Truths 2

The Universe: “In your search for life you only need to look at your own backyard..  both sea creatures and bugs (insects?).. outside from Earth..  but still in your own solar system.”


26 thoughts on “Truths 2

  1. This is not totally clear to me.

    Is Spirit suggesting that animals on Earth coexist on other planets in our Universe?

  2. Last week in an interview on 60 Minutes, billionaire aerospace executive Robert Bigelow — who’s partnered with NASA, Elon Musk, & Jeff Bezos — said you don’t have to go to space to find ET life since there’s been a clear presence here on Earth for quite some time. Pretty stunning and ground-breaking. Video link:

    1. have a look around for steven greer’s book and film unacknowledged, it goes much further with testimony from intelligence agents, military, astronauts all talking about this. also goes into the shocking USA policy of not only shooting down ufo’s but killing the ET’s on them.

  3. “As above, so below; as within, so without” This immediately made me think of the hermetic principle. For more info:

    To me this truth is similar to the scene at the end of “The Wizard of Oz” when Glenda tells Dorothy she always had the power to go home. It seems we are seeking that which is already here. This is a great one to think about. Thank you!

  4. Well, look at some of the things they pull up from the deepest depths of the sea, they pretty much all look like aliens!

  5. This article mentions two moons of Jupiter, Europa and Io are possibilities as well as Mars in which ” Large bodies of water ice lie on Mars’ poles, and there’s a reasonable chance of liquid water beneath the surface. They also mention Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Titan.

    Since expectations seem to be mainly to find microbes or primitive life forms, finding insects or a fish or other sea creature would be very exciting and eye opening…

  6. May I ask whether the spirits have mentioned a former or current presence of aliens on earth. The ufo phenomenom seems to be of intelligent origin. Thanks for sharing the valuable informations with us! Best regards Chris!

    1. it’s a far higher vibration, vastly more spiritual than most humans can comprehend. in my work i find that many mediums are not aware of them because they work with lower vibrations than the et’s.

    1. Because it’s a blog you actually can’t, blogs are designed like a daily journal, so each post just tops the last one. We wanted the blog set up to squash criticism that I might be altering the message days later. To add Spirit does not want to take away from their mission of accurately predicting the future with the intent of altering it, so they only want to do ‘Truths’ once a month.. sorry.

  7. Eric would you please ask Spirit about future for Earth clean energy. At the moment circumstances seem to be pointing at creating a more polluted environment for our future generations. Thank you.

      1. If you were to ask them how they work and how to build one, and if the materials are currently available in Lowe’s/ Home Depot, would they tell you?

  8. ^ That is a good question. Cayce said we would have energy machines in our homes about the size of a water heater that would provide free energy for homes. And Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle in Florida) apparently developed the same ideas when he built Coral Castle. Does Spirit have any ideas when they will become available? It would give more independence to the average person and become an economic game changer… more utility companies, no more oil companies, no more Middle Eastern influence, no more petro dollar etc…

    1. zero point energy has been here for a long time, well over a century but there are groups that have done all they can including murdering to keep these inventions from the public. these devices are coming sooner than people realise.

      1. I believe you but it’s a shame we can’t get blueprints or patent descriptions for them. If I knew how to do it I would post the results on youtube and every website I could find. Once the genie was out of the bottle it would never go back in.

  9. Jules 104 Star 48
    Banda ache Nth Sumatra .
    5m at 30km depth ..uneasy about that one .. Sri lank still hasnt happened ..proximity could effect..
    Also fiji 4.6m at 422km

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