France Flooding

This tragedy has happened, please pray for the safety of all those in France.

The prediction is a bit vague, we should have been able to give a list of those places affected in Europe. France is one of a handful of locations hit hard by the Flu epidemic.

“An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..” I had a visual of murky water of a flooded areas. Europe gets hit hard with both Flooding and an epidemic around the same time.

Spirit again brought up the flooding coming in Europe “The water has nowhere to go.”


7 thoughts on “France Flooding

  1. Paris, France has history of flooding. Not very often it occurred.

    Prsy the water go down.

    1. lossie2020
      joining tou in prayers live and light to Paris to ease this flooding for them .
      interesting how the statue of Zouave’s serves as a measuring instrument for the .
      flood ..bad year when it reached his neck is hoping it stays around his ankles .
      The Louvre is always a worry when this happens .precious paintings at risk .
      but itcseems they are into it and moving them
      hope all is well with you.

  2. In France we lacked water, in January we had 2 times more rain than usual.
    Regarding floods the maximum level was reached Sunday, the problem is the recession is very slow.

    1. Aureliene..
      my thoughts are with you all …as im sure all SWC are..
      Please take care …double the rain for January no wonder its so bad !..I will pray it recedes for you all with as little damage as possible .
      We will be keeping track of your beautiful Paris’s plight amongst this terrible flooding .
      please touch and let us know first had how it is fairing for you all .

    2. Wow…USA is praying for you all in Paris. There seems to be more rain around the globe lately.

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