Europe Flooding

This flooding has started, but nothing has happened in Persia.

Notes on 6-9-14: “Next.. Persia, large natural disaster… their will be massive flooding.. Germany flooding.. then Europe as a whole.. in several parts.. water everywhere.”

The Facts by NBC on 6-20-14: “Deadly floods hit Central Europe: Flooding has killed at least six people in the Czech Republic while parts of Austria remain under water after severe weather moved through the area.’s Dara Brown reports.” Quoted by


20 thoughts on “Europe Flooding

  1. Jules104- having the spirits actually materialize to assist me numerous times all over the world, and than vanish.
    There is no doubt. —Together ; guided by spirit, assisted by Eric and our group-We will make a difference. They would not even bother doing this exercise if it was not possible.

      • What a beautiful group of posts. Thank you to all of you Jules, Star, Eric and of course a Spirit .. We can do so much more by standing together, sharing the messages, and supporting and encouraging one another with kind words and gratitude. You are all awesome!!

      • Yes I totally agree with you Eric and Star48…they wouldn’t waste their energy/time if changing the outcome was not even possible. I’m so grateful for the Spirits, Eric’s, and all of the others help and dedication on this site.

  2. Think they ment Prussia (as in the old germanic kingdom, covering more than what doday is germany) instead of Persia. Remember they r not from this world

  3. I just had the most intense dream and vision I have ever experienced. this is my first time on this website and I am glad and sad at the same time that your vision supports the one I had today (21-jun-2014).
    In the dream and the vision that followed it when I woke up:

    I saw villages in Africa taken hostage by months of heavy rain. post people were locked in with the little food they had, while outside, nature grew as if mankind had never been there. I saw periodic breaks in the rain, but I got the impression this was to become for a long time, the new order of life.

    In the vision I had when I woke up, I saw an ocean surface that looked like it had been split into a million tiny pieces. the surface looked like flat shimmering bubbles. I was filled with dreadful anticipation as I realised that this is what the surface of water looks like when wind quickly rushes through it, like i had observed on the beach when I was a child but much more intense and this vision carried the weight of certainty. the ocean swallowed a whole mountain, then I saw my own city of London – flooded. low and medium height buildings were submerged completely. there was a bone chilling clarity to the water that let you see the people that drowned below. some trapped, some had despair on their face – permanently etched there. it was awful. Then I saw my home town. the devastation had a more personal resonance when I saw my neighbors and the shop keepers and children of my neighborhood – just floating there. I remember seeing myself taking one of the neighbors children that I saw and another neighbor up to the 3rd floor of our building. as we rushed to get there I said ‘I think were lucky because this town was built on top of a hill’. the vision ended as I tried to look out of the window on the 3rd floor room that was now our refuge.

    these are only but the latest of my dreams and visions. The personal and global events I dreamed of in my childhood have been happening with a frightening regularity. Precognition is not new to me. adults have marveled at what I told them would happen since I was 3 years old. its always been an awe tinged with fear. but this is vision is pure horror. I’m no prophet. I wasn’t born, called or chosen to be one. I’m just a 22 year old boy with a significant track record of accuracy with my precognitions. All I can do is share what I saw and hope this is one of the rare moments fate moves in a different direction than I have seen it.

    Good luck world.

  4. Could “flooding” refer to an overwhelming succession of events (terrorism?) instead of literally refer to water?

  5. “


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