Notes on 12-4-13

In 16 days there will be a damaging earthquake putting it sometime around 18th-20th. The Spirits clarified that both India and China will be hit with an earthquake in the next few weeks.  India will have heavy damage because of their ‘fragile’ buildings.

Eric’s Comments: “Outliners” could mean on the border of a nation. Also, both the Summary and Major Events have been updated.  In the past we used the amount of hits to determine the ‘Major Events Predicted’ but that process is dead as the blog is read more evenly. So if I missed a major event that was predicted well by spirit, please let me know which.


9 thoughts on “Notes on 12-4-13”

    1. I think this was a confirmation, for us, from Eric. Look at Notes on 12/02/13 for what the Spirits told him in parenthesis. It was initially told to him in “minutes”. Hope that helped somewhat.

      1. Ah, I see what I did. I was thinking it was spirit because it wasn’t in blue. I get it now. Lol. Thanks.

  1. So are these 2 different earthquake events? One ~Dec 18-20 and another in a few weeks (China/India)? I’ve been feeling earthquake west coast US in Dec….

    1. The ring of fire has been going off, but not too much in the U.S. west coast side… while the rest i getting a lot of larger earthquake activity. ive been watching california and there are a few areas that usually have small tectonic/seismic activity, but lately there have been small activities is rare areas and states in the midwest/new madrid. I think something is building…. i feel you on the west coast prediction.

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