World Prediction: The Hug

I live to serve Spirit, and that life shows me moments of such absolute horror and blissful splendor.

Is the sky falling? Thats what it’s felt like for the last few months. Wow it has been rough. I have toiled and toiled to bring you world predictions, and on this timeline it really is horrifying. I know it will pass, but I actually miss the endless bantering and arguments we had when we predicted Donald J, Trump, and before that it was terrorist and tsunami’s But this timeline is grinding and wicked beyond the norm. Its hard to consume all of these horrors, this being a perfect example. The previous prediction:

The New Moon: “What is coming next? I had a visual of a missile shooting from the land to the night sky, fire from its back as it jolted across the sky. Then in one large city It slammed in the ground. The visual showed a night sky lighting up from a great distance, in the most horrific way. The blast would shatter the Metropolis. Everything pointed to a pivotable moment again stolen by the Russians. Then I had a vision of Zelensky being thown back, as if an explosion. “The center, hub, the jewel will be struck.”

World Predictions 4-18-22

This happened exactly like we said it would, to the date we predicted it on. We wanted to test and see, if we pointed our massive flashlight at a date, could we see what was there? So we pointed it at the “New Moon” a date around the corner. I was there, it felt real, I saw as the missile exploded and destroyed the building. It was too real, too much. The rubble by my feet. Then it happened. Suddenly Putin did what no one else in the world could, he made this great lion, Eric, cower. I started to have panic attacks, my hand shakes, my mind goes frazzled. It wasn’t because I saw the explosion, but the mental loop of watching it twice. Once as a vision and the other in reality, identical in every way and it is doing a number on my mind.

So I wept. Yesterday I broke down. Why do I try so hard to change the future, to help, and find all of these walls standing in my way. I have come to the moment I always dreamed of, my talent has been refined, this prediction was in my opinion far better than our previous work, I have spent the last decade trying to make these world predictions work and now it does, the Jewel is Kiev, Zelensky was with the UN when the missile fell and yet now my own mind is starting to fail me, in the way of finally achieving my ultimate goal of altering these nightmares.

Yesterday was a day of work, I had readings at 7am and they would run to 4pm, work, work, work. So I was up very early to start burning my lavender, meditate and prepare. I needed to purge myself over yet another obstacle of sorrow. Then something odd started to unfold. All of the spirits showed up. All of them. The guards, the bosses, the spirits that do readings, the spirits that do our world predictions. I wondered is there a meeting? Why is everyone here? Keep in mind this is an orchestra sized group, so its a bit packed in my office. Then they took turns, hugging me. It was so nice! They even formed a line to hug me. Each vision showed each spirit hug me. The humorous hug came when the head of security Axle who is a giant of a figure tried to pick me up and hug me. It was as if the biggest Santa Clause was hugging a tiny child. Then the last spirit approached, Michelle hugged me. She is my consult, my wife, my love, my ying to yang. Her role in our work is one that serves Personal Readings. She is wisdom, she is the one always wanting to show you your new path of absolute splendor, or prevent you from a wrong path. When she hugged me it became all too personal, she squeezed, and I melted. I really broke down and started whaling in pain. She lifted my head which was soaked in misery, and said “Know who you serve” Then something happened.

I started floating up like a balloon caught in the endless sky. Then all at once this massive wave approached me, and encircled me. It was the size of the ocean itself. I was like a surfer surrounded by all sides, the waves moved with such speed all around me. I looked up above me to see the massive waves circling the sky. The wave had glimmering light, sometimes bright green, then bright purple, then all the colors, as the wave circled me the colors glimmered and changed like a kaleidoscope. Then out of the waves moving much faster now, was a small little lady bug? The lady bug slowly moved its way to my hand, its small little feet landing on my hand and then in the smallest way I felt it squeeze me, giving me a hug. Then as the ladybug sat on my hand, the waves started to exhume huge bolts of lightning from all sides within the waves. They carried against the waves encircling me and became brighter, stronger, faster, then thunder. Then it stopped.

The universe hugged me! Mark the date, because that has never happened before, What splendor. What marvel! It was a reminder of which side really holds the power. This is the force that has my back. This is the force I serve. But most of all I serve the force of love, of kindness and I am honored to be apart of that. It was a moment, and a reflection of my daily life, one where I live very black and white. Witness now with clarity Putin annihilate thousands of lives in one blow, while being hugged by universe before the day begins. No one could say my life wasn’t interesting. What a privilege and honor I have.

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10 thoughts on “World Prediction: The Hug

  1. It must be stressful to see some of the things you see, but the vision with the spirits hugging you sounds really nice….it’s always good to get positive reinforcement, especially in tough times.

  2. Eric-Thanks for your heartfelt experience. The Russian predictions in my opinion has been your most accurate predictions. Years ago you predicted that. Who would of dreamnt? Where did one missile attack from Putin kill thousands? You mean overall? The Kiev missile killed 8, wounded 24. Retaliatory for Ukraine blowing up the bridge. That would be the 2 snakes on the dirt road. Venomous…vile….and ultimately dangerous. Tit for tat from here on out.

    Remember the red balloon of inflation and economic decline? Definitely the US right now. Did you assign that prediction to another country? High gas, utilities, mortgage rates, housing/rent, food, supplies, violence, threat of nuclear warfare, North Korea shooting off missiles, China threatening to invade Taiwan, high covid again-might be leveling despite vaccinations, US backing a foreign war-again, overall morale decline, mass and social media selective reporting, and stock market decline. Feel like I’m missing something. Oh, a president with dementia-like I said when he was elected and blasted by some on this site for stating such. Do you think your prediction of “he will not finish his term” a while back fits the current US President? Its embedded back with Trump predictions but so are other predictions like about the Ukraine/Russia. That war is present now not back then. It doesn’t fit Trump because he is not the president.

    1. Me too, this years recap should be interesting, even though I had a heart attack, these predictions seem on a new level, and that’s because we aren’t moving our flashlight. In The future. A bomb will fall soon, it will kill 1000s.
      I forgot my balloon! I should post that. I knew inflation was coming but this is just really bad.
      That is correct I am not expecting Biden not to finish his term due to illness. I however question if that comes this year.

      1. Eric- See I think the “jewel” is Odessa. A vital Ukrainian port. Just sick. Innocent lives.
        Still can’t believe you had a heart attack. Thank God you pulled through. ❤🙏🙌

  3. Thank you so much for this post! Millions who are suffering, in so many different ways, and most hidden from others. Thank you for giving people HOPE, that goodness is out their, and all of us, needs to know, We are not alone. That Love, is that guiding force that makes up Everything. As humans, we Need to be reminded, that Love, the goodness will win in the end. alot of us, are so beaten down by living in these times, that all of us, need to feel, know, that we aren’t forgotten by members, of our true home. Thank you Eric, for your post! may, what you experienced, Recharge your batteries, to continue to be a beacon of light in the darkness!

  4. This also makes me think of an earlier post, “How do we change the future part 1” and Zee’s story about connecting to her spirit guides. It was really moving when they told her “We have always been here”. It’s easy to feel alone sometimes, and the idea of people/spirits/whatever being with us, even when we can’t see them, is comforting. Does everyone have spirits around them?

  5. According to the Moon phases: The next New Moon in Ukraine is Oct 25th which obviously passed…so the next date would be Nov 24th- Nov 30th and then Dec 23rd-30th. Hopefully that narrows down the timeframe.

    1. That prediction already happened. We predicted the event on the Full Moon of April 18th 19th, which allows them to look at the next “new moon” that happened on the 29th. Then this happened:

      It is a testament to a brand new talent in our World Predictions, for the first time we can look at a specific date and report what is there. When we looked at the New Moon, when we looked at April 29th, this prediction is what they saw for that date. It was one day off but this will dramatically shift our work moving forward.

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