRAY. It’s the only key that will prevent and reduce the disasters. The spiritual is working with the physical. the Spirits cannot do it alone without our prayers. When we pray, we send the energy movements by thoughts, hearts and souls.

      I totally believe that the earthquake was supposed to happen in China on March 31st. my dogs were very uncomfortable before and during that time. They are super sensitive by feeling vibes under their four legs. I believe it was the power of prayers that helped prevent and reduce the disaster but it does not mean it will not happen. It can happen any day, month and year with the big ones. So, with the power of prayers helped prevent or reduce the earth movements on that day of March 31st.

      Please it’s critical that we pray for ISIS during this time and next few years. We need to pray to make it stop before it get out of hands and hurting our motherly planet. Don’t give up praying.

      Blessing to you all!

    1. star48 Avatar

      Jojoa2163, great catch ….lots of activity..
      Spain had one the other day too..

  25. Popi Avatar

    Some news that are maybe related with the Pope:
    The Greek Orthodox leader has invited the Pope and the Orthodox Patriarch to visit Lesvos island for the refugees.
    They said on the news that the Vatican has responded positively to the invitation and the visit will take place in a few days! Religion powers getting together? I hope so!🙏
    Eric you do have some predictions for the Pope, here is one of them:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      He is such a cool Pope.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Agree. He is amazing Pope.

      2. star48 Avatar

        Eric, it is set ,the 16th of April…Lesbos…
        Note…***an aside—-terrible date,,,so many horrible things happened in history on that date
        Mostly. 16—20 bad.

  26. star48 Avatar

    EU border agents admit
    Terrorists are using the migration crisis to enter Europe and plot atrocities across the continent, the European Union’s own border agency has admitted.


  27. star48 Avatar

    Why EU is officially rattled.. New numbers…1.8 million this year.

    1. Popi Avatar

      They don’t need to do that in my opinion ,all the terrorists until now are EU citizens 😒

      1. star48 Avatar

        Popi, today…announcement
        –Wed Apr 6, 2016 | 6:20 AM EDT
        Turkey to work on rule to strip terrorism supporters of citizenship: minister:

        (Turkey is not a member of EU.. As of yet..)

        The people coming to EU migrant wave,,,Syrians, Yemen. Libyans..etc
        So far 70 languages are spoken by migrants..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I can see where that could be used in the wrong way, abuse of powers, and become a huge problem.

  28. marie Avatar

    Hello Eric, the hosptals here in Brussels usually have military surrounding them. Do you know about a specific hospital in general? I’m actually going to one on Friday, so hopefully its not the same place I’m thinking about. And in terms of security on the streets here in Brussels, of course it could be better. It would be an understatement if I didn’t admit that. Getting on the subway, even the buses and trams there aren’t enough security to keep everyone safe. This is something the country of Belgium is not used to. And having lived here for the past 2 years, its something they are trying to get a handle on but of course it will take time. They are lacking in terms of manpower and with the recent attacks and demonstrations that have happened over the past couple weeks. I’m certain that they will need more than just manpower to maintain what is going on in Brussels. They will unity from the European Union. Because this is no longer a European issue. It’s a global problem now.

    Can you ask the spirits if they are seeing a hospital or a school? There is a famous university here in Belgium in the city of Leuven called KU Leuven. And while I do feel hope my school will not be a target, I’m also hoping hospitals will not either. Perhaps, its something you can ask the spirits?

  29. Popi Avatar

    Turkey becomes very dangerous for every human rights and before they try to speak about anything concerning refugees they should first stop supporting isis ! Everybody knows that they are making money out of it!

    President Holland had this idea (and this proves that terrorists do have the french citizenship) and there comes Turkey to repeat the idea which i am sure it is going to be used for other reasons and the ones they are saying

    1. star48 Avatar

      you are more than likely right…Political maneuvers …
      If they strip them of citizenship…then they have no country.,
      So they do not have to take them back,
      charge them, give justice or incarcerate them…
      So then they are no longer Turkeys problem…but the world’s. ( my opinion)
      “A washing of the hands”

      1. Popi Avatar

        Exactly 👍

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Popi, Star48. I agree…exactly! Sheesh not good. I am so thankful for what I have. 🙏🏻

  30. marie Avatar

    Eric, I just thought of something…there’s a University here in Brussels called St Louis or in french Université Saint-Louis. It’s in downtown Brussels, could the ‘Lou’ you keep refering to mean that?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lou and this prediction might be separate issues.

      1. marie Avatar

        Do you think that maybe this predicton could refer to churches and schools? Or are you certain about hospitals?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I was walking through a hospital. Not sure if the cross is entirely connected.

  31. caseatthebat Avatar

    Mary….”is it real or fake”

    “It’s the combination of radiometer and color data that creates the red Nile River in the images. In simple terms, the images actually map the heat created by the vegetation that grows along the lush Nile River valley, which emanates in the infrared spectrum, hence creating the red color. This type of data analysis allows scientists to understand the actual state of the vegetation that is being viewed. The SLSTR represents an improvement on previous technology by measuring a wider range and also by delivering images in higher spatial resolutions.”

  32. Rmf Avatar

    Eric, please look after yourself. Also ask the spirits to do the same. I fear evil will seek you out wanting to do you harm as you become more successful. I’m not saying stop I’m saying pray for protection.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh no I am fairly protected by them.

  33. Popi Avatar

    What if we got it wrong and when they say Lou is Lu like Luxembourg?

  34. rhona Avatar

    Eric SWC I just noticed there is a Tur-unan in Java whuch is Sth East Asia
    Therer has been 5.9 in Talaud Indonisiaand quite a bit if quake activity around sth east Asia in past few days
    lets nit forget Ache Sumatra 2004 tsunami
    is it posssible spirit meant St East Asia ir did they convey China

    1. Kelly Avatar

      Just to reply to this, a year ago I had a dream that between New geanua to Bali would be wiped out. Now when I woke up , I had to look up this area and did discovered they ran parallel. I believe that this will take place soon. Your post is in that area.

  35. star48 Avatar

    SWC, part of the storm.. arrested building suicide bomb

  36. star48 Avatar

    SWC, part of the storm?
    Linked with man from Sweden. – 4 men in Denmark-arrested..arms and material..
    Suspected having joined IS—- investigation ongoing

  37. rhona Avatar

    Hi Kelly thanks for telling us about your dream …im with you i can almost feel it in my bones … not dicounting China but st east asia is very resl to me and i can only say intuitive…
    kelly can you recount your dream and fill us in a little if your comfortable with that…keep us posted
    blessings and thanks again…..

  38. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    even with all the arrests in Belgium…they say still active cells., as of 4/9/16

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, no,
        I had not read that article…is the hair on the back of your neck, raising?
        Spirit mentioned a landing on top of a building…than Anthony has dream/ vision of drone with 4 canisters floating.. ( he is still incommunicado )
        We talk about it or a possibility for a particular post; than an article shows up…
        So many flags….

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I’ve been thinking about that landing on the skyscraper lately. I also worry about Eric and the freezer prediction also even though he says his Spirits have him protected. I believe him, but still can’t help but worry the more he disrupts the spiders plans. Hope Anthony is alright and checks in soon.

  39. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 star 48 i too cant getattacks coming in from the rooftops out of my mind ….l have even googled helipads and heliports searching for i dont know what ….this has had hold of me for three or more weeks seems to be overriding intuition…even when light planes fly over i get a flash of chemical air drop not worried for where we live but simewhere in the world in general… u always put an overlay of light and prevention to the thought and a visual of a change to the thought and chase it up with prayer
    Anthony is still concerning me I still believe he is safe but not sure where in the road he is …
    Anthony please respond with an Aok…

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, hi ..lots of smiles to you.
      ..I keep thinking two references..2 nd floor of buildings. NY
      And (the Rock ) John Hancock bldg in Boston..( right on marathon route.,) flying drone along route?
      I am sure there are many references.. I keep looking at all the light aircraft crashing.,
      Been quite a few.,Norfolk !VA, around NY..needless to say.
      I am glad you feel it is a long time between communications from Anthony
      10 days..
      We help to keep good thoughts…

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Has anyone gone to his past comments and tried to get a response there? I can’t remember. Did we do that ever? Seriously I’m getting old. 😐

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Good idea Rhona, I like that light and prevention overlay and chase it up with a prayer idea. Sounds like a song to me. Heehee. But seriously, I hope we can foil these attacks.

  40. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC..,
    in Boston
    Low flying Helicopters are going to be used for a Radiation checking..


    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well that’s good. They’d better start checking underground also for that wolf in the gutter?? Thanks for the article Star48.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, did you know about…
        steam pipe breaking in a Midtown Manhattan..near Central Park, streets closed..
        If a pro wanted to practice on dispersal…interesting when we are alert to underground and gas..
        Look at for latest..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          That was what I was thinking. Great way to disperse. Hope all of these are just coincidences.

  41. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thatd interesting how i picked up helicopters but was relating itmore to terrorist use…and the water main is a great diversion to use if they had access
    if you have the chance to read my comments on cross ref predictions its on threat 3-24-16 …would like your thoughts also Star i have been wondering….the comment i made on living the 5 birth number …I hope you didnt think my ref to it being lived mesnt i have had all that doom and gloom. yes its been challenging sometimes but thats the adventure …right…I have enjoyed many blessings mixed in with the challenges and all have ended in grace …im honoured to have shared my experiences with a wonderful crew of family..each challenge brought me closer and closer to spirit and joy prevailed..
    also i sent a reply to Anthony on 3-24-16 at first when i posted it said reply canceled …odd …but the secind effort worked and hre is hoping he get email notification
    Jules 104 great idea.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, Jules104, SWC,
      Drone crashes into BA aircraft as it is landing Heathrow in UK..
      I think it is intentional …what do you think?

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Star48, it’s very likely. I hope they get to the bottom of it and can figure out who it belongs to.

  42. star48 Avatar

    SWC, update on Migrant situation
    i( as discussed in this thread earlier)

    What crisis looks like in Europe in 4 weeks.. ( 6 charts)


  43. star48 Avatar

    SWC, part of Storm?
    3 drones interfere with plane landing in Bilbao, Spain.. Plane had to dodge.

  44. star48 Avatar

    regarding..,from this post..
    .“On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice
    Murdered a Police Commander and his wife.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Forgot to mention ISIS..

  45. […] Predictions 4-2-16  “Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice […]

  46. […] Predictions 4-2-16  “Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice […]

  47. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Brussels/France intelligence released alert.warns

    “Imminent Terror attack”from armed Isil commandos,who left Syria a week ago

  48. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Belgium police seeking teenager..wanting to kill all Christians
    On video footage..

  49. star48 Avatar

    Second time?
    2 officers targeted in knife attack in Molenbeek, Belgium; 1 stabbed 7 times in abdomen, police say – Le Soir

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