World Predictions 4-18-22

I asked Spirit what will come during the ”New Moon”

They responded with ”Wait.. wait.” Then minutes later I heard ”Tomorrow” then a flood of visions opened up. Its back to the grind of work everyone. Back to reading my ghastly predictions. We are moving in uncharted territory with a stronger ship. All eyes moving forward to a timeline that isn’t years away anymore ,but weeks away. All the focus is on one subject, one and only one , all the questions in one direction; What is coming next?

I had a visual of a missile shooting from the land to the night sky, fire from its back as it jolted across the sky. Then in one large city It slammed in the ground. The visual showed a night sky lighting up from a great distance, in the most horrific way. The blast would shatter the Metropolis. Everything pointed to a pivotable moment again stolen by the Russians. Then I had a vision of Zelensky being thown back, as if an explosion. “The center, hub, the jewel will be struck.”

I had a vision of a diplomatic wooden table. Behind the table was a set of flags. Several different kinds. Then seated at the small table were two diplomats dressed in suits. They were talking to each other and then suddenly one of the diplomats in the suit turned into a life size rat. I recall seeing his very fluffy head and just thinking WTF. Then I got closer, I could see the mouth of the rat open and close, trying to convince the other of something. ’A reward’. Then a banging loud voice from Spirit: ”Exposure.. the traitors found.” Then I had another silly moment where I was walking, and on the ground as if in some school yard. I walked on a life sized calendar. I passed about (I should have counted) a week? 8 days, 8 large boxes on the ground. Then written on the ground was a large X.

I had a vision of the complete black space. Then as if on a train. Huge massive letters passed from left to write like some large scroll. W H Y

I had a vision I was in Putins night bedroom, he was asleep in his bed. I remember seeing his old head and thinking “Thats it. Thats the monster.” Just in that moment the vision begin to just fade to black, it was a sight. The floor just evaporated in front of me and I found myself in a strange place. Everything was cloudy and dark, there was these lights glimmering in the dark like those small twinkling lights you see on a Christmas tree, just blinking in and out as all of these voices talked over each other making it sound utterly un-audible. Then a picture formed. Something very few knew about. I had a vision of a large night valley. Then the first light of daybreak began. Lined up on the valley was an endless amount of coffers and treasure chests, all of them open and almost all of them empty. The resources, the jewels, the rich ground, he had consumed it all like a locust. Then the vision panned around. A place was coveted. A place not only rich in so many jewels but according to ”thoughts”. There is something there! Hidden. Its in the ground. He has to replace what was taken to continue to operate and panic was setting in. He Coveted and coveted unwavering to the moment. The image ended with a man grasping his unwavering hands against the side of a table as he toiled and panicked. Then I floated away.

I had a vision of just flashes of time like watching pictures play out in front of me. It was a sports figure. Someone who made their space so warm, so happy, so giving, so kind. He brought ’warmth’ to his craft. The craft was Sports and he was a Titan like no other. The vision showed how utterly much this one person helped so many others. They showed pictures of him always at a field, on the grass, smiling with others, always helping others around him, always bring warm love to everyone, a teacher, so happy. Each image showed huge happy moments of such absolute splendor. Then the Spirits all tipped their hat. The vision ended by me standing outside a hospital room. You could hear the people in the other room, nurses in a panic ”We are losing him.” Then it ended with one epic greeting from the Spiritual Realm all these Spirits begin to gather and greet the Titan, to pay him respect. To Thank him. They all lined up to personally thank him. This was going to be another Epic party I am going to miss on the other side.


Sit down humanity sit down with the spiritual realm so we can talk. Sit down take a load off. Now is time for us to have a heart to heart conversation. We would very much like to give you some ‘daily’ advice humanity. We are the spirits from upstairs, the ones that warned you about that horrible virus, the attack on the Capitol, and honestly we want to give you some advice. But we don’t want to intrude here, what do we know right?

“Free Speech” Go for it. Be as crude, rude, abrasive as you want. Truth to power matters. But don’t lie. Lying is wrong. We have told you this already. It is wrong. So consider with great contemplation, that every single nightmare out there has lies attached to it. Lies are the freeway to all that is evil and Truth are like speed bumps. This is a Sunday School reminder, its plastered all over your wall. It is still wrong. It is all the lies that have cemented such a horrible moment right now. Go look outside, the lies brought you here. So the solution seems simple. Stop lying.

I know them, this message has weight. Liars are the subject. Weight in some future moment right around the corner. Someone is about to be exposed and they are winking a bit saying ”That was so us that exposed your Liar.” Someone touting the right to speak but its all BS.

The fountain is flowing again, about time right? Wow did that take a bit to get up and running. But wow are the Spirits here. So as we cement our new way, I want to say I LOVE all of you who have supported our very noble cause I understand how much I am asking of you! I mean lets be honest, of what I am asking. ”Hello, if you don’t mind please sharing this weird message from the dead, so we can alter tomorrow, share it in that oh so sweet place we are all familiar with, Social Media. Thanks.” Who does that? What an enigma right? So from a promotional position I fully acknowledge the wall in front of us. I am open to any advice. So thank you for all your grit. I bring this up because unfortunately my voice, my opinion, has been sent to the kiddy table. Can you believe that? I have been asked to exclude my opinions from the messages moving forward, the words as I recall as they pierced my delicate ego, was “We would like our work unvarnished.” So I thought I would throw out some much needed love to all of you fine people. I will see you in the Comment section with my opinions.

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  1. This was interesting. I feel like it’s been quite some time since they were direct with predictions though. This has a whimsical feel, almost like story telling, but seems much more vague than an attack or earthquake in 5. It leaves a lot more to unpack, but also much more difficult to translate as it leaves a lot to the imagination.

    1. Excuse me? I’ve regularly followed Eric since early 2017 and converse with him on his site frequently. This was not an insult in any fashion, and he always requests and appreciates feedback.

      1. I believe it was in reference to Eric’s comment about the spirits moving him to kiddy table and not a personal sleight to yourself from Christine

        1. Thank you .it was about him being moved to the kiddy table. Would never offend anyone. Only love and respect to everyone .

      2. Sorry you took my post wrong! I was typing my post out before I saw your post. I was talking about Eric feeling slighted about being moved to to kiddy table. Would never disrespect another follower of Eric’s. We are peeps.

      3. I think Christine is talking about the post as I said I would sit at the Kiddy table and not at all about your comment. As for your comment. Your right, they seem to want to show a story, kinda cool. But I still very much expect those predictions that are blunt and to the point. Like an earthquake or storm. Those don’t require a story. Maybe next??

    1. It might not be a nuclear event, the prediction could be talking about an ordinary missile–maybe related to Putin’s new offensive in the east. I hope it’s not referring to nuclear weapons, anyway.

    2. Kiev is full of cultural and spiritual riches, “jewels”, unique place.. if Putin hits Kiev with a missile that´s terrible loss and crime!

  2. Eric, i do hope you will give your opinions in the comment section, as spirits are not point blank understandable to the average reader. i do not and would not try to interpret what they say, as in this post, as i can see so many ways to interpret it. Am i missing something here, are the spirits not grateful to you for sharing these messages? Aren’t highier spirits filled with love from GOD? Please, as you know, i do not want to disrespect the wonderful job you have been doing, since the very beginning, So can you give YOUR opinion your interperation, it would not subtract anything from THE works, but spirits need to be much more clearier in expression, because if they don’t, than the average reader will interpret your posts, and as you know, people will read into a post, to suit their own needs, which may be opposite of the message from spirit, I hope you understand my message, as sometimes i don’t make clear what i am trying to express, so wish everyone was telepathic, keep doing all the good you are doing!

    1. The Spirits and I are moving toward leaving our Picasso. Multiple jewels of information and prophecy. What we have created so far, is our practice. Our canvas. As we look at our previous work we aim to fix all errors. We aim to show a perfect portrait of the future for the world. A marker for all to see. We are not even close to that. But we need to start pushing in that direction. Gather the paint so to speak. So the white gloves are coming out. I am 100% for that. I remember as a child painting the most beautiful images and thinking wow I do that.

  3. Eric,

    Sorry to be a pest, but I wanted to ask a few questions to clarify things a bit. Is the calendar with the X prediction connected to the prediction about the rat, or are they two separate things?

    Is the X on the calendar referring to a good event or a bad event?

    Also, what does this message: “I had a vision of the complete black space. Then as if on a train. Huge massive letters passed from left to write like some large scroll. W H Y” refer to?

    1. It is a test Sara, but I am expecting it to be the rat. Bottom line we should be hearing about this rat in a matter of days. The X just marks the spot.

        1. Ouch. The Germans have the right to their position. One of cautious concern. They put their sword down a few decades ago. Americans and UK seem to hold their sword right in their hand ready to swing at any moment. Recognize the last time they yielded a sword it did not go well for them and the last time America used its sword that didn’t go well either. So the world seems over cautious. Which to be fair is weak.
          Rat. No this is some shady BS. Should be interesting to see.

    2. Why is Putin doing this? They gave a view of his head. Something we have never done before. Thats a power no one should have including me. But it would seem the Spirits can pop our head open and look. The whole thing made my skin crawl. He is not insane, he is not strong arming, he is utterly desperate. The underline point of the message is, any thought of convincing him to change course. Forget it.

      1. Is he terminally ill and wants to be huge in history/take us all down with him? He obviously knows the minute he touches a NATO protected land it’s over, but now he’s threatening Finland and Sweden so he obviously intends to control them too.. How many times can he invade a non NATO protected country and get off with It? I’m also worried in case he nukes the UK for helping

  4. This sounds very sinister, my personal, and probably wrong interpretation is that Zelensky gets hurt by an explosion, they find the person who ratted him out, something about a train, 8 days/weeks or so later Russia’s woes really start biting and they need to replenish resources that have been used up

    A sports player passes on, financial collapse of multiple economies, we’re in for a sh!tshow of a year it seems, Jesus

    1. The year will be like that race track, thugs, death, and mayhem. All racing. Sorry I don’t create the world I just report. But! We have awesome years coming!

  5. I think this new approach is most interesting, as it evokes intuitive reactions in the readers, which may contribute to solve the symbolic messages, or to recognize facts in them that are clues for the correct interpretation. It may prove to be productive. On the other hand, I agree with Allen on Eric’s role as the “first line interpreter” of the messages: his own impression about an event depicted in a message has played several times a key role for the correct conclusion. If we as readers do this on our own, there’s always a risk of going astray – I think this may have happened, fro example, with the Three Horsemen in the previous prediction.

    1. One of the main objectives as we recreate this site is this specific issue. The idea so far is that we present their message like a billboard, something you can read on social media, followed by my personal message, followed by comments. The question is how much extra does it cost to create that. I mean we will see very soon. What they want most of all is the display of their work. We also have the weekly Video, totally mine, I have zero plans not to share my opinion. So I don’t think anything is going away as it is moved.

      1. I have prayed for him and pronounced the Priestly Blessing over him. We will see what God will do!

        1. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I pray for Zelensky often.. but I am just a simple person. We need such people on the Earth and in body so much!!!

      2. Betraying Zelensky now would be almost as terrible as Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus for his 30 pieces of silver. At the start of the war Zelensky was offered a safe way out of the Ukraine by Biden. Zelensky said he wanted help for his country and his people, not a flight out of Ukraine. He then said he would die defending his country until the end, alongside his people in the streets of need be. Truly brave and caring

        1. If you look at the prediction you are right. This death, Will lead to overwhelming rage. Rage from the Russians themselves. Chaos and Anarchy in the heart of Russia.

    1. From this prediction it is my opinion this could go two ghastly ways: One is this a strike directed at Kiev. Perhaps the Ukraine President gets a blow back? Or this is a strike on that factory in the east where all the troops are. Either way they plan the most ghastly of all solutions. What ever it is, it is coming very soon.

      1. is the traitor within the Ukraines own inner circle, that will leak the location of the Ukraine president? i thought i had a dream, a while a go, that the Ukraine President will come to Washington DC to be honoured, months from now. If everyone can pray for Former President Jimmy Carter, who is a role model for So many others, during the course of his life. Also, keep America in your prayers, that our powergrids and banking systems do not go down by hackers. Eric, didnt they say, a while ago, that Putin will lose in the longterm, is this still valid, or does his own people, stop him in his tracks?.

        1. The days of me looking outward will be restricted. All the forces are going one direction. What is next. So honestly my view of events later on is starting to fade. Like a flashlight.

        2. I thought of Carter too. But reading the message again, the reference is to Sports. “The craft was Sports”. So, is this person a well know athlete? I’m not much into sports, so I may not know the person.

  6. I have had the intuition Zelensky should flee out from Ukraine soon. Russia tries to cheat him in Kiev.
    Putin hates him and do not give up.

    1. He would be the biggest prize for Putin, I can’t bear the thought of Putin gloating and fabricating more lies about Zelensky. If only we could broadcast the truth globally on TikTok and drop millions of flyers revealing the real truth about this evil war all over Russia. (as you previously suggested)

      1. I don’t think he cares. He has eyes for only his gold. His Power. He just wants him to shut up. But that the perspective of a human being lacking any real passion. It all lies. The key in this moment is a lesson but will we learn it. A lesson that says no one man should have the power over the entire world with the threat of a trigger. That power should be in the hands of the people. Thats the shift needed, to ensure as they predict this ‘Thug” like way must end.

  7. The target: Odessa. The “jewel of the Black Sea”. The hub can reference a port. If there are aliens in outer space….please land in Moscow or wherever he may be, and pick up a few characters. It’ll give new meaning to “beam me up…”.

    Please God and all your spiritual armies, please intervene, please protect both the Ukrainians and the Russian people from harm from a war they never wanted. Putting it out to the universe! Love and light for all. ❤🙏🙌

  8. I actually like this set up. I like the other way too, but this is good in that you know this message is strictly from the spiritual realm. This is what they are saying, their advice and their warnings.
    I know from talking with Eric during personal readings, he is my go between. He does have to interpret what they are showing him to tell me about it. But I’m also a part of that. I also have to decipher how something fits in my world and we talk about it. I think not adding your opinion is harder said than done! Eric, is it harder during personal readings because the spirits are not the same as who you deal with for this site? Or vice versa?

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Oh wow you nailed it so hard on the head. Thank you! Yes my opinion muddles the moments. For instance the prediction about that evil race track of thugs. It ends with a voice from the past from World War saying “We are at the finish line now.” But the real message wasn’t covid was ending. The real message they said is War is taking the mic. Do you see that?, Thats the message a baton is being passed. But thats for you to see. You are absolutely right. Whether it be readings, case work, or these world predictions, I see myself as some painter, like Dali, Picasso, and I demand perfection, I always want to ask. What do you think?

  9. The floor just evaporated in front of me and I found myself in a strange place. Everything was cloudy and dark, there was these lights glimmering in the dark like those small twinkling lights you see on a Christmas tree, just blinking in and out as all of these voices talked over each other making it sound utterly un-audible. Then a picture formed. Something very few knew about. I had a vision of a large night valley. Then the first light of daybreak began. Lined up on the valley was an endless amount of coffers and treasure chests, all of them open and almost all of them empty. The resources, the jewels, the rich ground, he had consumed it all like a locust. Then the vision panned around. A place was coveted. A place not only rich in so many jewels but according to ”thoughts”. There is something there! Hidden. Its in the ground. He has to replace what was taken to continue to operate and panic was setting in. He Coveted and coveted unwavering to the moment. The image ended with a man grasping his unwavering hands against the side of a table as he toiled and panicked. Then I floated away.

    That part at the end sounds interesting, what did the man look like?

    I wonder if the hidden bit could be the hollow earth theory, been decades since I read about it, or possibly Antarctica melting and something found there

  10. Hi Eric, sorry to be off topic. But what is the punishment for people that commit such evils like Putin, What is the punishment for people who tell lies and manipulate others. What is the post death consequence for such people, who collects them. Do they get the chance for rebirth again?

    1. Those are great questions but I would need a novel to answer them all. I honestly thought about writing a novel just about HER. Let me give a brief example. But I have to warn you its nothing at all like we assume.
      Her name is MARA. When Putin dies I have zero doubt she will be there to greet him. I mean if Jesus had a sister this would be her, and no I am not saying that. She is the ultimate mother, but in her hand she holds the heads of all her enemies. All of her family enemies. All of Gods enemies.

    2. A brief example. I have 100s of these. No one knows death like we do right? Its a historical figure. Some mean military man, locked up his wife who was a really nice lady, and her handsome lover, they had an affair, and he sealed them in a room of bricks. What a horrible human being. Its famous in the gulf, perhaps Florida. So when he died. There she was in a red dress, MARA, that covered the entire bay, I mean wow she is a sight. She locked him in there. He is still there right now! Does he get out. Yes after he is humble. No one is expecting that for 1000s of years. Hell is all the ghosts haunting. Recognize that is what it is. We live what 100 years maybe. When you die you will be over on the other side for 10,000 years, relaxing, enjoying. We come back here, and its tomorrow. So it comes down to this really Mara is providing a service to heaven. There is no way they are allowing that filth in the home of all homes.

      1. Hi Eric, it seems the bulk of the punishment for evil people comes post death. Although this does not make earthlings very happy to know that the bulk of the punishment comes only after death, I guess we have no choice but to accept this fact as this is like a kind of divine law.

      2. I’m one of the truths Eric has posted he showed us a doctor who did horrible things in the concentration camps in world war 2. It’s been a minute since I’ve read it but the visual stuck with me. The doctor constantly is trying to escape accepting what he did and tried to crawl out of a hole, but there is no escape until he lives through all the pain and terror he dealt.

        Something like that. Growth comes from learning and understanding

        1. Oh yes. You will consume everything you have created. That is literally what will happen when you die. So those of you that are cruel. You have no idea what is coming. The currency in the Spiritual realm is Love. That is not symbolic , it is literally their currency. Who has it? Who has given it? And who just simply should not be up here with the rest of us in heaven., Its a simple concept I live here 57-100 years maybe. I will die and be over there for maybe 10000 years. We are building the perfect home in more ways than you can count.

      3. Hi Eric, I was rereading what you wrote. A soul could go to the other side for thousands of years and then could be reborn on earth plane like maybe a week later earth time. So time itself that we understand does not really exist? Time is not what we think we agree upon on earth.

        1. Heaven sits at the center of the Universe. The hub of the entire Universe. It is the eye of the storm. It controls the entire system. It built the entire space. Like a space blowing air in a large balloon, that air is coming from a place. I know Humans believe in a Big Bang but I can only say no to that.

        2. So the eye of that storm, is in no way attached to the time line of us. It is separate. It created time itself. We are on their stage. Think of a tree right, the center has a trunk and all the branches extend out from that trunk. We are on a branch right now. A branch of time. But thats not the real time. The real one is the trunk. I hope I am make sense. It annoys me when they say past life’s. Its not past. That assume Heaven is using our timeline. They are not.

        3. More importantly is Death itself. Death ensures ultimate control. Because all roads lead to their vast empire. We will be reporting our success and failures, and they will be demanding we correct it. Then we come back. Example Germany 1940, and Germany 2022, did it get ironed out?? Debatable.

  11. I don’t think Zelenskyy dies from this bombing but doubt he survives the war because I still think the shooter assassination prediction is about him. The Putin assassination prediction doesn’t mention the method used but I doubt it’s the shooter assassination prediction because the Putin prediction says it’s done covertly.

    I hope the thoughts you saw in Putin’s head was related to the previous prediction about Russia running low on supplies and having to retreat. I’ve seen that Western sanctions have been hurting their arms and tank supply.

  12. An article in Time magazine about how Putin has been stealing money from the Russian treasury, corroborating this prediction:

    Putin has been embezzling funds from Russia’s own treasury. He tried to get Trump to hand over the people who found out but there was too much pressure from Congress for Trump to do this. The article also says that the Ukraine war is meant to distract the Russian people from all the stealing.

    1. It makes me so nauseous. He really lives in a gold room. All of this over a rocks, gold!. This makes this all so much worse. What an absolute waste of a being.

      1. This is so repulsive, like something out The Brothers Grimm. He can’t take it with him and I don’t see him anywhere near gold in Hell where he belongs.

        1. YES! You ain’t taking it with you, heavens currency is literally love, and its an F- ing Rock! That is what all of this over, what utter insanity humanity. Fix this!

      2. How revolting, like something from an evil Brothers Grimm story. Well Putin can’t take it with him and there certainly won’t be any gold where he’s going

  13. Eric, If more people come together with their energies, to change tomorrow. WHY can’t this same practice, with peoples energies and prayers, also keep the Ukranian President alive? The vision i had of him in Washington D.C being honoured, i don’t know if he is alive or not, BUT, if enough people, with their love, energies, and thoughts, can’t they change events in a persons life, with direct intervention from spirits as well? But, i also picked up small nukes or chemicals, that was banned by the world, is and will being used. We need to stop this, On another note, the Hores of gold is plentyful, that Russia owns, more than people even knows about…

    1. I am praying every day for Ukraine and for Zelensky… I also have written more than 400 emails to Russians about Ukraine war, however, I do not have faith in Russians anymore. I have heard intercepted phone calls between Russian soldiers and theirs wives, wives encouraging husbands to rape girls and giving instructions what to steal, I have heard also conversations from Russians living in a Western country (having all the inforamtion) praising Putin and telling – go go… do it. I have seen on Russian national TV state people and TV anchors telling on TV – we will make a steaming pot of Europes cities, we will blow you up. I have stopped emails. It will not help, Russians cannot be helped.

  14. The sports figure is Pele. The two suits are Ukraine and Russia and Russia (the rat) lies, and is underhanded. Killing after saying they will let people go.

  15. Hi Eric, from what I have heard there is no hell only the hell you put yourself through, isn’t it part of Putin’s spiritual contract that he is the way he is, and for humans to evolve and learn from this evil acts. I pray we do not see the use of nuclear weapons.. Thank you for all you do Eric and God Bless you

    1. I refuse to “evolve” by witnessing torture and rape of innocent victims, it is an ugly concept that I have never understood, absorbed or agreed with… This is the problem of all “law of attraction”, “secret” and Abracham Hicks movements – they just say – it is OK, you should not be kind, you should not help or fight evil, we are just playing a role and everything is rosy. I think law of attraction is a dark phylosophy, sorry I know it is very popular in the western world. I like positive thinking and faith in God, but not law of attraction, I think it is false light teaching.

      1. My opinion on the law of attraction. Your doing it all wrong. Attracting everything around you isn’t about “Me”. I have attracted prophecy. Little by little more spirits join the team because they love the concept. He is trying to help people so the forces gather on their own. So I can help more. But this notion that your going to center yourself and say universe serve me! No you should be saying Universe how can I serve you? Thats what I did. Oh did they answer! But it would be foolish of me to say I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. Am I attracting a force of all things future? Thats for you to decide.

    2. MARA will deal with Putin So no I would disagree. He will consume the horrors he created. Is that hell?’
      With that said is there a man with a pitch fork running the underworld? No just rocks down there.

    3. MARA, hold in one hand the cradling love of all the children. She has one big soft spot for babies both human and animal. She is the ultimate mother. She is the incarnation of motherhood. In the other hand she holds the decapitated heads of all the Kings enemies. She stands side by side with the King and she will protect his cause in every way.

    1. I, too, had paid attention to his habitus in that situation. There sits an old man who is ill, struggling to play his role on this carefully planned video clip. In theory, this is exactly what he needed for celebrating the Day of Victory, but he doesn’t look at ease, as if he knew the Ukrainians could still spoil the party and that the game is not over yet. He may have won the battle for the land connection to Crimea, but will likely fail to keep such a narrow corridor for long.

  16. I asked Spirit what will come during the ”New Moon” — The last New Moon for this month is April 30th.

  17. Eric, I have emailed the Polish Embassy in London to inform them of the forthcoming attack by Putin. I hope they don’t come and drag me away as a suspect. 😀

    1. Marnita (Marty) here. I know you have been very busy but have you heard anything more on my reading?

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