Afghanistan Earthquake

This prediction has happened. The location is incorrect. But the earthquake was felt in India. In the prediction they mentioned double, two, that has not happened yet.
Gap of time: 11 days

Notes on 10-15-15  “There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice
“Double.. two.”

The Facts: Massive earthquake shakes Afghanistan, India and Pakistan on 10-26-15

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan Earthquake

  1. Hi Eric – I thought this would be posted – I recalled your prediction. Interesting dream I had this a.m. Dreamt that I was w/ my husband in a desert area, but also modern ( hard to explain). I had a large earthenware vase or pot that I was holding. I dropped it accidentally and the vase cracked near the neck – I was upset and said to my husband that I had never done this before, to which he said in the dream, ” No, there was one other time – so there were two.” I then awoke. Could be a negative personal reference. But I thought of your predictions of earthquakes as crackers, clay plates, etc. Once I saw the story, I figured that my dream was possibly happening as the earthquake was occurring. Now that you say “2” it may be another is on its way. Hope not. In reality, I’ve never broken a clay vase.

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