Delhi Earthquake

Stay safe India.

Its rare for Delhi to get earthquakes. However this was a smaller quake. So I do need to check with Spirit, is this the prediction or is another larger earthquake coming? The prediction:

World Predictions 3-29-19 Earthquakes? Spirit pointed to India they actually said Delhi, and California. The impression this time was LA area.

Predictions 4-15-18

I had a visual I was walking on a desert road. Then it shifted to show the ground shake.

“Earthquake.. the damage extensive.”

The implication was India or an area around India. 

“Foiled..  failed.. the threat squashed.”

It looks like a prediction made by them will happily be foiled.

I had a visual of a vehicle turned over by a body of water, then it shifted to show a green and red flag.

My first thought was Italy, but then I was reminded there are several nations with those colors.

I had a visual I was up very high in the sky looking down at a shooting spree unfold.

I need to get details. 

I asked Spirit about these attacks again, they pointed to the North East US again and made a point to focus on that first.

This in many ways implies that a multi level attack is not immediate. However there is a concern in the North East US. 

Prediction: India Earthquake

I had a visual I was in a town somewhere in India. Then the visual shifted to show a map of Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Then the visual shifted to show a seismograph running wild. An event we are expecting in the next few days.

We have jumped around in the last few posts trying to understand what VA represents in regards to this coming quake. Whether it related to VA or not they have pointed to a location around India.

There is an older prediction that might be related:

Afghanistan Earthquake Causes Landslide

This prediction has happened.

Predictions on 10-20-15   I had a visual of a massive landslide. An entire chunk of the hill was gone.  The landslide took place right next to houses, and in the vision you could see cars consumed by the mud.

Notes on 10-15-15  “There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice
“Double.. two.”

Afghanistan Earthquake

This prediction has happened. The location is incorrect. But the earthquake was felt in India. In the prediction they mentioned double, two, that has not happened yet.
Gap of time: 11 days

Notes on 10-15-15  “There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice
“Double.. two.”

The Facts: Massive earthquake shakes Afghanistan, India and Pakistan on 10-26-15

Notes on 10-15-15

“Australia danger..”
Australia National Security
I had a visual of a black widow spider crawling on a bush.
“An explosive situation”
“Such a despicable act.. such hate from  youth”
111 Spirit drew three lines as if putting up 3
In about 34 minutes (34 days). Some time around the 15th-18th of November
I had a visual of the map of Australia, they pointed to the south east corner of Australia.

“In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

Are they saying in about one month?

I had a visual of the world
“In the coming years expect patches of droughts to ravage the world. Land becomes desolate and there will be no relief.” — Spirits Voice

I had a feeling of the ground shake under me. An earthquake is coming soon

“There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice

“Double.. two.”

“The aligations against the president are false, cruel lies to drum up a scandal.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of President Obama with a scowl. However the image might just be a symbolic jesture to a populous president in another part of the world.

Spirit has verified a change in how they will present predictions. The hope is to really push towards predicting the event and a location. In their initial prediction they will ignore the timeframes, then at a later date, as the event draws closer, they will present a timeframe in the form of a countdown.

Notes on 7-7-14

“France.. an abusive situation.. scandal.. the iconic one.. children should not be treated that way.. the person getting harassed after the fact.” — In the past when they referred to an Iconic figure they were saying someone who was looked up too, in that prediction it was a priest, but could be a leader or celebrity.

I had a vision of a great number of people injured. They were being attended too but there was just too many people to help. The injuries ranged from severe to minor. In the vision some of the individuals where laying down it was unclear if they where sleeping or passed away. There was so many people. The culture of the people implied, India.

“On the far right side of the country.. ”

They showed the numbers 4:04 but presented them like the credits of a movie ending.

Eric’s Comments: I was asking about earthquakes and storms, I have to assume the vision of the injured are in regards to an earthquake or typhoon. We were talking about earthquakes when they presented it. India or maybe Pakistan seems to be the location. This clock riddles are new, its more than likely a countdown, however 4 has been used as the word ‘for’. The spirit noted the Japan typhoon but wanted to focus on the next natural disaster.

Notes on 12-11-13


I had a visual of the US flag up close. “Now the star will become apart of the process.”

“There is going to be a spill, captain.. 13.. this is a mess.. deadline.. they charge you to fix it.”

Cracker.. 20.. 27.. India.. earthquake

The French / UNs presence in Central African Republic greatly mounts to a much larger one.. a more practical approach ends up working.

The iconic Nancy will pass. heart

I had a visual of a large car bomb going off.

Glossary Reference: Numbers

Eric’s Comments: 1:47 sounds like Jan 4th as a marked date.  Several months ago they predicted that the US would add a state to the country, 51 states. It sounds like that situation is going to be in the spotlight. The India earthquake was an old prediction they seem to be adding these key numbers.
We plan to go back in the next few days and ask for more details so expect to see these predictions again with more information if we are successful.

Notes on 12-4-13

In 16 days there will be a damaging earthquake putting it sometime around 18th-20th. The Spirits clarified that both India and China will be hit with an earthquake in the next few weeks.  India will have heavy damage because of their ‘fragile’ buildings.

Eric’s Comments: “Outliners” could mean on the border of a nation. Also, both the Summary and Major Events have been updated.  In the past we used the amount of hits to determine the ‘Major Events Predicted’ but that process is dead as the blog is read more evenly. So if I missed a major event that was predicted well by spirit, please let me know which.

Notes on 12-2-13

I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.

“Cracker coming in 17 minutes.” That puts it around the 19th or between 18th and 20th.  They showed a map of India , but also mentioned China. “The Cracker will affect the fragile outliner” — A damaging earthquake in 17 days

I said, “So I am assuming the Florida Hurricane is a failed prediction” Spirit responded. “Hold you tongue, fall is not over yet, it will be horribly huge” Fall officially ends December 20th.

The 16th is marked.

“NOW” A prediction is due to happen in the next few days.

Glossary Reference: Minutes, Cracker, Whopper

Eric’s Comments: Number 7 could be a date. There were 4 bullets but I heard 5 shots, perhaps I am looking to much into the details?
Outliner? Perhaps they mean on the out skirts of the nation that has the earthquake, its location is sketchy and perhaps it crosses borders in an area that has very unstable buildings.
We are still expecting a Florida hurricane even though the season is over. They mention ‘horribly huge’ which could just be linking this message to the previous ‘whopper’ that is forming.