How To Connect To the Spiritual Realm

Have you ever wondered what heaven is truly like? Have you ever yearned for help and knowledge from the Spiritual Realm and heard silence? Do you look up at the stars and ask, where are you? And yet the access to all of heaven, and all those you love and your Creator, sits under your feet, in the depths of your mind, and at your fingertips. Anyone can connect. Anyone can create an orbit, that will link them not only to the loved ones, but to the awe inspiring wisdom of the entire universe. It’s yours. Religions and Faiths hold all the road maps, I simply found my path. I would very much like to share that path with you so you may have the divinity you deserve. Allow me to introduce Step one of four parts and together I will introduce you to the unknown Splendor that waits for you. Allow me, to be your teacher in the class:

“How To connect To the Spiritual Realm”
September 22nd at 6:00 PM-7:00 PM The class is 60$ and runs for one hour. The Zoom Link will be sent to all those requesting the class.
So Please contact us to reserve your spot

Students, those of you who took this first class already and paid for the class months ago, I am inviting you back, a redo if you want, as long as you paid for it, your welcome back for a refresher, maybe come back and learn a tad bit more detail because when we unveil the third class “How to Connect to the Divine” there will be multiple references to the first class.

I hope by now you recognize, I have a unique gift. I predicted the fall of Bin Laden, the Rise of ISIS, Belgium and France attacks, Water on Mars, Both of Trumps impeachments, Putins plans to invade Ukraine, and now the deluge of water ravaging our world. All warnings from this divine place to help curve our nightmares, and perhaps when we are ready to listen, solutions. Because I want you to have these divine messages. Become their healer, Become their light! Become the intuitive that saves the day, become full again with Spirituality of Splendor and glow so bright all darkness falls. Join us.

The path to my divine place, set to create all my world predictions,, “Shimmy! I Love you Shimmy!..” A new class is set for October, and the entire class is about Shimmy what Edgar Cayce called Akashic Records. What many others call Nirvana.

I use to have one goal. To alter the predictions I write. To alter tragedy and I will continue that mission. But I have a new goal larger than the last. To introduce you to the Spiritual Realm. To help open that door for you. Such Joy, Such Love, Such kindness, compassion and nobility. Meet the forces in charge and you realize we will all be just fine.

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