France Flooding

This tragedy has happened, please pray for the safety of all those in France.

The prediction is a bit vague, we should have been able to give a list of those places affected in Europe. France is one of a handful of locations hit hard by the Flu epidemic.

“An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..” I had a visual of murky water of a flooded areas. Europe gets hit hard with both Flooding and an epidemic around the same time.

Spirit again brought up the flooding coming in Europe “The water has nowhere to go.”


Predictions 8-8-17

“Lockdown.. armed conflict.. two radicals come out of nowhere.. base.”

The implication was Colorado again. Perhaps related to the previous prediction: Predictions 8-2-17

I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe.

“An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

I had a visual of murky water of a flooded areas.

Europe gets hit hard with both Flooding and an epidemic around the same time.

Iran: Things are going to fall apart in Iran. They allowed it to be too corrupt.

I had a visual of pictures of multiple sailors. “Something very dark.. lewd acts committed.”

Spirit circled the number 9:


European Floods

This prediction has happened.

Predictions on 12-22-15   Spirit also shared that the storm headed towards Europe is not one storm but multiple ones all hitting Europe around the same time, that would create extensive damage. Certain areas would be hit hard with flooding.

Europe Flooding

This flooding has started, but nothing has happened in Persia.

Notes on 6-9-14: “Next.. Persia, large natural disaster… their will be massive flooding.. Germany flooding.. then Europe as a whole.. in several parts.. water everywhere.”

The Facts by NBC on 6-20-14: “Deadly floods hit Central Europe: Flooding has killed at least six people in the Czech Republic while parts of Austria remain under water after severe weather moved through the area.’s Dara Brown reports.” Quoted by

Notes on 10-25-13

In the western part of China.. “Collapse”

A picture of rain just pooring down. Then a picture of Europe.

“Ted Cruz will not have ‘password’.”

Marked places for predictions: Flag of Mexico // A marked spot on the border of Florida to the east.

1,2,3 said very loudly

Then a message that something buried was uprooted from the ground. Perhaps an old prediction is about to happen.

My opinion: The China collapse is expected fairly soon, now as they say, they have used the word before to describe building collapses, mudslides and earthquakes. Europe is about to have torrential rain and flooding or something sad is going to happen.  Password? Most likely something that isn’t evident, or his word/idea will not pass. 1,2,3 a countdown putting it around the 28th? Or three predictions happen back to back.